Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tragedi dan Dugaan

Dear readers,

Sehingga ke hari ini, apa yg terjadi pada hari itu masih lagi terbayang2 dalam kepala ku dengan jelas

KM 414.9, Lebuh raya utara selatan menuju ke Ipoh, dekat2 lembah beringin.
26 Feb 2010
1815 hours

Hujan lebat selebat-lebatnya, my family on the way ke rumah Opah untuk kenduri doa selamat for baby in tummy and mummy to be. We convoyed 2 cars, I was in kereta Ayah together with my parents. Hubby couldn't make it because he had to work. He planned to join us in Opah's house the next morning. My brother Along and my sisters were in Suzuki Swift. Ayah was driving quite fast considering its raining heavily, i glanced at the meter, it shows 110km/h.

Baru je nak sandar kepala i heard Ayah screamed "EH....ALONGGG!!" .In the rear view mirror he saw the car was spinning 360 degrees a few times and just like pinball game, it hit the divider and I sempat tgk the car swerved from the fastest lane on the right to the emergency lane in a very fast speed.

YA ALLAH, memang kecut perut sgt masa tu. My first expectation was, somebody hit the car from behind and it makes it spin uncontrolably. Turns out, the car skidded sbb langgar lopak air. Miraclously, it didn't even make contact with any cars, despite the quite heavy traffic at that time. Thank God, other cars sempat mengelak atau pun brake. Otherwise things might turned out so much worse. Along didn't even hit the brake when the car skidded. He said, if he do that it would possibly make the car turned up side down or even crashed to the opposite lane.

Ayah pulled over immediately, and went to the scene. Me and mama we just prayed hard in the car for the girls and Along were okay. Entah dari mana tetiba ada mamat ni pun pull over sama, rupa2 nya dia ada tow truck. laju gile, tak sampai 10 minits after the accident. I'm not sure whether this is a hot spot for accidents since ada org dah standby situ or coincidentally he was there.

I called hubby and he immediately came to the rescue. He went straight to the Balai Polis to accompany Along make a police report. The rest of us head back to Ipoh, i saw Amy and Ika were shaking from the accident. Alhamdulillah, they all walked out without a scratch. But it was really a terrifying moment for all of us.

The aftermath, condition of the car

Looking at the crash, seems like the car was on the opposite direction when it hits the divider. kira head on to the ongoing traffic.

Org Plus Ronda pun sampai. From front the car seems fine kan. Thats why terkejut gile bila tgk kesan remukan kat belakang tu

My Office in The gardens South tower
1 March 2010
1900 hours

I was working late that day, a lot of work stuff to settle after the long holidays. My staff offered me pistachio nuts from Mekah before she went back home. Ada air zam zam and kurma sekali. She said her mother just came back from Umrah. Alhamdulillah rezeki aku. I know that nuts are good for baby inside. So I munched innocently, dekat separuh plastik tu without realizing what is the effect of it to my body.

Not long after that, masa dalam kereta with hubby suddenly i felt burning sensation all over my body. I had the urge to scratch my whole body sbb rasa sgt berbisa dan gatal. To a point I almost wanted to take off my clothes! And then I started to feel my eyelids were swollen. Tetiba rasa bengkak and my eyesight getting narrower. Memang time ni dah nangis dah ni. I was so scared, because I never had such allergies in my life before. I am one of the lucky ones who were born without any allergy to foods.

Yea, I looked something like this yesterday. But at the eye area only. Picture from Hitch movie.

Arrived at home, i took a shower hoping that it would ease of the pain. Nothing happened.. I saw my skin tetiba jadi merah pastu ada berbiji2 bengkak2. so we rushed to the nearest clinic. Menangis2 ni depan doctor, drama betul. i kept asking him about my baby, is she affected? Mmg takut sgt anything happen to the baby. He said don't worry baby is fine, I'll give you some medication and ubat sapu.

Terus balik rumah mama, mama and Ika slowly sapu ubat and massage me. The itchiness getting better after makan ubat. But pagi tadi it came back, kali ni mmg kaw2, habis satu badan bengkak. Looks like its still in my system. I pray hard that it will go away fast, i don't want to take any medication especially dah dekat2 nak deliver ni.

Hebat sungguh dugaan minggu ni. I'm getting nervous as the days getting closer, I hope no other bad things yang terjadi lepas ni. Ya-Allah, jauhilah kami sekeluarga dari segala kejadian yg tak diingini. Semoga anak ini selamat dilahirkan ke dunia. Amiin..


  1. azie, doa Allah lindungi kita semua. sedih pula saya baca bab accident tu sbb pernah kena benda yang sama. mmmg drama habis. nangis2 kat situ juga.

  2. terkejut n tumpang sedih dengan apa yg berlaku pada mak buyung.. semoga kita semua dijauhi perkara2 buruk. jgn fikir bukan2 ok walaupun susah nak elak fikiran tu merewang. harusla bertenang saat2 penghujung pregnancy ni.
    take care ok, muahh muahh..

