Friday, February 26, 2010

My Pregnancy Photoshoot

Dear readers,

I had my pregnancy photoshoot done last few weeks, when I was in my 30 weeks pregnancy. Perut pun masa tu kelihatan sebesar bola tampar.

Our good friend Armi from Fotofanartik offered us to be the photographer for this memorable shoot in his white studio located in his house in Shah Alam.

Hasilnya, layan kan gambar2 di bawah ini :)

Takde konsep apa2 pun, but we planned to make it as fun as possible. Merujuk gambar2 di internet dan idea2 dari encik fotografer dan I sendiri, ini lah outputnya. Props tu ada yg bawak sendiri ada yg disponsor oleh Armi and Nuuril. Oman pun ada jugak enterframe tu. hehe.. he looks so curious to see us posing there. Thanks to Oman, aunty pinjam kasut2 dia and also the alphabets tu.
CD will be ready this Tuesday, can't wait to see the rest of the photos!
So, if any of you guys interested with Armi's work (including wedding package), can contact him or his wife

Majlis-Majlis Sosial Part 1

Dear readers,

Yes, saya memang ketinggalan keretapi untuk update aktiviti2 sosial ini. Maafkan kesibukan tuan punya blog. I wouldn't want to miss joting down all these fun stuff, so here it goes..

Emir Faiz's first birthday party

Pagi2 tu, got a call from Puan Mira.. invitation for lunch and party kat rumah dia. Memang initially we have no plans, so go sajer! Bought the little prince toys, but for 3 years and above. Masa belek2 toys for 1 year old cam tak challenging and menarik. Itu pasal beli yang advance punyer. Hope Emir likes the present!

Emir's birthday cake, from Baskin Robbins. Memang yummy, bukan saje menjadi rebutan anak2 kecil, ni mak buyung pun berebut sekali.

Emir with his Ayah, Cipmunk. He's my schoolmate back in Jenan. Bro, jaga2 nampak cam perut dah ke depan dah tu.:p

Emir's ibu, Mira. She's currently attached in Libya..kerja, very strong lady, sebab terpaksa berjauhan with her son and husband. 5 weeks off and 5 weeks working. Kalau aku la, tak sanggup agaknyer.. Emir mmg muka ibu dia kan.

Sabby and Adam's walimah

Held at Pusat Komuniti Damansara, such a beautiful wedding. Dewan pun tak besar sgt, felt very warm and comfy.

Tak melepaskan peluang mengambil gambar bersama pengantin baru Amy and Hatim yang panas. Hot from the oven la katakan. Turns out Hatim is cousin of Dena one of my best friend. Such a small world

Sesi bergosip before snapping pictures

With them bloggers yang hot belaka..

Keadaan makin tak terkawal.. Kelihatan di situ Qis, Dytia, Hanie, Anil, Fathiah, Diah, Another blogger (I'm sorry I didnt get your name dear) Nadd, Amy and Abby. Very nice to meet all of you and catch up with each other.. in the real world!

Ini shot paparazi yang tetiba muncul entah dari mana

Gambar ni wajib ada lah kan. So lovely!
Lovely lantern as deco. So huge, mine is maybe half of the size only hehe

Sesi beramah mesra dengan pengantin. Kelihatan juga, other bloggers Anne and Wawa yang datang lambat sket. Sempat chit chat sepatah dua kata dengan diorg. :) Lovely couple! To Sabby, sorry la kalau video tu turn out merepek sbb kitorg pun cam kena terjah hari tu. Tunggang langgang je speech. huhuhu

Me and Nadd, sempat exchange experience with the makbuyung jr. hahha..

Para suamis dan Bfs, sebenarnya me and Sapet tak perasan ada theme, which is traditional or formal. So bila sampai baru perasan.. Sapet dah cuak takut dia sorg je pakai informal. Tapi nasib Zam pun sama. hehe Oh by the way, Mizi dah takleh masuk group photo yang standing la. U dah steal all the lime light with your height! haha.. kidding
To be continued Part 2
P/s: Will be heading to Ipoh in a shortwhile for kenduri doa selamat Mom to be and baby inside. Dah lama tak menjenguk Opah kat Ipoh tu. Opah here I come!
P/s/s: Sempat join meeting Diah, Anil and Amy smlm, tp tak boleh stay for long. Tak sempat pun jumpa Amy, but meeting progressing fine, will need your output in order to make this happen. Wait for updates from Puan Pengerusi k. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Apps in Iphone

Dear readers,

First off, congrats to Sabby, WLT and Amy for their weddings, selamat datang ke dunia baru sebagai isteri. Moga kita semua menjadi sang isteri yang disayangi suami dan dirahmati Allah selalu. God bless your marriage! Great time catching up with other bloggers during Sabby's wed. Great walimah. Love all the fresh flowers! As usual semuanya pun gojas belaka :)

Today, berkesempatan attend baby shower yang diorganize oleh Mawar. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya ketemu juga setelah asyik singgah blog je kan. Thanks! Gambar for this week will be uploaded later in a new entry.

