Saturday, October 8, 2011

Miracle in my tummy chapter 2

Dear readers,

What a beautiful sat morning, spending it at my parents' house. Legs stretched, baggy pyjamas and typing away

Alhamdulillah, as some of you may know this, i'm expecting and is 8 weeks along. Rewind the day i found out about it, actually i tak period since gave birth until mya 1 year 3 months, then only 2 months i get it, the next month.. Eh miss again?

I buat self test, the 2nd line sgt2 pudar ok. Sbb tak puas hati i go and buy the canggih one siap bgtau berapa weeks. It says i'm 3 weeks along. Sangat happy my first thought is macammana la mya jadi kakak. Dah ready ke dia?

Just now went to KPJ shah alam, for mya's 18 month jab and also to check on the little one. Alhamdulillah, we can see the tiny heart beat beating, so surreal.. the same feeling masa tgk mya dlm ultrasound dulu :')

So far pengalaman mengandung first and second one sgt la berbeza. Masa mya dulu dlm 3,4 weeks dah muntah teruk, but this one no muntah ok not even once ( and i'm not complaining here ) Also i love to cook, boleh kata klau kat rumah je mmg di dapur la i ni memasak. Even hubby i kata u kena mengandung selalu la gini, masak best. Hehe .. Masa mya dulu allergic gila bau tumis, kena menyorok dlm bilik if hubby masak. Perfume n all scents pun nk muntah. Huhu

And so far selera makan pun takde la memilih sgt. I can eat anything i want. But this time i focus on seafood n fishes. A lot of ppl say insyaAllah to get boy. Hehe, klau dpt boy alhamdulillah..dh sepasang.

I still bf mya, as per my gynae its ok but as soon as ada bleeding i should stop immediately because it may kecutkan rahim. The challenge is she's so lasak now, kena becareful with my tummy..

My plan for this pregnancy is to sign up for prenatal yoga class. Tgh carik, the only place i can find is kinrara puchong. And also 'the' massage as per recommended by diah, in the hope that this one can go through normal delivery insyaAllah

Ok, fingers off for now. Have a great weekend yall!