Sunday, March 28, 2010

B&B Gathering, The Zon- Behind the scene

Dear readers,

Alhamdulillah, semalam selesai la sudah event B&B Gathering. Setelah bertungkus lumus Puan Pengarah dan assistants bersama committees, boleh dikatakan the event was a blast with huge crowd. For me it was a success, objectives met and the most important thing is I'm so happy to finally meet everyone there! Well done ladies! Pas ni boleh buat post mortem to find out any flaws in our "indie wedding gathering" :)

So, saya hidangkan gambar2 behind the scenes dari lensa suami saya. Enjoy!!

Cuppies, sponsor dari yours truly. Tapi bukan la I yang bake ya. Hehe.. Ramai yang bertanya, I tempah from prettyfrosting. Jerrica- 016-3226366

Puan Diahlicious, i baru perasan your manicure. Cantik ah kaler.

Ann, makeup from Hazlie Hamzah.. as usual you looked pretty as a doll

Ini roset from my collection, for the committees, but tak sempat nk bagi kat semua. Kelam kabut. :(

The hardworking committees, last minute menggunting dan menampal. Seen here Ann, Abby and Sha Pattinson

We arrived around 12.30pm, pastu sibuk2 set up booth, thanks to hubby yang berpenat lelah angkut barang2 dari kereta pastu sibuk menghias booth. Love ya munchkin.

Our booth just opposite, Diah's. Me and my 9 month preggie belly. Ramai yang tak caya dah dekat sgt my due date but i join lagi event2 ni. I Ok je, selagi terdaya.. pas ni kena dok umah 2 bulan diam2...sure miss all the fun in the sun.

Our label, pagi tu baru siap print tampal sume, last minute ni.. huhu

Tokeh sedang last minute (lagi) touch up mana yang patut. Oh ya, for the first 40 pengunjung booth, I bagi sample of home made cookies, baked by my Sister, fresh from the oven lagi, pagi tu baru siap packing sume dalam paper bag. If you liked it can email me. :)

Sempat jugak snap2 booth yang lain.. Anil's, meriah betul. I love the decorations!

Diah's with the huge a** banner. You wouldn't miss it ;)
Amy and Atim, Mom and Dad to be... from Merisik Gallery.

Dytia and Eleena Lamat's booth. Oh, for those who asked, Eleena's the one doing my makeup during bersanding at my house. :)

The famous Asyilla. Mmg booth yg sgt strategic. The first booth you see when you walked in the room. :)
Food yang sempat di snap snap, among others, nasi goreng, Mee, chicken wings, nuggets, fruits etc

Behind the scene, Hazlie tgh makeup budak kecik
And the guests starts arriving. Busy with registration.

Kelas tarian?

The cool crowd.
Me in action, melayan tetamu yg bertandang ke booth.
With my blog readers and also fellow bloggers. So thrilled to met you guys in person!
Yay.. my first customer of the day. Aim.. she booked bunga pahar for her wedding. :)

Finally met Lea and baby Nia. I ni big fan of your baby tau. hehehe

The cute and bubbly Zaileen. :)

Awek Md Hanis, Liyana.. next time bawak je Md Hanis tu datang. hehehe

With mama to be Ayuni!

And.. i got baby MM's first presents from Anita!
And also to Dytia and Eleena too.. for the pressie. Love it!So excited dan terharu.. you gals are so sweet

Ni jiran I wynn with Sara si Aerobic instructor. Thanks for coming mengecoh2 kan booth I. hehehe.
The pelaminan nan indah, sponsor dari Rass Wedding

After everything settle, we took photos kenang2an, great to work with you gals!
Pastu, Jai the emcee announce ada surprise of the day. And they brought in a cake, rupa2 nya itu ialah cake for mommy to be, siap ada baby craddle tau. So cute! Thanks guys.. Speechless I, didn't see that one coming!
Aksi manja suap menyuap berlaku antara org kuat ni. Atim and Zam. You guys did a great job!

Sejurus sebelum kena calit ngn icing di muka. Hmmph..

Ni pengantin lama nak amek feel dok atas pelamin. Jgn mara haa..

And the doorgift. I love them, especially pen bulu2 and cookies!
Penatnya tulis entry ni, panjang berjela. Now the event dah berlalu i can concentrate on my upcoming 'labor day'. Boleh la nak push push dengan happy.
Actually the signs is already there, my last checkup last Thursday, doctor confirmed baby already engaged. Means dah tak berpusing2 dah.. dia dah turun ke bawah. She's already 3.2kg, and doctor predicted that my actual delivery date would be earlier than expected, maksudnya lagi seminggu dua ni. Kaki ku pun dah start bengkak, water rentention since 2 days ago. Tapi yang kelakarnya sebelah kaki jer. hehe
Soo, will wait for the next signs before going to the the hospital which is
* Regular and with less interval by time contraction (Needs to check contraction timing)
* Bloody discharge
* Water bag break
Mana yang datang dulu.
Will update when the time comes!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Blogger and Brides Gathering Promo


Hi-tea (light meals)
Games (for guys,girls,unmarried couples&married couples)
Wedding talk & discussions
Parade of wedding dresses by some famous designers(ex brides')
Wedding albums review
Booth for wedding stuff and casual stuff (wedding cards,dresses&accessories,doorgifts,mini dais,lanterns,feminine care)
Workshops and tips

Register by Friday 19th March 2010! Fee is RM25. More info please email to, our own Puan Diahlicious.

