Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sudden urge to splurge

Dear readers,

Have you got this sudden urge to go shop aka impulsive buying? This ALWAYS happen to me when it comes to end of year (Read: YES :P ) I got these images of stuff that i want inside my head for quite a while now:

Coach Leopard Print handbag

Mantra sebelum beli bag "I have worked so hard, this is the time to reward myself" Repeat until diri sendiri tersaiko.

Nude Pumps: Every girl must own this, i quote KLS. :) I have one but mine is sky high heels, need one that is a little more at the comfy side so i can carry my baby without killing my legs.

Leather tights/pants

I have always been a tight fan, senang nak matching with my tops, leather tight will be a nice addition to my collection, feeling rock chic sementar deh?

Tomorrow I will be off from work, a good time to shop, no?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mya LOLed So Hard At Daddy Doing Jumping Octopus

Dear Readers,

This has been in my keepsake for quite a while, thought i want to share it with you, little Mya finds that Daddy's jumping octopus so funny. Hehehe.. it put a smile on my face, hope it does to urs. :))

Mya is 8 month old yesterday, now she is at a really active stage, climbing and trying to stand. Must watch her closely, dah dua kali dah jatuh, nasib baik atas play mat but still she cried so hard, terkejut agaknya. And also we are child proofing our home.. with cushions and pillows.. :P very important! safety first yo..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too long


It's been agesssssssss! Sebenarnya rindu nak check blog kwn2 dan nak berkarya di blog sendiri, tapi apa kan daya, kekangan masa merupakan halangan utama ku. At office, busy with work. At home busy with house chores + melayan anak dan suami. I promise I will continue to blog, thanks to those yang bertanyakan whereabout ku. I'm still here!! *waving hands vigorously*

Well, sempena tahun baru, ada beberapa azam yang nak dilaksanakan

- Spending time/money untuk manjakan diri
* Spa once a month
*Facial twice a month
Can you believe it, since kahwin i never did facial or Spa?? oh God, i really let myself go. This won't happen again, no can do!

-Go for movies/ date night with hubs at least once a month
Sangat ketinggalan dalam arus perfileman. T__T

And before year end, will shop for myself and for suami, on clothes, gadgets, shoes etc.. Yay!!!

So guys, watch out for this space.. :)

P/S: Mya is growing up fast, she is almost 8 month old, sekarang dah pandai duduk, dan bye bye. Almost merangkak..Tapi gigi tak tumbuh lagi!! hahah, dok tunggu2 manalah her pearly whites, malu betul nak kuar!