Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogger and Brides Gathering Promo


Hi-tea (light meals)
Games (for guys,girls,unmarried couples&married couples)
Wedding talk & discussions
Parade of wedding dresses by some famous designers(ex brides')
Wedding albums review
Booth for wedding stuff and casual stuff (wedding cards,dresses&accessories,doorgifts,mini dais,lanterns,feminine care)
Workshops and tips

Register by Friday 19th March 2010! Fee is RM25. More info please email to, our own Puan Diahlicious.

Kalau bab last minute ni mmg i champion.

Here's a promo of upcoming event happening next Saturday. Bride to bes, an event not to be missed!

I'll be there as a vendor, Insya-Allah. Will have my own booth displaying items I rent out (most of it in my blog ni ada) Also, special discount for those who booked on that day!

If you see a heavily pregnant lady, waddling around like a penguin, please say hi to her! LOL..

Looking forward to meet everyone there!


  1. nak pegi sgt, nk join u all, tapi bile check calendar, 27 tu ade wedding kat melaka, my fiance punye sepupu kawen..hope u guys buat 2 gathering plak ye

  2. nurul tak dpt join sbb ada shoting for raina di the curve. kalu tak kita boleh jumpa kan? si anil semangat suruh join tp mmg tak dpt join

  3. hi nariko, nk ty ni (takde kaitan dgn gathering :p).nnt u pilih nk bersalin kt mane?if you dont mind, bleh tak share list of hospitals with their packages?im sure ramai followers nak tau :) thanks alot

    good luck..insyallah semua akan selamat.Amin...


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