Friday, April 30, 2010

Feeding my baby

Dear readers,

The things that makes me feel like i accomplish something is when i can feed my baby and then she sleeps for hours. Feels like i fulfilled my responsibility as a mom. :)

But the first few days upon her arrival is real torture. At that time susu tak ada, only colustrom je.. And Mya was demanding to be fed every 2 hours. Kesian tgk dia cam tak puas everytime i feed her. Time tu bergegar satu rumah dia menangis..Tp i had to constantly let her suck so she can get all the nutritions even tersengguk2 mengantuk masa bf.

The first time i breastfed her was surreal..x sangka i can nurse my own baby, i mean i saw everyone else doing it and now its my turn. I can feel the connection and the love, looking at her angelic face.. I just want to protect her from the rest of the world..

About cracked nipples masa baru2 bf, Ouh, sakitnya menyucuk2..everytime she suckles it's torture to me. The trick is to put a few drops of your milk around the nipple area. That would cure the pain. Atau pun pakai nipple cream pun boleh.

In my case day 5 only, my boobs start to produce milk. I felt my boobies so engorged, sakit.. I had to pump it all out. Every 3 hours if Mya is sleeping i had to pump, bagusla bak kata org, the more you pump or bf your baby the more milk is produced. So dont give up if the first few days nothing comes out, who says bf is easy..?

I tried as much as i can to fully bf Mya, but in a day maybe sebotol dua pakai formula milk since tok mama kdg2 nak tidur dgn cucu nya.

But now Mya prefer to sleep with Mommy at night, nak bau ketiak i kot baru leh tido.. Kalau tak terkebil2 je dia. Hehe

So what's your experience in nursing your baby? Share with me!

"burp baby burp"
Every time after feeding especially with bottle, i had to burp Mya

Daddy-daughter bonding time

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  1. kite pn mase hari ke 5 baru kuar susu dgn meriahnya. teros x bg FM dah. fully BF
    until now. Alhamdulillah :)

    after pump out BM bleh masok dlm botol for Mya. xyah guna FM lansong lg bagos. betol tak? ^_^

  2. Ya Allah..geramnyee..she is so sehat...good job mummy keep on milking her :)

  3. sapek tgk mya cam tak nak lepas2 hehe... mya montel nye... comel....

  4. I jelos betul tgk leggings mya itu!! hahaha..
    teringat masa Oman kecik i pakaikan dia legging too. Patuh je anak i to. Hahaha :P

    By the way, i'm proud of you bebeh.
    Moga-moga mya dapat full exclusive breasfeeding from you. Kalau boleh xyah dah formula. :)

    Happy pumping dear!!! Hehe

  5. ur baby is the cutest ok. i geram!

  6. ala i tak beli nipple cream, its a must is challenging kan..tu la dia tp takleh nak give up, nanti mentally it will stop d production of milk betul tak?

    u standby formula milk ape eh kat umah?

  7. rambut mya lebat mcm rambut raina. azie jgn give up bf mya. try the best ok.

  8. Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

  9. Qah- baju dia byk.. Tp most of it besar2..yg ni 1 set i beli kt mothercare, mmg ngam2 dia masa ni :)

    sharena- aah now dh kurang FM- unless betul2 dia meragam x cukup, br bg.. I tgh stok kt fridge, tu yg kedekut nk pakai yg dh pump. Huhy

    dida- eh u bila nk post gmbr baby? X sabar nk tgk..

    Nuurill- haha i igt.. U geram tgk leggings tu yg pakaikn gk kt xpe kaler nmpk maskulin.. Hehe thx for the encouraging words!

    Nor- hah gitula dia blk keje.. Rindu anak katanyer..

  10. Elly.. Tq dear.. Babies are adorable!!

    Mieza.. Aah lg kerap u bf lg byk milk produce.. Thts the magic of it.. Pasal nipple cream tu standby je, tkde pun xpe... I pkai anmum until far oklah, my baby ok..

    Nurul.. Ya my geng raina si rambut lebat.. I now mmg mostly bf kdg2 je bg fm klau dia meragam teruk.. ;)

    tagskie n redgirl- tq!!

  11. hye nariko..congrte 4 da cute baby =)..
    if u dont mind la kan..u bt la entry pasal brg2 yg perlu d bw ke hospital nih..share la ckit..i nk dliver on sept..if u dun mind la ye..thanx nariko =)


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