Terasa nak buat review Apps yg berguna untuk didownload ke Iphone. (Berguna ke? Not all, some are just for my entertainment purpose.. hehe)

Here are some of the Apps that i simply love

Most of them I install from App Store, some from Rock.. all of them are free tho :)

Words With Friends

This game is officially my hubby's and my favourite. Before tidur mesti stay up main.. its similar to scrabble, good for me as it stimulates my brain and vocab (good for baby inside too, hope she can learn something from mommy! :p) but usually our opponents are from US. So, if you dowloaded this app, please play with me! my username aziriahhazrin. :)

AlQuran v2

Very2 convenient for me and baby inside. Usually before tido I will let baby listen to surah2 sambil i fahamkan translation every sentence. You can choose which surah to download from all 30 juzuk.

Preggers Factoidz

This app is just facts about pregnancy, nothing much but it's all good to know!

Valet hero

Another game I downloaded. My hubby's fav, selalu berebut nak main. You'll need to guide the coloured cars to their parking spot, colour coded. So susah ok.. especially when the interruptions like train, policecar etc is there. Ini memang hand and eye coordination game. Makes you stay alert (and occasional scream tu biasa lah hehe)


To check balance, online transfers and where is the nearest CIMB ATM around you. Hope they will add pay bills menu soon!

Titanic Rescue

This is hand and eye coordination game juga. Need to focus to put the passengers in the boat with same colours. But their voices are funny, tp bila main lama2 rasa cam annoying. Still, its one of my fav.

Rock Band

Same like guitar hero or rock band, but the free version in Iphone only has 1 song. Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. You can choose whether to play the guitar, bass, vocal or drums and with 3 difficulties. I suka main drums senang sikit. Yang lain2 habis hancur.. hehe

There's a lot of other apps in Iphone, I'm now searching for Baby's.. like Flashcards or Letter Board untuk si kecik ni.

If you have any more interesting Apps I can download, please share with me!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Azieria and Emilia- SOS slot @ mix fm

Dear readers,

Early this month, my lil sister Amy decided to get me involved in her obsession with mix fm SOS. She listened to the slot every morning while I'm still fast asleep.

That morning around 8, I got a call from their producer, asking me to freshen up and will call me later for the real recording. Jadik sempat la mak buyung ni gosok gigi basuh muka sementara menunggu the 2nd call.. hehe

Here's the podcast of the song they created just by mixing up all the details Amy had sent them earlier by email. They're quite good, making me giggle the whole conversation with their spontaneous words. Check out the song, by clicking picture below.. xoxo

Pomander balls ideas *Update 15/2/10*

Dear readers,

I'm crazy about these cute roundish thing. You can play around with sizes and colours and it simply add more character to a wedding

Just some suggestions on where to put them balls.


Love this! Ada cute payung2 dan juga warna kuning yg nampak ceria. Bebola dibiarkan bergelimpangan tanpa arah tujuan
Hang them on trees.. saya suka mcm ni juga.. nmpak blend with nature...
Masa my wedding, i decorate my living hall with these pomander balls. Biarkan berjuntai dari siling, di pintu dan juga di langsir.

Here is my collection up for rent.

Please click picture for larger image

A=6 pieces

B = 3 pieces

C= 2 pieces

D= 11 pieces

E= 11 pieces

F= 3 pieces

G= 6 pieces

H= 5 pieces

I= 3 pieces

For enquiries/quotation please email:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glass balls and lanterns for rent

Dear readers,

I have these hanging decos up for rent.

You can put small candles inside to get shimmery colours from the glass balls. (Lantern also can put candle inside)

You can use it for hiasan pelamin, hiasan tangga ataupun hiasan bilik pengantin. As for my wedding last time, I used it in my garden, together with the hanging orchids, and also put it along the stairways. Play with your creativity!

A= 3 pieces

B= 3 pieces

C= 6 pieces

D= 19 pieces

Email me for price..
Please include when and where is your kenduri. Thanks :)