Sunday, September 25, 2011

New playland in Puchong

Dear readers,

Last weekend out of the blue hubby suruh siap2, ajak we all keluar. Selalunya i will plan most of our outings so, that feels weird. (in a good way :) )

He brought us to IOI mall puchong, first we thought of doing lunch at Seoul Garden, tp change plan. Sbb tau la makan ngan anak kecik, diorg bukan leh dok diam2 lama2, dah la buffet and hubby's fav. Confirm nak Mengketedarah lama2. So we go playland first biar mya penat dulu

The place is reka zone located at courtyard new wing. Newly open and quite spacious. Make sure bring your own socks otherwise you can buy it at the counter.

Before entering all of us kena pakai sanitizer on our hands first, the staff help us with that.

Mya seronok habis kat dalam tu. There is couple of segments built for certain age range.

First she is interested in the bouncy ball pool.

And then she saw this truck, tak nak kasi orang lain naik ok.

The unique thing about this playland they have this machine, i dont know what its call but it will shoot the soft small balls in the air ,but first you have to place the balls inside it so they suck it all. klau byk2 mcm popcorn gitu. Seronok!

The staffs are friendly and helpful too, and its all child proof, takdela risau terhantuk ke apa. Just need to becareful with the bigger kids, diorg ni main langgar je

After couple of hours, we left the place, tactic nya nenenkan mya sbb dia dah penat. True enough, tak sampai lima minit tido.

Apagalas, letak dia dlm stroller and both of us enjoy the korean buffet. Thanks anak sebab kasi can mummy daddy makan puas2. Haha


  1. Ye betul bagi dia main puas² baru sedap mak bapak nak makan. Hehe

  2. ohh! yes, i know abt this place. hari tu lalu je masa dia nya opening tp x masuk. nmpk cam best kan! RekaZone ni bukak lebih kurang same time with Kids E World kat The Gardens. dua2 nampak best! yayy excited nak try! hihi. :D

  3. btw babe.. that ala2 volcano yg pop-out the balls tu kat critterland pun ada. jungle gym pun ada. best kan? tp i nih pengecut. bila dia shoot out the balls rasa takot coz kalo btol2 kena, sakit gak. LOL. hahahah. nnt playdate ramai2 k! :D

  4. i jumpe tmpt ni jugak, dlm ioi mall! sgt2 rasa nak pegi sini!! :)

  5. Fie: mmg the best tips eva. Klau tak tak puas mjn.. Tsk

    Nita: aah.. Try la, the volcano tu best.. Kitorg yg penat load machine tu kasi budak2 seronok hehe

    Sha: go saje!! Sure raisya excited!


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