Friday, January 29, 2010

Food entry

Dear readers,

Anda pernah makan lobster? Secara ikhlasnya minggu lepas baru first time daku merasa makan lobster.And first time for baby in tummy too :) So agak teruja disitu.. hehe. Ayah belanja makan kat Victoria Station PJ. His favourite diner.. selalunya kalau ada special occasion je we'll go there, like birthdays.. tapi mungkin Ayah mengidam time tu, kami semua menuruti saja tanpa byk soal jawab.

These are my sisters. Sorang belajar lg, nak jadi chef, sorg lagi baru habis degree, tgh training kat UniKL. Dua dua masih single(Apa kena mengena?)Hujung sekali my brother tgh sibuk menelek menu.

This is what Along ordered, t's chicken something something. Lupa lah

This is well done black pepper steak, hub's portion of the night.. nowadays I'm not really into meats. More to fish and chicken for the soul(s)

Ini lah mangsa santapanku. Alive and kicking and looks yummy

Dan 20 min kemudian... Lobster grilled to perfection topped with cheese and served with chicken,jacket potato,corn and vegies. They served it in 2 plates since it has to be cut to half. I swear i could ate both plates tp takdelah tamak camtu kan. hehe

Ini pulak gambar bunga burung. Saja je letak, sebab first time tengok species ni. It's the in thing now to have it. Since my mom is really into gardening, she has quite a number of beautiful flowers around the house. Nantilah hobi berkebun tu akan kusemai juga, hopefully rumah baru nnt ada space for my mini garden.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Persediaan menyambut orang baru

Dear readers,

You know, to raise a child nowadays a lot of things needs to be taken into consideration .Before baby even arrive, byk barang2 baby yang nak kena sediakan. For instance (yang penting) baby cot, stroller, infant car seat, breastpumps, bottle strelizer, etc

Ada la sedikit tips dari yours truly dalam membeli barang2 baby ni. Ni pun diperturunkan dari kawan2. :)

Baby stroller- Kalau dapat beli yang 2 in 1: Infant car seat+ stroller lebih baik. Not only can save money, kalau baby tido, boleh transfer into the car / to the stroller without waking her up. On average harga ialah RM1000.My choice would be MaxiCosry, Pegprego and Vesta by Mothercare. :)

Baby cot- Sekarang ni macam2 ada. Ada yang prefer wooden cot. Lebih sturdy and secure, and will last for years. Ada yang jenis travel cot,like what my SIL bought for us- Graco (Thanks Kak Miezza ). It is 3 in 1: Baby cot + Playpen + changing table(yang boleh attach/detach) Love it! Average price RM700.

OK, on clothing, I am really into colourful, playful designs like those sold in mothercare. Now agak gila kan baby rompers. But Pejot did advise me to buy a few yg button at the front. Sebab senang sikit kan. And of course, beli a few yang size besar sikit, maybe for 3-6 months baby because babies grow real fast.

Look at these mittens and booties. The brown 'shoes' not really shoes tau, its socks tapi berbentuk kasut. My Mom bought it because its irresistable, katanya la..ehehe.. And i bought socks yang ada toys tu.. Encouraging baby to grab and touch their feet, juga stimulate the mind with colourful objects.

My baby's collection. :)

AND.. alhamdulillah, last week we picked up our new ride. :) Family car, besar sikit la dari Suzuki Swift tu. Boleh la nak muat kan stroller, baby seat, barang2 baby yg lain,barang2 mommy lagi hehe.

Kat dealer's place, before we picked up the car!

