Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shanghai Pitstop

Dear readers,

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I was fortunate that on the way to Chicago from KL, my flight transit in Shanghai. And its an 8 hour transit.. so apalagi, I apply Chinese Visa and plan my tour in Shanghai. Fortunately again, I have a co worker in Steelcase Shanghai that is willing to be my tour guide. Ye lah, in a city where English is not widely spoken and written, I'm a bit skeptical to travel alone.

This trip is quite interesting because i got the chance to travel almost like a local. Getting around the city, we use taxi, bus, ferry and their bullet train- MagLev (stands for magnetic levitation-Sgt cool and laju okeh, best!)
Nasib baik basikal takde, kalau tak selamba dah kayuh.

It was almost winter, and was freaking cold there at that time. I was wrapped from head to toe, tak tahan sejuk! Siap berglove beria.. Shanghai is a very modern city, looking at their buildings and structures I thought that it resembles Jetsons cartoon. Especially the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Hehe

This is at Yu Yuan Garden, a famous chinese garden yang dah berusia 500 tahun. A lot of ancient trees, rocks, caves and artifacts are displayed.

And its also raining! Sanggup berbasah nak ambil gambar punya pasal.

I'm at the bridge on top of HuangHi river that separates Pudong and PuShi. Latar belakang the modern city. Tapi berkabus.. you can see the oriental pearl tv from here..

Now here's a glimpse of PuShi, a part of the city where they maintain the old buildings and artifacts, its like you are living in 2 different ages. :)

On the way back to airport, I traveled by Maglev, top speet at 431km/h. Kejap gile dah smpai airport. First time naik bullet train.. jakun sikit. huhu

But the food sangat susah nak carik yg halal. I only eat sushi and soup.. My friend Neo offered me Peking Duck, dah la lapar, kalau halal dah lama ku sebat. isy.. I wish i could stay longer in Shanghai, sempat jugak pegi shopping Mall nye. Bapak besar gile. Tapi dah lupa apa namanya.
China is so rich with history and culture, and I love to see all of them.I dream of conquering the Great Wall in Beijing, and see with my own eyes The Tera cota warriors.. tgk kat Nat Geo jer.. hmm.. tak taulah hopefully 1 day sampai jugak.

Sorryla gambar2 tak menariks.. masa tu tak reti lagi berDSLR. and byk gambar quality out!


  1. best tol!!...lm i xdrop u pages...sejak bila tukar tajuk bog ni dear?

  2. nurul teruja baca entry azie ni. best kan

  3. Hi there! salam kenal~ ;)

    Cool trip! and Congratulations for your beautiful baby!

  4. bile ni babe?xtau pun..and alone for work ke apa?beraninya..huhu
    nampak chubby sket time ni..yeke?baju tebal kot;p

  5. gila bessss... u berani bila lg nak selamba kan..nama pon bujangg.weee..tumpang seronok

  6. alena.. best kan! i kaki jln!

    harzharun..ohh.. tetibe lak terasa nak tukar jodol. hiks..

    nurul.. jom jln2, bawak si kecik skali kali ini..

    idina..thanks dear! :)

    diah..aah for work, i singgah je shanghai ni. wooo.. time tu i kurus ok! baju tu yg nmpk gemok :p

    anil.. heheh time bujang la best berjln2, pegi mana pun sronok jer kan


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