Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: Bird park KL


Makcik ni dah lama tak buat review. Kali ni nak review a must go place to bring your kids.

Bird Park KL situated in Bukit Aman. A bird sanctuary and a treasure for KL folks. With vast acres of land and strategically located at the heart of the city, its a very idealic place for kids and adults alike to have close encounters with countless species of birds. Most birds dibiar je berterbangan tapi ada jaring la kat atas. Ada yg dlm sangkar

Thanks to sasha saripudin and nizar who suggested us to go there, and i quote nizar saying its better than any bird parks he has been, namely jurong birdpark singapore, or maybe he just went to that particular one onlyh

Jgn lupa, tunjuk mycard when purchasing the tickets. Malaysian RM25 per entry. Kids below 3 free.

Tips: wear light clothes, walking shoes, no heavy makeup and your own water bottle. Bawa coin 50sen 2 keping sebab ada vending machine bird food disediakan dalam tu

Masuk je entrance, Terus nampak species parrot syok makan buah2. Anak saya tu mmg excited habis. Dia pencinta haiwan. Semuanya nak dipegang.

Jgn lupa beli bird food kat dlm tu yang dlm vending machine. Nescaya burung2 akan dtg dekat. Mya siap boleh suap lagi. Excited sgt.

Main attraction ialah official bird feeding session. Bird keeper akan bersiul, pastu dtg lah mcm2 jenis burung. Dia bg makan cacing untuk spesis biasa yang putih tu, dan yang menarik burung enggang akan bertenggeng atas dahan betul2 atas bird keeper. Bird keeper tu bagi makan daging, main lontar je ke atas. Gituu..

The place is so big,we didnt explore it thoroughly. Half je kot, and we call it a day. Itupun dah berpeluh2 dah, macam trekking. But we had fun!

I recommend this place to everyone especially those who joined the big year. If you know what i mean ;)

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