Monday, June 28, 2010

FRIM outing with Scott

Hey there

Salam semuanya..

Last weekend buang tebiat agaknya, pagi2 Ahad yang indah nak sejuk, aku berjaya menakluki bukit FRIM, hiking and canopy walk. Well, actually its all because of Scott, our leader in the States, his first time coming to Asia and we decided to take him for a canopy walk in FRIM. I drag hubs along, nasib baik dia sporting je nak join.

Not too bad ok.. per person is RM7 including ticket up to the canopy walk. And it is such a great view from about 200m above ground, boleh nmpak downtown KL dari jambatan itu, a good place for a work out, make you sweat a bit (for me a lot) at the end of the hike, there is a very nice Malay teahouse dengan makanan yang menggiurkan.

I admit, after almost a year without gym and proper workout, terasa lemau nye Ya Allah. Tercungap2 mendaki, pastu every 10 minutes, mintak nyawaaa.. mintak nyawaaa.. Tak fit nya daku, padahal zaman dulu runner sekolah ni. :p

Canopy walkway 500m above kena panjat. Sounds easy right? Wrong!

Scott posing for the camera, he really likes our jungle and tumbuh-tumbuhan for some reason, he said everything here seems like twice or thrice the size back home in Michigan. Sila lihat kayu jambatan itu nampak tak convincing kan?

Nyesal pulak letak towel kat bahu camtu, rasa cam mamak lap meja.

With my colleagues.. Salina and Lyna

Control penat.. dah sampai atas canopy walk tu baru lega dan dapat menikmati pemandangan

Konon sweet la tu kan

The walk.. sebenarnya agak gayat sebab macam tergantung dengan papan and tali, but if it is constructed and designed by the Germans you can rely your life on it. huuhu

KL view from atop

Vanessa, me, salina, lyna and Scott before the hike.. all set

Ok sila layankan gambar2 makanan yang sedap belaka kat Malay Teahouse, sgt sesuai bawak mat saleh ni gi sini sambil belajar makanan2 melayu

Scott's fav.. nasi lemak ngn rendang tok. Terbaik

Mee rebus yang mengasyikkan

Laksa paling fav semua org. Tak kedekut ikan langsung

Roti jala kuah kari.. nyummmssss

Kalau ada lagi guest, mmg tak malu la bawak diorg sini.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Its the time to SHOPPING

Yes, its that time of the year again.. Get ready with your running shoes, your best eyes forward and your mommy jeans (eh tetiba..) cuz its time to burn a hole in your husband's pocket. Hehe

Mothercare outlet sale starts from tomorrow for members.. DARN IT! baru je siang tadi gi shopping kat Mothercare, tiba2 dapat announcement esoknya sale besar2an..... WHY OH WHY? T__T Petanda harus shopping 2 kali ke? :B

And other sale worth taking a peek....

Me not sure going, my schedule so full this weekend, oh, and still searching for taylor, most of those i asked dah x amek tempahan for raya. Wei, raya lmbat lagi la, awat semua dok kalut pi antaq awai?

My mya is getting smarter...and heavier nowadays. Dah boleh ketawa mengekek ok, mengiring sikit2 boleh la..she loves me singing to her,i do that everyday when she wakes up in the morning. Dah pandai main air liur..buat buih mmg favret, tido pun dah ada air liur basi.

Mya gelak tgk daddy buati muka

Now she knows she can make bubbles, that's what she's been doing while mommy's away

Si Pipi bulat yang mommy rindu hari2, i know u miss me too right baby? (perasan)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The dreadful 1st week of work

Dear readers,

Am sorry, sgt busy this past week..tak sempat menjenguk blog kwn2 dan menitipkan komen,blog sendiri apatah lagi terabai.. Harap2 majikan nuffnang tak serik iklankan ad di blog ini. Hiks

I've started working since last week, and now holding the status as a working Mom. Perasaan nak meninggalkan anak di rumah mmg sayu dan sadis habes. But i'm lucky my own mother willing to babysit Mya, at least i'm not too worried.