Bagi can la i posing kan, suami i je yg nk amek gambar mak buyung ni. hehe
On other note, I'm thinking of making another set of bunga pahar, proly kaler gold + hitam. But this is a project lepas bersalin nanti kot. Ada perancangan tapi tak tau kaler apa lagi. If you have other ideas let me know.
Ciao Miao

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review Antenatal Class- KPJ Shah Alam

Dear readers,

Last Sat, we have successfully attended antenatal class held at KPJ. Dengan gigihnya kami berdua bangun awal di hari Sabtu since class starts at 9am. (Kantoi selalu bgn lambat time weekend, hhaha)

A day before that a very friendly nurse/staff called me to remind about the class. Also to remind I haven't make any payment to book the class. Hah.. yg ni makcik tak tau, igtkan bayar on the spot. Tkpelah, she said dtg awal sikit esok Tingkat 4, education dpmt.

Carik parking tak susah, tp jauh sikit la, since yg depan pintu dah penuh. Rupa2 nya KPJ ada plan nk buat renovation nak besarkan hospital. Jadik in a few months time akan ada face lift. Yang bestnya I dapat buggy ride from parking to the entrance, agaknya kesian tgk ibu mengandung kena menapak jauh. (Takdela jauh mana sebenarnya) but still, i took that ride. Good effort nak menyenangkan patient :)

First module starts with Introduction by Puan Faridah, followed by Care during pregnancy. Not much new information for me because I've read about this, but good to refresh my memory. Then we had break, they served us with Milo and kuih muih. Oh..Milo is really my fav right now. I can't live a day without 2 cups of Milo at least.

Mind you its really cold in the room, seb baik nurse dah awal2 warning bawak sweater.

Next is Pain relief during labour. Oh,this one I am really looking forward to, just to know what are my options. Pn Suraya the anaesthetist gave the talk, very pleasant woman :)

So what they offer is this (yang i igt lah)

*Pethidine or Meptazinol (types of drug injected into your body every 2 -4 hours)

*Laughing gas (inhale Nitrous Oxide)

*Epidural (Must be injected at your spine bone before 4cm dilation)

Well, my first choice would be natural birth without any drug aid. The laughing gas maybe nak sikit. hehe..The Anaesthetist said you should know your body well. I know my pain tolerance level is quite high but of course it would not be the same as labour pain. But, I will try my best because i want to feel as natural as it can get giving birth to my baby. Kalau tak tahan sgt, i will opt for epidural. But epidural is best given before 4cm dilation because after that the contraction starts getting more often that it is hard for anaesthetist to aim the needle.

Help me God, may I can get through the labor without much complication. Amiin.

Ready for epidural

And then Puan Faridah conducted the breastfeeding class. In KPJ they fully support breastfeeding. I learned how is the correct technique to latch, how to massage breast for milk production etc.

The important thing i learnt was sometimes your body still does not produce milk for up to 3 days after you gave birth. But its essential to make sure your baby is breastfed during the first 3 hours lepas bersalin tu. That is when the colostrum (susu awal ibu) is produced. Sgt2 penting untuk antibody baby to prepare her for her first journey outside of the womb.

I read somewhere that our body start producing colostrum when you reach 6th months of pregnancy. With correct massage technique, you can actually see it. True enough, balik2 je dari class i tried, and i can see the sticky and thick fluid came out of the nipple, takdelah byk just a few drops.. Perasaan agak touchy feely knowing that my body has started preparing for arrival of my baby. Berair gak mataku.

Sang bapa-to-be mencuba breastfeed with fake tits and fake baby. hehe

Oh, if you are planning to breastfeed, don't forget to buy the C shape pillow. Very useful to avoid backache and also for baby and mommy's comfort. :)

And then we had our lunch break. Lunch ialah lauk kari ayam, sayur kobis ngn ikan masak merah. Standard lah kan, hospital food. Tapi entah kenapa, licin je pinggan ku, mungkin kerana kelaparan dan kesejukan.

Next is process of labour. One of the panel doctor, Doctor Yin gave out the talk. Very exciting and byk information. Yang paling penting yang ku pelajari.. for first time mothers the usual rate for dilation (bukaan servik)

1cm= 1 hour

For full dilation of 10 cm means 10 jam la? What? That long..? But doctor Yin said, it depends on the baby's condition whether mommy needs to be induced (masuk air) so that the process is quicker.