Kalau bab last minute ni mmg i champion.

Here's a promo of upcoming event happening next Saturday. Bride to bes, an event not to be missed!

I'll be there as a vendor, Insya-Allah. Will have my own booth displaying items I rent out (most of it in my blog ni ada) Also, special discount for those who booked on that day!

If you see a heavily pregnant lady, waddling around like a penguin, please say hi to her! LOL..

Looking forward to meet everyone there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Majlis Sosial Part 2

Dear readers,

Nak apologize to Mawar for the delayed entry and pictures. Haha.. I thought that I could post berbagai ragam masa baby shower hari tu tapi sekali belek camera, chet.. ini jer?? Nampak sangat laki aku concentrate makan ngn sembang hari tu.

About baby shower, I thought I could organize one for myself but because of time constraint and it could possibly drain me since a lot of work had to be done..maybe for next pregnancy la (Wow, sudah plan).

OK here's pictures from the baby shower i attended.

Food.. it was gooooddd.. Mawar, nasi ayam tu mmg tasty, I mmg dah lama tak makan nasi ayam, mmg bila nampak je atas meja tu, suka sekali.!

Baby Adzryll and Daddy, antara yang hadir. Met with Mummy Anita and had so much to talk about. Macam2 tips dapat. Thanks Anita!
Tuan rumah sedang cabut hadiah lucky draw.
And then last couple of weeks, I managed to basuh baju2 baby and also lampin nyer. It was so odd to see all these mini clothes hanging, really felt that my baby girl is already here with us, looking at her clothes and all. Can't believe in less than a month, I'm holding her in my arms.. after 9 months carrying her around in my belly. Emotional moments plis... huhu.. Mesti rindu dia tendang2, gerak2 and makes me geli always.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post Natal Plan- Berurut, Berpantang & Beyond

Dear readers,

Last weekend me, mama and Sapet sempat menjengah ke pusat rawatan selepas bersalin (post natal fascility) di Puchong. About berurut dan produk2 nya mmg la saya sgt in the dark. Zero knowledge.

So after listening to Kak Ida about the packages they offered, we chose 7 days package. Tukang urut akan datang ke rumah untuk menjalankan tugas. Harga RM100+ per day

*Herbal Bath for mum
*Baby Bath & Massage
*Post Natal Massage
*Tungku / Heat Therapy
*Bengkung + Tapel
*Herbal Drinks
*Body Fat Screening & Consultations

Produk yang digunakan pulak ialah TANAMERA
Lepas kaji TanaMera ni kat internet, nampak cam convincing la. Tapi hasilnya kena tunggu review I after pantang :)

This is from TanaMera website:

The set is a great post-natal treatment because:»
*Is made from plant-based natural ingredients including the oils »
*Is traditionally and scientifically formulated to help your body recover in a shorter time »
*Is easy to use. Most of the items are packed for single usage for hygiene purposes. »
*Is complete and convenient.

Feminine Herbal Wash
A combination of herbs with anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help stitches heal faster

Herbal Bath
A combination of herbs high in essential oil content to help soothe and calm the mind

Tropical Boreh scrub
A blend of herbs with warming properties and grains to help reduce melasma (localized post-partum darkening of the skin)

Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil
Frequent use of Tanamera virgin coconut oil will help mothers to maintain supple, smooth skin especially around the abdominal area.

Herbal Massage Oil
A century old formulation used in post partum massage

Re-mineralizing Facial Mist
Tone and moisturize facial skin in one simple step even on those busy days

Exotic Ylang-Ylang Body Mist
Relaxes tense muscles, calms and promotes restful sleep

Cotton Abdominal Binder (Bengkung)
The secret method to Asian post natal slimming

Firming Herbal Blend
Tone loose abdominal skin after childbirth and reduce blemishes and dark spots that may appear on the abdominal skin when it contracts

Brown Formulation Scrub Soap
A natural soap made of grains and herbs to reduce occurrence of melasma (localized postpartum darkening of the skin) even before it happens

Now I dah masuk week 35. Rasa tak larat nak bawak perut ni, mmg dah terasa berat, lagi2 baby aktif, rasa senak perut tu biasa lah.