  3. ya Allah azie ...syukur takde yg teruk berlaku ..tapi macam2 hal nak dekat2 nih ..berdoa semoga semuanya akan beransur baik2 sahaja selepas ini ... u take care mama azi ...

  4. azie doa banyak2 yeh insya Allah doa ibu mengandung dimakbulkan..i had my hard times these last few days..nanges2 jugak..tu yg blog x terupdate huhu but yeah ni sume dugaan for us..insya Allah ade hikmahnye..get well soon azie :)

  5. dear,
    doa byk2 k. insya allah everything will be fine. hope u n baby selamat.
    take a good care

  6. cik nariko..sabar yer..macam2 dugaan datang..take care.insyaallah takde pape..doa banyak2 ye..:)

  7. azie dear..how are you now? everything will be fine. ikut ckp doc ok. nnt allergic lagi.

    and the accident was scary! kalau i dlm kete tu pun gigil2 takut dh..thank god for the miracle.

  8. nariko, doa byk2 yek..insyaAllah sume akan selamat and smoga both u n baby will be protected..amin..take care..

  9. kak azi, i'm so sorry about your condition right now. hope things will get better soon. pls rest byk2 k. dulu lea pun pernah accident masa 5 months preggers. it was really traumatic. thank god everything was fine. btw, as far as i know.. nuts are not good to eat during pregnancy and if breastfeeding. sbb takut baby nanti allergic to nuts as well. not sure if this is true or not.

  10. azie dear, take care ok. rest byk byk at home. from my experience, warm bath doesnt ease the itchiness at all. avoid seafood jugak k for now.

    hows along and your sisters? sure terkejut lg tu. take care ok!

  11. aduhai, tak sangka berat dugaan u and keluarga tmpuh lately ni, erm, insyaallah, bykkan sabar dan kalau bertambah teruk sakit u tu, pegi kat specialist eyh? insyaallah, baby u ok :)

  12. azie...nasib awak tak apa2 berdebar baca entri nie

  13. Azi..be strong...Allah takkan uji umatnya melampau2..and Dia tahu takat mana kesabaran kita..okeh? The excident tu mmg tak boleh nk buat apa2..sumtimes kita dah sgt berhati2..tapi orang lain tidak...

    Bout gatal2..dont worry okeh..rasanya preggy mmg camtu..jgn stress sgt anggap jek tak de apa2..we pray for u and your baby...satu je amy nk pesan...jgn active sgt masa sekrang ni..awak tu dah nk tiba masa jek..kan?so rest..and rilex ok dear!

  14. dear..accident tu jadi kat lorong yg 3 lane tu eh, blm masuk 2 lane laie kan? situ mmg slalue ujan and kete bwk laju pun..nasibbbb tak jadi pape kat korang sume..cuak gile baca. *reminder to myself too coz i tend to drive at the right lane gak time ujan coz kete kat lane lain lembab sgt*

    pasal ur allergic tu, camne leh kena ek..issit bcoz of pregnancy, hormon jd cam ala2 tunggang langgang? coz i pun cam u gak..jenis tade alergik

  15. alhamdulillah ur family tak de pape.. and take care dear.. dah tak lama lagi dah... think positive..

  16. i penah xprien xcident camtu ms kt matrik dulu wif condition keta much worst than dat. luckily semua kt dlm keta selamat, luka sket2 je. pengajaran ayat, jgn drive laju2 esp time ujn n air btakung! bahaya! n byk2 doa for our safety n healthiness

  17. ::hope everything will be fine soon..pray for u n baby..::

  18. Azie, alhamdulillah you siblings semua OK. And i hope you cepat2 baik kay. Insya Allah, doa banyak-banyak. aamin.

  19. ya allah azie, byk sungguh dugaan dtg saat tgh sarat ni..takpe, mungkin allah duga skrg
    moga2 bila time nak melahirkan nanti, DIA permudahkan pulak..

  20. Ya Allah Azie ...
    terkejut i baca entry u kali ni ... Alhamdulillah, ur sis are all safe from the accident and in good condition ... about the car tuh, i was imagining it in my head while reading ur blog but still, tak dapat bayang mcm mana sebenarnya keadaan kereta tuh and how it hit the divider sebab sampai patah tayar and kemek teruk belakang tuh ... and plus, it didnt hit a bit on the front ... apapun, Alhamdulilah semua still sihat and selamat ...

    about the allergies, i hope u will get better and be careful lah with what u eat ... cuba tanya sesapa dlm family yg ada allergy to peanuts or any other food ... sometimes, dia still ada dlm blood systems sebab u guys r in one family ...

    gud luck eyh .. and please do take a gud care of ur self Azie ...


  21. insyaAllah semua akan selamat.doa banyak2 :) take care...

  22. meremang bulu roma baca...alhamdulillah semuanya selamat...syukur ya allah

    jadi, azi mcm mana skrg?? dah kurang gatal n bengkak2 ??