And there is 3 stages of labour

*Dilation of cervic from 1cm- 10 cm (cuba amik pembaris pastu tgk size 10 cm.. takutnyeeee)
*Baby delivery
*Placcenta (uri) delivery

Pastu doctor akan jahit, which is called episiotomy.. OK for my information lagi, the most painful ordeal is contraction, this happens in the first stage of labour. The pain is very overwhelming, this is when women screaming for epidural even when they're not planning for it. Uhhh... *seram*

Ada jugak dia tunjuk slide show with very visual graphic during labour. The girl sits next to me even cried silently, either terharu dengan proses childbirth ataupun seriau nak melaluinya. Baby MM inside my tummy masa slot ni mmg tak dok diam, agaknya dia pun nervous time ni. Baby, don't worry.. we'll make it together ok, mommy will be there for you.. mommy promise.

Then, there is exercise during pregnancy, how to get up from bed/go to bed without straining the back. Tgk gambar je lah.. nak explain pjg2 dah malas, entry ni pun dah berjela2.

I'm a bit dissapointed they didn't go in detail about breathing techniques. I think that is very important. Hmm... maybe I can just read in the internet ataupun suh kwn2 yg experience ajar. :)

And then before we go back, Pn Faridah taught us how to bathe a baby, dan juga how to massage baby. They even give a DVD about baby massage. Its really helpful to calm the baby, make her at ease, senang tidor, buang angin.. and overall make her a happy baby.

This is puan faridah demo on how to bathe baby

I didn't cover about diet in pregnancy and care for newborn slots. Nanti lah kalau rajin boleh buat satu lagi entry.

Lastly, we did a tour of the labour room and also ward before we go back at 7pm.

I met a few mom to be's, sempat sembang2.. ada yg dah 9 bulan pregnant, tunggu masa je.. Interesting to share their experience..

Overall i think the class was conducted well.. I can't do a comparison since this is my first time attending such class. But if you want in details, boleh je email me, I'll be happy to share.

Till then, ciao..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Maternity ward kat Saudi yang super lavish

Dear readers,

I got this email from Zairul a while back, with pictures of maternity ward kat Saudi. Tak tau la kalau hospital yg provide all this or the family make an effort to decorate the room. Either way, looking at these pictures really get me all excited.

Takdelah nak mengharap hospital ward nnt jd camni kan. Tipu.. berangan ada la sikit. hehe. But anyways, the decorations are good for those who are planning to do baby shower or birthday. *wink*

Mata ku bersinar-sinar tgk bende2 pink.

The botol susu container looks fun.. what's in there? candy for mommy?

Love the hanging mini baby clothes!

More candies, i always heart personalized stuff

Baloons at the entrance

Treats for guests. Saya nmpak cupcakes!

Ruang menunggu agaknyer ni.

Out of topic sikit..I never been to Prince Court, but i heard its mighty expensive to deliver there. Wonder what's the experience like staying in a 5 star hospital?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Shots - Me in 27 Weeks

Dear readers,

Yay! Finally got my hands on the new gadget! Bought Canon 450D at Digital Mall seksyen 14 and then spent whole last weekend mengkaji function2.

But a silly thing happened.. bleh tak tertinggal kad kredit kat kedai tu? And to make it sillier, baru noticed pagi tadi lepas 3 hari. Itu pun org kedai tu call my credit card company to inform about it. Thank God, there was no illegal transaction made during those 3 days. Nyanyuk sungguh mak buyung ni

Alang-alang cancel kan je lah card tu, so kurang la 1 kad hutang dalam purse. Nyeh nyeh

Pictures taken at Mama's house

With youngest sister Ika yg belum mandi pagi

And this is MM's pushchair/stroller. Courtesy of Tok Mama dia la..hehe thanks to Tok Mama and Tok Ayah. Mummy suka sgt stoller ni! Chis aku yg over

We also bought this cute battery operated fan, untuk Mummy kalau hari tgh panas. Kidding..

