Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kid's room makeover

Dear readers,

Last time i blogged about my daughter's room project, now its 70% complete! I'm so happy with the outcome. Let me share with you the stuff we did and the cost :)

Gambar before tak snap pulak. Yg ada cuma gambar si bapa shirtless masa mengecat bilik

Tak relate langsung huhu

After the transformation.

Cat bilik 2 liter nippon spotless earth friendly in 738 astilbe venus- rm78 (untuk satu wall 6feet wide pakai lebih kurang 1.5liter)

Wall sticker deco from korea wall sticker deco - midvalley rm40 (estimate cuz tak igt harga)

Table from ikea- rm118
2 chairs from ikea-rm15 each
Wardrobe and bed- rm1100 from kedai perabot kinrara

Shelf- ikea (price not included)
Toys storage- midvalley baby exhibition (rm30)

Black and white storage- ikea (price not included)

Total so far : rm1396

Si kecil riang mentelaah buku pelajaran. Haha

After this nak complete the room with curtains and wall to wall carpet. Then i will say mission completion!


  1. woww..bestnya azie...mesti Mya syok bangat nihh ada room camni =)

    total price cam ok gak kan? nice nice =D

  2. wahh menarik!! ehh perabot beli mana? cunnn!! :D umah tu u sewa/beli babe? i nak decor2 tp cam malas sbb umah sewa.. tskk!

  3. Ena: total price mmg ok.. Nk save lg kat furniture kot
    Makcik roksta: tk pernah ptg kaedah nya.hehe
    Nit: rumah we all.. Tu yg semangat deco /:)

  4. beshnya! mya tidur sendiri tak? good girlnya dia! tak sabar nak deco rumah sendiri nanti!


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