Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspirasi kamar tidur anak

Dear readers,

I'm in the mood for a makeover! But not too soon..after raya perhaps. Going to paint my daughter's room and buy some wall sticker deco. Last weekend dah beli wardrobe baru. Oh ya, kalau nak jual 2nd hand katil single bed solid wood ada org nak beli kah? Murah saja..rm150 include tilam and transportation. Hehe sempat promo.

Anyway here are some awesome pictures of kids' bedroom. I totally love them!

This is color combo of my choice: pink,grey and white. So romantic n girlish! See how brilliant they play with space here. This is hot!

I totally dig the storage area under the bed.again, its good to know how they save space

Simple and neat combination. Tapi katil kat bawah tu safety hazard plis..

Same concept, tastefully done!

Are you excited like me after seeing this photos? Tak sabar nak start project baby room!


  1. azie, mya mmg dah tido seperate room ke? wahh..camne buat? kasik tips pls.

  2. sha.. belum lagi, tido ngn i lg sbb bf haha.. saje je nk buat playroom, katil tu tido ptg boleh ler



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