Trial shots focusing object yg berjaya.

Dalam bilik baby that will also be bilik berpantang saya.

I will be entering my third trimester next week. Wow! That fast already? A lot of plans waiting to be executed, I have my weekends scheduled for weddings (Tokya's,Akram's,Amy's and Sabby's on the list) checkups, childbirth class, kenduris, photoshoot (Can't wait for this! *wink*) and last minute shoppings. Wah.. this means more chances to practise shots.. hihi ..Bet it will all go by real fast !

Friday, January 8, 2010

Warkah untuk Anakku Part 2

Dear MM,

Hari ni dah dekat 6 bulan MM kat dalam perut mommy. A lot of things are happening around us right now, baby.Mommy dah mula sakit2 pinggang masa tidur. Mommy baca dalam buku kata tulang pelvis dan pinggang mommy ni dah start terasa bebanan uterus yang semakin membesar. Apa benda tu? Nanti masa Form 4, belajar biology MM faham la OK. Kat Ofis pun sekarang Mommy bawak bantal letak kat belakang. Baru rasa selesa.

Sekarang ni Tok Mama ngan Tok Ayah tengah siap2 kan bilik MM kat rumah Shah Alam. Tok Mama tu excited dan tak sabar nak tunggu arrival MM. Kalau dia keluar shopping ada je barang dia belikan untuk baby. You are the first grandchild, great grand child and also great great grand child tau. Tok Mama cakap MM ni generasi kelima dlm family besar kita smpai mommy pun tak tau apa gelaran moyang mommy tu pada baby.

Mommy kesian gak nnt MM takde kawan bila balik kampung raya tahun ni kalau balik Ipoh, so harap2 Uncle Chor ngn Uncle Lop dah ada baby by that time :) kalau balik kampung Daddy ramai la kawan2 MM. Mommy nyer kawan2 pun ramai yang ada baby tahun ni. nanti MM ada kawan anak Aunty Pejot, Aunty Sasha, Aunty Tshee la, Aunty Zairul, Aunty Izad.. Pastu anak Aunty Nuurill tu hensem, Oman nama dia. Org nye pun kelakar. Dia besar sikit dari MM. Kalau kita beraya rumah Aunty Nuurill ngn Uncle Armi pau diorg duit raya byk2 tau....Hahah... Sorry baby, if Mommy makes you blush.

Mommy tak sabar-sabar nak tunggu esok. Sebab esok ada 2 benda exciting for me. First, I'm going for my monthly checkup. So we'll know for sure (Insya-Allah) whether you're a girl/boy. Pastu Mommy boleh la start shopping baju awak. Second thing is, Mommy won't reveal here. But Mommy and Daddy are planning to get us something. Biar lah dah confirm dapat kat tangan baru leh tulis. :)

OK, baby.. be good inside Mommy. Jangan tendang kuat2 sgt syg, kdg2 Mommy rasa cam kena elektrik shock pastu perut Mommy senget sikit. But maybe that's the only way you want to communicate with Mommy and Daddy. Takpe.. tendang la lagi, Mommy suka.

Love you baby


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DSLR for beginners

Dear readers,

Sudah tiba masanya untuk shopping DSLR. Memang sudah lama niat di hati untuk memiliki satu tapi ada byk komitmen yang perlu diselesaikan dulu. Jadi sekaranglah masa yg sesuai to grab one.

Sebagai seorang rookie/amateur, saya sedar siapa diri ini. Kalau sembang pasal lense range ka, ISO ka, mmg nganga je la. Jadi, saya cuma mahukan camera yang mempunyai ciri2 berikut
  • Beginner level
  • Not too bulky
  • User friendly and easy handling
  • 10 megapixel and above

Setelah baca kat forum2 dan laman sembang, I can safely conclude that these are the camera models that I'll be eyeing for.

