Sunday, September 25, 2011

New playland in Puchong

Dear readers,

Last weekend out of the blue hubby suruh siap2, ajak we all keluar. Selalunya i will plan most of our outings so, that feels weird. (in a good way :) )

He brought us to IOI mall puchong, first we thought of doing lunch at Seoul Garden, tp change plan. Sbb tau la makan ngan anak kecik, diorg bukan leh dok diam2 lama2, dah la buffet and hubby's fav. Confirm nak Mengketedarah lama2. So we go playland first biar mya penat dulu

The place is reka zone located at courtyard new wing. Newly open and quite spacious. Make sure bring your own socks otherwise you can buy it at the counter.

Before entering all of us kena pakai sanitizer on our hands first, the staff help us with that.

Mya seronok habis kat dalam tu. There is couple of segments built for certain age range.

First she is interested in the bouncy ball pool.

And then she saw this truck, tak nak kasi orang lain naik ok.

The unique thing about this playland they have this machine, i dont know what its call but it will shoot the soft small balls in the air ,but first you have to place the balls inside it so they suck it all. klau byk2 mcm popcorn gitu. Seronok!

The staffs are friendly and helpful too, and its all child proof, takdela risau terhantuk ke apa. Just need to becareful with the bigger kids, diorg ni main langgar je

After couple of hours, we left the place, tactic nya nenenkan mya sbb dia dah penat. True enough, tak sampai lima minit tido.

Apagalas, letak dia dlm stroller and both of us enjoy the korean buffet. Thanks anak sebab kasi can mummy daddy makan puas2. Haha

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to sabah- day 3

Day 3 and final day

Pagi2 lagi dah Gerak gi Lok Kawi wildlife park. Rated top 5 must go place in KK by trip advisor. About 30mins drive from our hotel

Punyalah awal smpai, tak bukak lagi pun haa

But the place is quite huge, clean and well maintain, i guess its new.

Berpandukan map given, we plan our journey
Starts with this guy

Elephants are among my daughter's fav animal, since we brought her to kuala gandah pahang few months back, she touched the elephant,ride on its back. Eversince, klau nmpk on books or tv, excited.

Daddy lets go see the tiger.. Aummm

Orangutan- one thing funny/gross is, i saw this orangutan membuang dan sisa2 buangan nya jatuh dlm air ni. Dgn pantas ada ikan2 berebut makan. So euwww.. Pastu orangutan ni sibuk nk tampar ikan tu.

Can you do this human?

Kuda padi- jinak.. Mya siap dpt pat

Overall i rate this place 3.5 out of 5 stars. Sbb tak dpt tgk animal show. Huhu

After lok kawi we all singgah pasar filipina. Seperti biasa, untuk shopping ole2. Sangat stuffy reminded me of pasar yg kat terengganu tu, but this one smaller. Oklah byk hasil dpt dirembat.

Time ni mmg dah penat gila. On the way balik dlm flight sempat tido kejap je, sampai rumah baru dpt rehat puas2.

Trip ni walaupun pack dan penat,tp puas hati sbb our itinerary semua success. Next time we plan to cover sandakan n tawau sana.

We'll be back!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Trip to sabah day 2

Sambungan previous post:

Day 2 diperuntukkan untuk island hopping. We choose only 2 islands this time, reason is tak nak mya penat n cranky, biasalah travel with toddler, she is the priority.

Setelah ditimbal balik, out of the many islands, we choose manukan dan mamutik. Manukan sbb pantainya pjg, pulaunya besar, so selesa utk si kecil and nak beraktiviti pantai. Mamutik sbb the corals are beautiful.

Pelan pulau

So pagi2, after breakfast at hotel we shoot to jesselton point, the jetty to go to all this islands. From our hotel is 20 mins drive.

Ok for those with kids, dont worry because journey to island pakai speed boat yg sederhana besar,selesa n both these islands about 15-20mins ride.

Gambar bikin panas

Ini gambar kat manukan island, the water and beach is clean and gorgeous! Kat jetty boleh nmpk ikan2 berenang, dan boleh buat fish spa pasal ikannya jinak.

