Thursday, June 10, 2010

My DIY aqiqah invi card

Dear readers,

Unsangkarable, i berjaya menyiapkan design kad for my baby's aqiqah. Its nothing to shout about, but nonetheless..i'm proud of myself :p separuh siap, dlm and belakang tak siap lg. Its really easy and cheap to do this i tell u..

Yang bestnya, actually my hubby pun buat design dia sendiri. We argued smlm nak pakai design masing2.. So what we did was, go to the shop, buy our own material, pastu design kad sendiri. He came out with his masterpiece, oklah but more formal than mine Hehe.. We agreed pakai his kad utk jiran2 kitorg and the rest use mine :p


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  1. kretip & cun..
    rajennye lahai..

  2. yay! nak card mommy! nnti i email u my address. :)

  3. Awwwwwwww!!!
    I really really love the gown dress idea babe!!
    and nice color too!!


  4. rajinnyerrr...
    nmpk cantek pon kad tue ^_^
    so sweet..

  5. azira arif
    no 44, jln 6A/3
    43650 bandar baru bangi

  6. hee so cute! :) girlish nye eyh...

  7. comel nyerrrr ... owh, thanks for the two bunga pahar and lanters tau ... ur husband sangat nice orangnyer and peramah .... thanks Azi ... good luck for lil' adorable daughter's aqiqah ! nanti blog about it eyh ... :) *hugs*

  8. cantik babe!sila start wat biz kad plak.hehe

  9. alaaaaa, nariko.. they are super cute! and you're so rajin. wish i could make it tapi, we have kenduri kat my kampung too. have fun doing the preps! and do post the pix ya?:)

  10. na.. thank u. :)

    alena.. tak byk pun make to demand jer. cewah :p

    puan sha.. eh dimanakah email nye? hehe

    nuurill.. dtg la ye, leh mkn kambing.. hih

    sharena.. tq tq dear

    aim.. tima kasih wahai pengantin baru

    azira.. dah post, nnt dpt bgtau ye

    hanie.. ye, saya poreber minat pink taw

    shahida.. owh.. takde hal..tq so much for renting it .. :)

    diah.. oh tidak la smpai berbisnes, suka2 boleh la

    myra.. will do.. thx!!

  11. to inform u, dah dpt dh cute card tuh =)


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