Saturday, February 6, 2010

Warehouse sale for baby stuff

Dear readers,

Just came back from warehouse sale. Cheap stuff, branded items.. Ada avent, crocs for babies, fisherprice etc.. Tp biasalah ramai org, berebut sikit.. Parking limited but cashier byk. I think its worth ur money we got 8 items for rm260 :)

Sale until tomorrow. Hurry!

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  1. Nurul.. cam biasala berebut2 tak dpt di elakkan.. tapi i got what i wanted for cheaper price, saya sgt suka! kalau u ada info warehouse sale, share le k :)

  2. alaaaa... rugi la pulak tak pergi ... tot of buying a nephew birthday pressie this coming 26th feb .. tapi melopeh la pulak ... well, theres always next year kan ?? do update more about baby's sales yah !

    p/s: how much did u get for the McLaren's two-in-one stroller ? nice sangat ... how many percent off ? i nak compare harga kat Aussie nanti ..

  3. sassyangel..i pun slalu skeptical about warehouse sale sbb takut not worth it pegi kalau brg tak best dan bersesak2.. but this one best!

    yg stroller tu actually not maclaren but vesta from mothercare. harga dia RM1290 after less tak igt brape 10-30%. maclaren tu is only the buggy organizer.. :)


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