  23. wardah.. yes, sbb slalu tgk dlm berita je. now kena kt family sendiri mmg terkejut.alhamdulillah semuanye selamat

    murni..sekarang ni mmg recovery mode. saya mencuba sedaya upaya utk tak fikir bukan2 demi baby dlm perut ni. chayok

    sha.. thanks for your support, yup hopefully things will get better muah

    dida..kita harap evrything will be going smoothly after this, ini just a speedbump yg menguji tahap kesabaran dn kekuatan kita.i pray fo u too..

    ieja.. thnks for your prayers dear. means a lot!

    nad..me always berdoa budak kecik dlm ni selamat.. takpelah mummy kena macam2 ni. asalkan dia tak apa2

    Elly.. yea, langsung tak sangka bleh jadi cmni kan//? sib baik my father and brother cool je, tk panic sgt. thanks girl!

  24. zue.. alhamdulillah doc said baby is not affected, cuma mummy je,ubat2 n jabs pun not effecting the baby.dats a relief!

    lea..i learnt tat nuts are a big no no for some pregnant ladies thru the hard way. imagine something small and harmless looking food like that can do to the body.insane!

    dena.. thru.. i tot boleh la ease the itchiness. chet takdk kesan pun. actually now i kat hospital,kena warded for 1 day. doctor nk monitor my condition since the allergy still there. but all is good. i think its getting better. :)

    hanie..thanks for your words. me getting better,byk betul dapat jab ka hospital. rasanya dah dekat 4 kali today je. hope that everything getting better tomorrow.

    Nurul.. yes thank u dear! u also take care

    Amy.. aah.. ini pun doc takut if baby dah nak kuar.check contraction graph ada sikit2 mild contraction. maybe sbb condition skrg kot..
    About active tu, azie mmg susah dok diam ada je benda nk buat. hehe.. but will kurangkan. thanks for your support my dear!

    newlife.. yup kt lorong 3 lane.my bro mmg excellent driver. tp benda nk jadik kan. so perlahan2 driving masa hujan tau. we never know what will happen.
    Yang allergic tu, mmg really makes me puzzle. but probably our hormones kan..just becareful what u eat k dear!

    shoe..yes, now mmg try my best to think positive supaya emosi tak terganggu.thANKS SHOE!

    lieza..tulah dah kena br sedarkan..patut kenasaling mengingati. syukur awak semua selamat.

    sha.. thanks for your words! i appreciate:)

    nurill..ya.. tu yg sgt penting, i tak kisah condition kereta, asal org2 tersayang sume ok. thanks ya!

    sassyagel.. tht was truly a miracle kan.i imagine the worst masa pusing blkg tu. isy..
    about allergies, only my sis ada, tp dia kalau cuaca sejuk.. tak tahan. jadk mcm ni jugak la. huhu. thanks for your prayers.!

    dayu..amiinn.. harap2 apa yg u tulis tu akan jadik reality. i pray for you too! dah dekat dah kita ni.. chayok!

    hunny.. thanks for that dear!take care too

    nad.. i skrg kat hospital, kena warded.. doc na check n monitor my condition, but everythng's fine. hopefully tomorrow will be discharge

  25. jage keselamatan mummy to be neh!hehehe...
    i browsed over ur wedding preparation...
    u buat baju kat ipoh ye...
    would u like to share some info abt d tailor?
    tq in advance!

  26. Ya Allah,seram bc cie awak nih.
    nasib baik awak ok & selamat.
    azie,jg diri elok2 k.kte doa moga awak & baby sentiasa dilindungi Allah dr malapetaka.insyallah

  27. Syukur semuanya selamat..amin.. doakan u sihat & gatal2 tu ilang cepat eyh.. take care!!

  28. Azi,kecut perut gak bc ur entry kali ni psl accident tu tp sib baik sume slmt. Byk2 doakan ur safety as well as ur baby's.sbb anytime now kan bleh tiba masa nk melahirkan.oso scary gak about ur allergy to kacang2 makin menjadi tp sib baik xaffect baby.i pun sometime teragak agak mkn kekacang since some ppl say not good for baby tp so far try2 gak xde lg serious allergy prob.funny time tgh pregnant ni my allergy problem makin kurang,the change of hormon somehow improvise my allergy so in a way its good la.if tak,my sinus prob mesti dtg when mkn seafood since im allergic to it.tp sebaliknye.anyhow tc k!btw thanks for the baby romper and teether tu.i da unwrap gather sume baby gifts from my babyshower.love it!

  29. masyallah..takotnyaa... harap djaohkan dr prk2 yg x elok bila nk dkt dah ni...pulislah...ku takot jua.... ngeri erk jd saksi eccident...

  30. azi..ngeri erk eccident dpn mata...dlm keadaan awak mcm tu...uish...mntk dijauhkan..lps ni jgn travel jaouh2 k... a month to go..

  31. i rasa yang accident tu - mcm pernah dgr, dorang sengaja letak minyak kt atas jalan. then bila ada accident, cepat2 dtg nak tow. mmh tak tau la kan.
    u take care azi.


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