Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mya's first solid food

Dear readers

*Dalam beberapa series akan datang, semuanya pasal anakku Mya, nak qada' byk entry yg i dah tertinggal.. tee hee*

Ok I know, I know.. mesti ada yang terkejut kenapa Mya start solid food awal? She is just 4 month old when i introduce solid to her.

During her 4 month check up, her Paed said she is ready for solid, based on a few criteria
1) Her current weight has doubled her birth weight
2) She can hold her head when being held
3) She shows interest when mommy is eating. mulut dia dok terkecip2
4) Her normal feeding 7 times daily doesnt seem enough, masih lapar.

SO I start with.... Rice cereal! Cerelac Rice+Soya cereal 1 teaspoon perday
Mya loooovveeeessss this. Masa first suapkan dia, she just taste it at the tip of her tounge and stares at me. Eventually she learn how to swallow and enjoy the cereal.

Her meals now is something like this

- Breakfast: BM
- Brunch: BM
- Lunch: 2 teaspoon of rice cereal + BM
-Tea: BM
-Dinner: BM/FM
-Late Dinner: BM
-Supper: BM

After 2 weeks of rice cereal, I'm thinking of giving her fruits like papaya or pear next week. I'm so excited! Doctor said needs to introduce 1 type at a time so if there is any allergy we can quickly identify what type of food she's allergic to.

"Sit me up" that i bought during Parenthood Expo. It's good for her to have a different view, asyik2 tgk ceiling je, mama bosan la
Next entry is Nia's birthday party and also.. Mya dah boleh meniarap!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bila Anakku Mula Menyanyi (Practice her vocal chords :) )

Dear readers,

Mya dah mula menunjukkan sifat kebecokan nya. If she demands attention, she will start to 'sing' like this. If she wants to sleep she will also 'sing' but with different tone. Camni ... AaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaAAA.. repeat until sleep. heheeh

Video recorded by Aunty Amy

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mya's first trip to Genting!

Dear readers,

Omigosh.. blog ni sangatlah terabai. Rindu lak time update blog 2 kali seminggu, itu zaman kegemilangan la, time takde baby and takde suami. Now, usah harap nak dapat waktu2 senggang sebegitu. T_T

Anyway, few weeks ago, my little baby went up to Genting for the first time. She had her first merry go round ride too, on a pony! Haha but of course she is too small to enjoy it, mak dia yg seronok lebih. :p Also bawak dia first time tgk wayang citer Salt lagi tau.. tapi mmg tak dapek tgk smpai habis pun, baru sejam dia dah restless, maybe the sound effect and the fact that she needs her beauty sleep makes her cranky in the cinema. OK fine you little diva, next time mommy bawak tgk citer Toy Story 4 ok?

Dah lama tak naik rides, so forgive our over acting- ness.

She needs her sleep every few hours, so kena pitstop, susukan dia and kejap je dia dah tido. Seronok sejuk2 tu kot.

Told you she's a sleepy head. Abaikan adik2 ku yang perasan rawkstar.

Mommy-daughter moment as per Pejot. hehe

I made this as my profile pic in FB since Nuurill claimed i dh kurus. Tee-Hee. The fact is... hanya suamiku yang tahu. mueheehe

Mya ni dia kalau time gelap or kena flash camera, automatic matanya membulat. haha.. mmg selalu gelakkan dia. Selalu experimen tutup bukak lampu dalam bilik. Tak caya tgk gambar2 kat bawah ni.

Si konfius. Jacket from my Sis in law marissa, beli kat Melbourne, finally she can wear it. Dulu besar giler.

Merry go round- yippie!!