Everytime asyik nak check hp je kot2 my mom call me, or sms. Rasa rindu je ngn Mya i will go to my phone's photos yg penuh gmbar dia. Takpun i will buzz my husband and he'll try to imitate bunyi2an mya. Hehe

Balik keje nak awal je, i dont want to waste precious time to spend with her. Time keje mmg all out try to finish up all the tasks and in between go to the nursing room and pump. I'm glad the company is thoughtful enough siap letak fridge and sterilizer in the nursing convenient!

But being away from my baby got me thinking about the future.. The idea of staying at home Mom with own business is so tempting. I wish i am that strong to leave my career and everything behind me and start fresh. But of course a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. Sigh~ i wish things are easy...

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My DIY aqiqah invi card

Dear readers,

Unsangkarable, i berjaya menyiapkan design kad for my baby's aqiqah. Its nothing to shout about, but nonetheless..i'm proud of myself :p separuh siap, dlm and belakang tak siap lg. Its really easy and cheap to do this i tell u..

Yang bestnya, actually my hubby pun buat design dia sendiri. We argued smlm nak pakai design masing2.. So what we did was, go to the shop, buy our own material, pastu design kad sendiri. He came out with his masterpiece, oklah but more formal than mine Hehe.. We agreed pakai his kad utk jiran2 kitorg and the rest use mine :p


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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Planning for Majlis Aqiqah Mya *Update: Tarikh tukar ke 3rd July*

Dear readers,
*Updates* Tarikh aqiqah ditukar ke 3 July 2010.. sila ambil nota
Oh.. its on Mummy and Daddy's 1st wedding anniversary! Double celebration..! ;)

Hola bonita! Bonjourno ciao bella.. (Dalam Bahasa Melayu: Hello gadis cantik )
Apa yang terjadi dalam seminggu yang lepas? Selain dari drama Zionis ambush kapal konvoi ke Gaza (Allah selamatkan rakyat Palestin dan umat Islam), Lagenda Budak Setan on silver screen (Where was I back then when you guys rave about the novel?), I had my haircut and color (No drastic makeover, just trim and layer :))

And, I'm planning Mya's aqiqah and cukur jambul!

Date and place is 3 July 2010 at my parents house in Seksyen 27, Shah Alam.
10am - Marhaban dan berzanji
11am - Cukur jambul
12am - Lunch

The decoration will be done by, none other than our Puan Amy from Merisik Gallery. I dah bincang2 with her thru email with the color theme and all. Insya-Allah, the theme will be Fuchsia(shocking pink)+Black+White.
What I have in my head is a fun kind of majlis, with lots of balloons, of course in the theme colour . Fresh flowers menghiasi buai/cradle, and lots of Mya's baby pictures around the house.
Catering and khemah will be my Mom's job, as usual.. hehe.

Gift, I'm considering Puan Dell from Marryme for the cutebox.. maybe nak letak marshmellow or cookies as gift, macam Pengantin Baru kita Mimi.. It's so cute! nnt i nak contact Marshmellow tu ok Mimi..
Makeup kalau ada rezeki, nak hire Hazlie Hamzah..bukan untuk baby ye, untuk Mak nye yg over ni la, hehe. tapi itu KIV dulu :)
Here's a picture of Dynas's attending aqiqah from Make A Wish.. sungguh meriah sekali bunga2 an nya..

Ini Mya masa gi checkup, she had trouble poo poo, tp alhamdulillah, now dah OK. :)

Mya on the way balik kampung, she's so excited naik kereta, mcm2 sound effect dia keluar. hehe

Muka sedih kena ikat kat her car seat
Mya and Daddy, Mya kena milk rash kat pipi, tapi lepas sapu ubat beli kat pharmacy, dah OK.
To everyone who can make it on 3rd July, please do come ya. Let me know if you are coming.
My address:
45, Jalan Tarun 27/23, Subang Alam, Seksyen 27,40400 Shah Alam
If you want an invitation card, do leave your address in the comment box ok ppl.
Love alwahys