Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Babyshower for Mom To Be Diah

Dear readers,

Last weekend was a lot of fun!!! Attended two major parties that left me drained until today. *Tak fit langsung mommy mya ni :p* Diah's baby shower on Saturday and mommies gathering on Sunday. Let's start with babyshower first, shall we? :))

Before that, check dulu, Diah belum post her official entry, so this will be a bit of sneak peak of the real occasion :)

Venue: Fullhouse, Jln Yap Kwan Seng
Theme: All white
Organizer: Aniza, Mommy Mya Aisha. Footnote: Thanks inviting me Ani! xoxo :))

The glowing mom to be and glowing dad to be :) She is in her final month, so Diah Junior is arriving anytime soon.. Watch out for this space.. i mean her space. Ahh tak make sense. I love the cake. Dalam tu is rainbow color, so yummy!

A few hours before.... "Mommy, i'm ready!" Mya in her all white apparel. Gown and hairband: Teddy and Truly. Shoes: Baby Croc. Tights: Model's own. cewah

When we arrived, Hanie, Amy and Nadd already there, with their babies, Hannah, Anya and Khadra.. so cute, semuanya lebih kurang je umur, and all girls pulak tu!! I have been following their blogs since bujang, now semua dah upgrade to Mommies.. such a bliss.

Me carrying baby Hannah Irdina. Isn't she a sweetheart

Dynas and Mya. So kecewa she didnt bring her baby Khyra, I saw her pictures in Twitter sgt cheeky and commeeelll!

And then Mya met Kazim. Fadd+Aman's son.. Surprisingly, they clicked! Selalunya Mya tak heran with other babies. Ini siap sembang2 lagi.. bahasa baby dan bertepuk tampar. Amboi, anak mommy ni..

And then Sue, Ann, and Anil arrived.. Rindu sgt ngn kamu semua. Masing2 busy nowadays, dapat jumpa sekejap pun jadilah! Tak sempat nk sembang lama2 :'(

Us in one frame..Atim nampak menonjol di situ ye, amy.. heheheh kata ikut tema baloon kan? :P

Mya dah besar sikit, dah leh duduk atas meja

So, good luck to you Diah. I know you are one tough mama. Sure no problem in the labour room! Will pray for you


  1. EHem ehem. I tanya about the cake!! Sangat yummy ker? I nak contact dia boley? hihihi

    And Mya sangat comel in all white!!!!!!!!

  2. comel perut diah kan? lama tak dgr citer pasal anil. makin cantik anil

  3. seronok dpt jumpe blogger2 yg dulu sebok duk buat persiapan kawen, skrang duk sebok mengendong anak pulak hehe. thanks kerana menjemput yer organizer :) Doakan diah akan selamat bersalin nnt :) Excited!

  4. Thanx Azie for arranging the sort of bloggers gathering jgk..hehe..dpt tgk anak hanie dat day n also perkembangan mya n the rest of the babies..thanx for the kind wishes.
    byk betol peminat mya..kalah artis oK!hahaha

  5. hye azie..
    finally...sampai gak ur blog :)
    haritu tak banyak sembang sangat sebab segan sikit ngan kamu.heheee..
    but mya...memang adorable!agaknya baby nama myiesha nie memang adorable2 kot~like myiesha baby hannah.

  6. hi nuurill: yes.. sgt yummy! nnt i kasi u contact no ok? :)

    nurul: diah dah anytime tu.. si anil sentiasa gojes. dia busy with biz now.. but bubbly as always!

    hanie: ai tolong2 sikit2 je.. hehe but happy to see all of u, jarang dpt gather like this kan?

    diah: right on dear! belum lg baby u.. sure comel gila, artis terus!!

    zuris: thanks singgah blog yg tak seberapa ni. hehehe maya pun comel sgt! dah la lebih kurang sebaya ngn mya! nnt kita jumpa lagi k


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