Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh NO... I have become such a clean freak!!!

Dear readers,

You know, since we moved back in to our house in Bukit Jalil last weekend, i can't stop my self from mopping the floor. Dekat 5 kali mop, itu pun still rasa tak puas hati. -__-" Am I becoming a clean freak?

By the way, today is Mya's first day with babysitter. Hope that she behaves herself. We met couple of times and so far I'm satisfied with the babysitter. She's a housewife taking care of her own daughter 7 month old and a toddler 1 year +. The house is clean, safe and her sis in law also is around to help take care of Mya. :)

My working hours will be shifted now, 9-5.30 the most. Then will pick up Mya and straight going back home. Have you guys drive around with a baby beside? What's your experience.. kalau sudi share sama saya, ya!

muchas gracias

P/s: Sedih cant attend pejot's and Diah's open house last weekend. If you guys read this, so sorry! Me will make up to you guys soonish OK!