Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Huggies VS Mamy Poko

Dear readers,

Just some of my humble experience I thought i wanna share here pasal diapers. Yes, diapers, not Pampers yeah. Pampers is a brand.. Ok I know ya'll aware, I just had to point that one out. :))

Since birth, Mya wears Huggies all the time. Red one and Purple one, i think its Huggies Ultra the purple one the best.So far dia tak pernah kena diaper rash or bocor. So we are happy with that. The only thing about Huggies is, dia punya seal tu selalu sgt rosak atau tercabut. Tension tul.. And.. bau kencing kalau pakai more than 5 hours.

So we switched to Mamy Poko last month. Saja tukar angin org kata :) What can I say.. hmm.. bau kencing/hancing mmg takde. Good job! But hari tu Mya ada kena mild cirit birit, ada rashes kat pot pot dia. I don't know if the rashes is because of cirit birit or the diaper. Not taking anymore chances, we switched back to Huggies until today. :)

Anyway.. recently i cut my little girl's hair, since her fringe is getting too long. First time I did a major haircut on her hair. It was fun AND challenging. Since she cant stay put and keep trying to grab the scissor. I just distract her with toys and cut it carefully.

Not too shabby, huh? ;) Oh, and she's teething again! Her 2nd teeth making an appearance here. Good job baby!

Dari jauh nampak ok lah, tapi dekat tak align la mummy. huhu. Ok, next time kita pi salon yeah?

Her favourite things to chew on the list: her comb

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Babyshower for Mom To Be Diah

Dear readers,

Last weekend was a lot of fun!!! Attended two major parties that left me drained until today. *Tak fit langsung mommy mya ni :p* Diah's baby shower on Saturday and mommies gathering on Sunday. Let's start with babyshower first, shall we? :))

Before that, check dulu, Diah belum post her official entry, so this will be a bit of sneak peak of the real occasion :)

Venue: Fullhouse, Jln Yap Kwan Seng
Theme: All white
Organizer: Aniza, Mommy Mya Aisha. Footnote: Thanks inviting me Ani! xoxo :))

The glowing mom to be and glowing dad to be :) She is in her final month, so Diah Junior is arriving anytime soon.. Watch out for this space.. i mean her space. Ahh tak make sense. I love the cake. Dalam tu is rainbow color, so yummy!

A few hours before.... "Mommy, i'm ready!" Mya in her all white apparel. Gown and hairband: Teddy and Truly. Shoes: Baby Croc. Tights: Model's own. cewah

When we arrived, Hanie, Amy and Nadd already there, with their babies, Hannah, Anya and Khadra.. so cute, semuanya lebih kurang je umur, and all girls pulak tu!! I have been following their blogs since bujang, now semua dah upgrade to Mommies.. such a bliss.

Me carrying baby Hannah Irdina. Isn't she a sweetheart

Dynas and Mya. So kecewa she didnt bring her baby Khyra, I saw her pictures in Twitter sgt cheeky and commeeelll!

And then Mya met Kazim. Fadd+Aman's son.. Surprisingly, they clicked! Selalunya Mya tak heran with other babies. Ini siap sembang2 lagi.. bahasa baby dan bertepuk tampar. Amboi, anak mommy ni..

And then Sue, Ann, and Anil arrived.. Rindu sgt ngn kamu semua. Masing2 busy nowadays, dapat jumpa sekejap pun jadilah! Tak sempat nk sembang lama2 :'(

Us in one frame..Atim nampak menonjol di situ ye, amy.. heheheh kata ikut tema baloon kan? :P

Mya dah besar sikit, dah leh duduk atas meja

So, good luck to you Diah. I know you are one tough mama. Sure no problem in the labour room! Will pray for you

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's new with Cik Mya Myiesha? *Random*


What's new with Cik Mya Myiesha? :)

She is turning 9 month old in 3 days. Yes, I know.. time flies! Sometimes I swear I still can feel the contractions on my uterus, tapi ku berhalusinasi saje. hehe. Up to date she is 8.5kg, not too big or small i guess. Her weight tak naik mendadak these few months, slow and steady je. :)

By random:

*** Finally, masuk tahun baru, gigi dia dah buat first appearance! Quite late compared to her friends, baru sebatang, and mommy dah biasakan dia gosok gigi sendiri. More like she chewed on her toothbrush, than brushing them. Well, she'll get the idea eventually :) Just dont bite mommy too hard k, so far ada several cases yang membuat ku menjerit masa nursing dia. Sabor je la anak mommy ni.

*** She can wave Bye Bye, tapi wave dia skrg terbalik like wave to herself. Motif? Dia garu dahi pun terbalik tau. Instead of using palm of hands, she uses back of her hands.

*** She loves to climb the sofa and then dah boleh bertatih, tapi tgn pegang sofa la. Dulu panjat cabinet TV pastu tgk TV dekat2. Eii.. takut sakit mata dia nnt. Now I moved her playmat at the corner of the room. Sorry little lady!

*** She calls me Mam Maa, and her daddy Pap Paa. Especially kalau I gi dapur, menjerit la dia. I think she has that separation anxiety going on. Even on her walker, she'll chase after me around the house.

*** She is a friendly baby I can say, kalau my friends nak dukung dia OK je, siap lentok lagi. Especially on guys. O_o

*** Baru2 ni ada case rashes around her behind and sikit kat potpot. Maybe sbb hari tu ada mild cirit birit. You wont believe the remedy i used. Minyak masak! Her babysitter suggested letak sikit at the affected area. Dlm masa 2 hari hilang terus! no cream or ubat needed. Pejot ada suggest use Zinc cream, tak sempat beli dah cure. U mommies can try this at home :)

*** Her favourite show remains Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I think she has fallen in love with Mickey Mouse, kalau ada kat PHDC tu je mesti senyum2 sorg2. So funny I tell you!

*** Her favourite food: Bubur nasi mommy. And also fruits.. mmg champion, berebut2 makan ngn mommy. Alhamdulillah, she has no problem eating.

I love you so much baby! You are the reason i wake up in the morning and want to be a better person. Be a good girl, and make mommy and daddy proud ok. Muahh

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 plans up in the air

Dear readers,

I'm all excited for 2011, I have tonnes of plans up in the air waiting to be executed. From spending time with friends, to birthdays and of course vacation time, and more shopping!!

Here's what i have planned for the first half of 2011

Jan- Spa session with girlfriends: Arranged this on 29th Jan, at Andana Spa. Check out their website at
Car insurance renewal: Whoops, it's time to renew road tax/car insurance. Burn a hole in hubs pocket for sure :p

Feb- Hair makeover: I seriously need this! I look like a grandma with my hairstyle now. Pffttt
Mya's baby photoshoot: I promise myself to have one before her 1st bday, I think this is a good timing, since she is learning to walk. :D

March- Short holiday in Singapore: Maybe on my birthday, so we have double the celebration! Universal Studios baybee..

April- Mya's 1st birthday bash: I'm planning to invite close friends and family to the event. Not too big so I'll be able to entertain my guests, it will be proximate event :)

May- Short trip to Sabah: By this time Mya should be able to walk (hopefully) Will be fun to take her to islands or climbing mountain? :p

June- Grab Iphone5 and the bling cover from MusaKL. I surveyed their cover and fell in love.

New year resolution?

- To wake up early everyday.. earlier than currently waking. haha
- To be a better Mom, Wife, Ummah, than last year
- Remember to take better care of my self.