Nikon D3000

Memang ramai la kawan2 yang recommend Nikon as compared to other brands. Agak allured to buy a Nikon camera and plus this model has a guide mode which is perfect for a newbie like me :) Harga around 2k plus accessories and lense.

Canon 450D

The reason why I like this model because of the price obviously. Since Canon no longer will produce this type, the price drops for almost 1k. It will be around RM2k plus accessories and lense. It has no video features, which is fine since I already have my Sony handycam to do the job.
Quality wise, both are equally the same I guess. I'm not really brand bias, it depends on how to handle the camera, so kena la test drive dulu kan.. tp suami pula mmg bias kat Canon. Jadik, better kalau kami pergi kedai camera dan pegang2, godek2 dulu camera2 ni bg puas hati.

OK, untuk tidak menjadikan entry kali ini terlalu geek, ni pulak gambar model pegang camera.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Antenatal Class

Dear readers,

Thinking of taking antenatal class in KPJ Shah Alam next week (Since I'm also planning to deliver there). Here is what i found from their website.

Topics to be presented:

1. Process of Labour
2. Pain Relief during Labour
3. Care during Pregnancy
4. Diet in Pregnancy
5. Care of New born and Introduction to Baby Massage
6. Importance of Breast Feeding & Breast Feeding Technique
7. Exercise during Pregnancy & Breathing Technique during Labour
8. Bathing of Baby

Training handbook will be given and live demonstration of techniques related to the course will be presented.

We offer you a very good and affordable price with door gifts. Now the course fee is only RM80.00/couple for Part I and II.


10:00am - 10:30am
Introduction & Video Show
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

10:30am - 11:30am
Care During Pregnancy
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

11:30am - 01:00pm
Exercise during Pregnancy & Breathing technique during Labour

01:00pm - 01:40pm

01:40pm - 02:30pm
Process of Labour

02:30pm - 04:30pm
Pain relief during - Labour


10:00am - 10:15am
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

10:15am - 11:00am
Diet & Pregnancy

11:00am - 12:00pm
Importance of Breast Feeding & Breast Feeding technique
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

12:00pm - 01:00pm
Bathing of baby Demonstration
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

01:00pm - 01:30pm

01:30pm - 02:00pm
Video Show - Breast Feeding Technique
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

02:00pm - 03:00pm
Care of the New Born & Introduction to Baby Massage

03:00pm - 04:30pm
Tour to Complex (Labour Room, Antenatal and Post Natal Ward & SCN)
Pn.Faridah Bte Abd.Majid

2 full days?? Wah.. cam kursus kawen la pulak. But the topics seem interesting for first time mommies like me :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tradisi Lenggang Perut

Dear readers,

First off, BIG THANK YOU to friends and family who came to our new year bbq/potluck. Muah! It was so much fun and also so many yummy food on the table. And thanks untuk para gadis dan ibu yg menolong saya mengemas di dapur. Agak penat juge mak buyung dan pak buyung ni mengemas di penghujung hari but it was all worth it. Kami puas hati.. Pictures coming soon..

As I was talking to my mom yesterday, she mentioned my Opah's intention of doing upacara"melenggang perut" or "Lingering Belly" for me. ( Yea.. I know it sounds funny in English.. hheehe). I have never been a part of this ceremony before and was left clueless.
From my mom's simple explaination, it is done when a woman reached her 7 months pregnancy dan ada juga main tendang2 buah kelapa.. what the?
So, saya telah menggoogle untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut pasal adat lenggang perut ini.
Source from here. Agak panjang juga artikel ini, so mind the words, i highlight the importnt points in bold.

Adat melenggang perut kebanyakannya lebih difahami masyarakat Melayu di selatan semenanjung manakala di sebelah utara semenanjung lebih dikenali dengan panggilan kirim perut. Adat ini ialah suatu adat yang dijalankan ke atas seorang isteri yang telah genap tujuh bulan hamil dan ia bertujuan untuk meletakkan kedudukan bayi di dalam perut di tempat yang sepatutnya, iaitu bahagian kepala di pintu rahim.