During the boat ride, my baby sgt behave agaknya pasal first time, she just observe and take in everything. But i need to hold her tight la for safety reasons. All the stuff daddy kena be in charge, i only monitor anak. Phew hehe.

This is arrival at jesselton point. Quite big and comfy place

Budak baru bgn tido terus menggayakan life jacket mini size camni

Fish spa yang diperkatakan td

And yes both of us snorkeled! Who said bawak kids takleh snorkel? Tapi kena take turns la.. Also we brought our own snorkel gear, hygiene purpose.hehe

Coral wise manukan takdelah wow sangat, nak gi tpt yg cantik kena swim at the other side of the island, kitorg go the nearest one.

Gambar hiasan saja.bukan penulis. Hehe

Crowd pun takde la ramai, we got our own spot to splash..Mya seronok sgt main air. And pasir pantai.. Oh at the hotel dah siap2 lumur SPF, syukur dia tak sunburn. Us too :) in between, susu time and snack time, dun forget to pack in light snacks, cuz kids tend to be hungry after a swim.

My beach baby- mom, tak nak pakai pelampung leh tak?

After couple of hours, we move on to mamutik. On the boat ride princess dah ngantuk.tepuk2 je dia dah terlena. Sampai je mamutik, kat pondok tu baring kan dia, lena sungguh tido tak kisah dah beralaskan pelampung je

Oh my gosh, mamutik's coral is so beautiful! Dari pantai tu just few meters swim terus jumpa coral. And the best thing is air cetek, siap boleh pegang coral. So colourful and variety of corals, i am lost in words, lost in time pun ye gak tak sure how long i was in the water.

First time in my snorkeling experience jumpa binatang tajam2 bulat, x tau nama apa. Itu jelah yg scariest sea creature i encounter. Dia x kacau org just takut terpijak cuz pakcik kat pondok kata boleh paralyze klau terpijak. Uish dah la byk..

Anyway gambar x byk amik rugilah pulak takde camera waterproof.

After that we went back to the hotel dan berehat and bersihkan diri.

We had a dinner date with non other than our blogger friend sha pattinson. By the way she is so sweet, before arrival KK she already list out in email all the places to go, tips, tpt makan best. Wah, teruja tau mak. That night she brought us to her fav spot for ikan bakar. Tp i lupa pulak nama restoren tu. Huhu

The food yg boleh bikin air liur meleleh

Ikan bakar raw

Ini telur je, tp sedap ya amat

Udang terbaekk!

Tapi malangnya we all tak boleh nak enjoy food sgt sbb princess cranky gila.reason is kat situ 3G coverage low, so nak tgk fav kartun dia pororo tak dpt. Meraunglah smpai 2 kedai sebelah dgr. Merajuk abis.. Smpai tersedu2..Lesson learnt: download siap2 video, jgn harap youtube je.

In the end terpaksa tapau je all the food. But thanks sha! U mmg best!

Malam tu sempat ronda2 city KK. Tapi tak lama, sbb si kecik nk tido.

So that conclude our day 2.. Next up is day 3 :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kid's room makeover

Dear readers,

Last time i blogged about my daughter's room project, now its 70% complete! I'm so happy with the outcome. Let me share with you the stuff we did and the cost :)

Gambar before tak snap pulak. Yg ada cuma gambar si bapa shirtless masa mengecat bilik

Tak relate langsung huhu

After the transformation.

Cat bilik 2 liter nippon spotless earth friendly in 738 astilbe venus- rm78 (untuk satu wall 6feet wide pakai lebih kurang 1.5liter)

Wall sticker deco from korea wall sticker deco - midvalley rm40 (estimate cuz tak igt harga)

Table from ikea- rm118
2 chairs from ikea-rm15 each
Wardrobe and bed- rm1100 from kedai perabot kinrara

Shelf- ikea (price not included)
Toys storage- midvalley baby exhibition (rm30)

Black and white storage- ikea (price not included)

Total so far : rm1396

Si kecil riang mentelaah buku pelajaran. Haha

After this nak complete the room with curtains and wall to wall carpet. Then i will say mission completion!

Salam lebaran 2011

Kepada pembaca blog ini yang budiman, thank you for your comments and support <3

Salam aidilfitri minal aidil wal faizin dari azie, sapet and mya