Simptom2 lain yg mula menjelma
* Heartburn- Yang ni macam rasa pedih kat hulu hati- solution: makan kuantiti sikit, tapi kerap
*Angin- Dah mula balik, rasa cam masa mula2 pregnant dulu, asyik sendawa je, pastu makan silap je boleh muntah

Doctor nasihatkan I jangan aktif sgt, sbb baby dah ada tunjuk sign nak kuar, ada mild contraction last week. (Probably just Braxton Hicks contraction) Menakutkan.. Mommy tak ready lagi nak masuk labor room! Tapi hospital bag dah mmg siap2 sedia kat boot kereta, just in case.

Ada a few more things to do before baby arrives. Hopefully sempat la nak gi gathering yang dirancang itu. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tragedi dan Dugaan

Dear readers,

Sehingga ke hari ini, apa yg terjadi pada hari itu masih lagi terbayang2 dalam kepala ku dengan jelas

KM 414.9, Lebuh raya utara selatan menuju ke Ipoh, dekat2 lembah beringin.
26 Feb 2010
1815 hours

Hujan lebat selebat-lebatnya, my family on the way ke rumah Opah untuk kenduri doa selamat for baby in tummy and mummy to be. We convoyed 2 cars, I was in kereta Ayah together with my parents. Hubby couldn't make it because he had to work. He planned to join us in Opah's house the next morning. My brother Along and my sisters were in Suzuki Swift. Ayah was driving quite fast considering its raining heavily, i glanced at the meter, it shows 110km/h.

Baru je nak sandar kepala i heard Ayah screamed "EH....ALONGGG!!" .In the rear view mirror he saw the car was spinning 360 degrees a few times and just like pinball game, it hit the divider and I sempat tgk the car swerved from the fastest lane on the right to the emergency lane in a very fast speed.

YA ALLAH, memang kecut perut sgt masa tu. My first expectation was, somebody hit the car from behind and it makes it spin uncontrolably. Turns out, the car skidded sbb langgar lopak air. Miraclously, it didn't even make contact with any cars, despite the quite heavy traffic at that time. Thank God, other cars sempat mengelak atau pun brake. Otherwise things might turned out so much worse. Along didn't even hit the brake when the car skidded. He said, if he do that it would possibly make the car turned up side down or even crashed to the opposite lane.

Ayah pulled over immediately, and went to the scene. Me and mama we just prayed hard in the car for the girls and Along were okay. Entah dari mana tetiba ada mamat ni pun pull over sama, rupa2 nya dia ada tow truck. laju gile, tak sampai 10 minits after the accident. I'm not sure whether this is a hot spot for accidents since ada org dah standby situ or coincidentally he was there.

I called hubby and he immediately came to the rescue. He went straight to the Balai Polis to accompany Along make a police report. The rest of us head back to Ipoh, i saw Amy and Ika were shaking from the accident. Alhamdulillah, they all walked out without a scratch. But it was really a terrifying moment for all of us.

The aftermath, condition of the car

Looking at the crash, seems like the car was on the opposite direction when it hits the divider. kira head on to the ongoing traffic.

Org Plus Ronda pun sampai. From front the car seems fine kan. Thats why terkejut gile bila tgk kesan remukan kat belakang tu

My Office in The gardens South tower
1 March 2010
1900 hours

I was working late that day, a lot of work stuff to settle after the long holidays. My staff offered me pistachio nuts from Mekah before she went back home. Ada air zam zam and kurma sekali. She said her mother just came back from Umrah. Alhamdulillah rezeki aku. I know that nuts are good for baby inside. So I munched innocently, dekat separuh plastik tu without realizing what is the effect of it to my body.

Not long after that, masa dalam kereta with hubby suddenly i felt burning sensation all over my body. I had the urge to scratch my whole body sbb rasa sgt berbisa dan gatal. To a point I almost wanted to take off my clothes! And then I started to feel my eyelids were swollen. Tetiba rasa bengkak and my eyesight getting narrower. Memang time ni dah nangis dah ni. I was so scared, because I never had such allergies in my life before. I am one of the lucky ones who were born without any allergy to foods.

Yea, I looked something like this yesterday. But at the eye area only. Picture from Hitch movie.

Arrived at home, i took a shower hoping that it would ease of the pain. Nothing happened.. I saw my skin tetiba jadi merah pastu ada berbiji2 bengkak2. so we rushed to the nearest clinic. Menangis2 ni depan doctor, drama betul. i kept asking him about my baby, is she affected? Mmg takut sgt anything happen to the baby. He said don't worry baby is fine, I'll give you some medication and ubat sapu.

Terus balik rumah mama, mama and Ika slowly sapu ubat and massage me. The itchiness getting better after makan ubat. But pagi tadi it came back, kali ni mmg kaw2, habis satu badan bengkak. Looks like its still in my system. I pray hard that it will go away fast, i don't want to take any medication especially dah dekat2 nak deliver ni.

Hebat sungguh dugaan minggu ni. I'm getting nervous as the days getting closer, I hope no other bad things yang terjadi lepas ni. Ya-Allah, jauhilah kami sekeluarga dari segala kejadian yg tak diingini. Semoga anak ini selamat dilahirkan ke dunia. Amiin..