Ini penting bagi memudahkan si ibu bersalin dan bayi tidak kelemasan di dalam perut. Maka pada masa itu, bidan akan dipanggil untuk memeriksa dan menentukan isteri yang hamil itu betul-betul telah genap tujuh bulan hamil atau belum cukup bulan lagi. Jika didapati sudah genap tujuh bulan isteri itu hamil, maka mulailah bidan itu diupah untuk melangsungkan adat melenggang perut ini. Kelengkapan yang mustahak perlu disiapkan untuk menjalankan adat ini. Antara kelengkapan tersebut disediakan adalah seperti berikut:

• Tujuh helai kain yang berlainan warna.
• Satu gantang beras.
• Sebiji buah kelapa.
• Beberapa urat benang.
• Satu batang damar.
• Sedikit minyak kelapa atau minyak urut.
• Beberapa batang lilin.
• Satu tepak sirih, yang lengkap dengan isinya.
• Pengeras wang sebanyak lima suku ($1.25) di dalam tepak itu

Setelah semua barang tersebut disediakan, tok bidan akan menjalankan adat melenggang perut seperti berikut:

Mula-mula tok bidan membentangkan ketujuh-tujuh helai kain berwarna itu secara melintang sehelai demi sehelai. Ibu yang hamil itu akan dibaringkan di atas lapisan-lapisan kain tersebut. Kemudian, perut ibu itu akan diurut dengan minyak kelapa atau minyak urut secara perlahan-lahan.
Err.. bab2 urut ni saya tak confident la, takut kalau salah urut nnt lain pulak yg jadik.. :s boleh tak skip part ni?

Selepas itu, kelapa yang sudah dikupas tersebut akan diguling-gulingkan secara perlahan-lahan di atas perut ibu itu ke atas dan ke bawah sebanyak tujuh kali dan pada kali yang ketujuh itu, kelapa itu akan dilepas serta dibiarkan jatuh bergolek daripada perut ibu itu sambil diperhatikan oleh tok bidan itu. Tok bidan akan memerhatikan bagaimana kedudukan muka atau mata kelapa itu setelah berhenti bergolek. Jika mata kelapa itu menghala ke atas, ibu itu akan beroleh anak lelaki, dan jika ia menghala ke bawah, anak perempuan akan dilahirkan.
Yang ni plak, mcm tak sesuai je nk buat..

Setelah itu, sebelah tangan tok bidan akan memegang satu hujung kain lapisan atas sekali dan dengan tangannya yang sebelah lagi, dipegangnya hujung yang satu lagi. Kemudian kain itu diangkatnya sedikit sambil dilenggang-lenggangkan badan ibu itu. Dari sinilah terbitnya panggilan Lenggang Perut itu. Selepas itu, kain itu ditarik keluar daripada bawah badan ibu tersebut. Perbuatan ini akan dilakukan sehingga habis ketujuh-tujuh helai kain itu dikeluarkan dari bawah pinggang ibu tersebut. Kain yang di bawah sekali akan diberikan kepada tok bidan bersama-sama dengan kelapa, beras, damar, sirih pinang beserta dengan wang pengeras lima suku di dalam tepak sirih itu.
Tak tau apa motif ni..
Biasanya, pada hari melenggang perut akan diadakan kenduri kecil-kecilan yang akan dihadiri oleh orang tua-tua dan kaum keluarga yang rapat. Pada masa kenduri itu berlangsung, si ibu yang akan melenggang perut itu akan dipakaikan dengan pakaian yang baru dan cantik.

Mungkin saya akan menyerahkan upacara ni pada mama/opah untuk mengendalikan dengan sukses. Not really keen or looking forward to this but just to satisfy the elderlies. Mungkin juga akan disekalikan dengan kenduri doa selamat
Anda berpengalaman melenggang perut atau attending one? Share with me plis :)