Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 plans up in the air

Dear readers,

I'm all excited for 2011, I have tonnes of plans up in the air waiting to be executed. From spending time with friends, to birthdays and of course vacation time, and more shopping!!

Here's what i have planned for the first half of 2011

Jan- Spa session with girlfriends: Arranged this on 29th Jan, at Andana Spa. Check out their website at
Car insurance renewal: Whoops, it's time to renew road tax/car insurance. Burn a hole in hubs pocket for sure :p

Feb- Hair makeover: I seriously need this! I look like a grandma with my hairstyle now. Pffttt
Mya's baby photoshoot: I promise myself to have one before her 1st bday, I think this is a good timing, since she is learning to walk. :D

March- Short holiday in Singapore: Maybe on my birthday, so we have double the celebration! Universal Studios baybee..

April- Mya's 1st birthday bash: I'm planning to invite close friends and family to the event. Not too big so I'll be able to entertain my guests, it will be proximate event :)

May- Short trip to Sabah: By this time Mya should be able to walk (hopefully) Will be fun to take her to islands or climbing mountain? :p

June- Grab Iphone5 and the bling cover from MusaKL. I surveyed their cover and fell in love.

New year resolution?

- To wake up early everyday.. earlier than currently waking. haha
- To be a better Mom, Wife, Ummah, than last year
- Remember to take better care of my self.



  1. walaupun short, tapi tetap ada best best... bila Mya dh leh jalan, leh main kejar2 ngan dia pulak.. :)

  2. universal studio mmg ohsem! best! :)

  3. azie, USS pun in my list for 2011.. tapi maybe in june. u share ur experience first okeh :) bole jadi guideline for me. hehe

  4. ada juga plan nak pi singapore dgn adik tapi tak sure lagi. hehe

  5. wahh nak ke universal studio? besttt..
    mya pun dah besar time tu, sure die excited :)


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