Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh NO... I have become such a clean freak!!!

Dear readers,

You know, since we moved back in to our house in Bukit Jalil last weekend, i can't stop my self from mopping the floor. Dekat 5 kali mop, itu pun still rasa tak puas hati. -__-" Am I becoming a clean freak?

By the way, today is Mya's first day with babysitter. Hope that she behaves herself. We met couple of times and so far I'm satisfied with the babysitter. She's a housewife taking care of her own daughter 7 month old and a toddler 1 year +. The house is clean, safe and her sis in law also is around to help take care of Mya. :)

My working hours will be shifted now, 9-5.30 the most. Then will pick up Mya and straight going back home. Have you guys drive around with a baby beside? What's your experience.. kalau sudi share sama saya, ya!

muchas gracias

P/s: Sedih cant attend pejot's and Diah's open house last weekend. If you guys read this, so sorry! Me will make up to you guys soonish OK!


  1. Puan Azie: i dah ada blog..yeahh!!!hehehe..jakun sekejap.. time to hire a maid i think... :)

  2. Azi,i nak dtg with hamzah beraya to ur crib at Bukit Jalil boleh?Let me know a weekend ur free(if syawal over pun we treat it as playdate lah meeting up hehe).

  3. azie cumel, xpe, we make up soon ok! aunty pejot masih simpan angpau mya ni:p
    owh btw, i've experienced it! and yes, hati selalu bedebar2 bile bwk budak adam tu di sebelah. there was once, i had to make pit stop 2x ok, sbb adam nanges yg meraung2 punye. kalo setakat hek hek, mmg jot biarkan je die hek hek dlm car seat tu.hehe. tips:

    1.make sure all essentials are within ur reach azie i.e milk bottle, pacifier (in adam's case:must!), rattles, and car key (sgt bagus utk melekakan adam:p)

    2.door lock.! and foresee anthing. just anything! jgn panic most important! kalo panic, nnt kite sendiri kelam kabut. hehe

    all the best azie dearest! :)

  4. azi, kite pnah drive dgn eryna kat sblh dlm car seat. slaloonye die diam sbb dh kenyang n dh mandi. tp pnah jugak die bertempik mcm org gila. n pnah jugak i bf die sambil driving! scary wooo. oh dearr... kalau la ade polis, harus kena saman hahahaa. but so far i noticed that kalau ade mainan die tergantung byk2 kat car seat tu... die diam n main dgn kawan2 die. tu pon kalau die tak emo la yerk!

  5. Hi Azi, hopefully Mya ok with her babysitter on her first day. U mesti 10 kali tipon makcik tu kan kan? :)

    But dun worry if she cries on the early days. Insya Allah, after a while she will be adjusted and happy.

    Babysitter Mya dekat mana you. Issit somewhere near Bukit Jalil? Mya dah biasa kan duduk dalam baby seat? Kalau dah should be easy if you and her alone while driving. Kalau x biasa, you should train her from now. Jangan jadi macam Oman, x reti langsung duduk dalam seat dia. Mujurla dekat jek. Huhu

  6. darling, i kan keje kt bkt jalil. so which part of bkt jalil umah u ni?? dekat ngan stadium ke? awww. kalau tak, leh laa i gi visit mia on any friday yg u cuti. alasan why friday? sbb friday lunch break lama. hahaha. take care ya. hidup bertiga mmg challenging but it's really fun! and yeah, during the day i pun drive berdua je ngan adzryl. anta dia n amik dia kt nursery. it'll be ur routine & u'll get use to it soon. take care ya. anything, let me know. dkt je bkt jalil ngan my hse... ngan office i plg dekat. hihihi. ;)

  7. nurul.. yea, i was thinking about it too, but maybe bila ada anak 2 nnt kot, for now still boleh control walaupun penat gels!

    mawar.. no problemo! would love to do a makan2 meet up, nnt if we all got no plans can ring you up ok! :)

    jot.. me lega! 1 week trial so far mya ok je, dia leka dok syok tgk luar tingkap! hahaha yes! your advise letak everything within reach mmg sgt membantu! dah cam apa je kete tuh dgn toys dia, botol susu, haha selerak!

    fizz.. oh my! BF dalam kete tu mmg totally outrageous babe! hehe.. bahaya! kids.. dont try this at home. :p hehe eryna boleh tahan gak ngamuk dia eh?

    nuurill.. mmg ye! sampaikan i ckp sorry kt dia dok tipon byk kali,1st day i siap paksa sapet call on my behalf sbb dah byk kali i yg call. hihi. nasib baik mya dah biasa dlm car seat dia, takde la meragam sgt :)

    nita.. my house depan stadium tu, savanna condo. i hari2 lalu astro nak gi keje! apa2 hal contact la ye.. tp lunch i takde kat umah la pulak. heheh

  8. Cik Nariko,

    Please don't tell us that you've stopped blogging..


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