Monday, February 8, 2010

Stroller and baby cot review

Dear readers,

I have Nadia asking me about how the 2 in 1 infant car seat/push chair and baby cot/playpen that I bought during YES works. So i decided to make a decent review of how these multi function gizmos work wonders (at least to me) :)
Before that, here are some of the items hasil sebatanku di warehouse sale tempoh hari.
I got this pair of too cute crocs for babies for my little girl. I know its too early but its just too tempting to not buy! MM dah dapat dah kasut raya dia tahun ni. Haha.. mommy ngn daddy pun takde lagi kasut crocs tau. Nyesal tak beli untuk diri sendiri hari tu. Got this for RM90

Also, barney si purple friendly dinosaur made it to the list. So plushy and it costs RM20.

Buggy organizer for the stroller. Although dah ada compartment kat bawah tu, but it won't hurt to have an extra just within reach. RM 80

This is how it looks like when the car seat is attached to the stroller. From newborn until she outgrows the seat, this is perfect for me sbb boleh nampak baby while pushing the stroller. Untuk detach the car seat is easy, just push the buttons on the side simultaneously.

Kalau takde car seat tu, it will be like a normal stroller, she can use this until dah besar panjang.

A closer look at the car seat..

Here's how to install in the car. Me and hubby dgn gigih bukak manual dan pelajari cara2 betul installation. Tak susah, cuma kena selalu practice baru jadi cekap dan pantas.

OK, here's something about the baby cot. With a simple snap of buttons its easy to attach/detach changing table yang kaler kuning tu. I've read that while most moms don't bother to have a special place for changing baby's diapers, it's actually good kalau dpt yg tinggi sikit supaya tak sakit belakang masa change diapers tu. Not necessary to have but it's totally up to you.
It also comes together with functions like night light, vibrating and soft musics (that runs on battery) to help ease the baby to sleep. Yang ni tak tau la whether berkesan ke tak. (macam tak je hehe) There is also another model yang takde function ni and its Rm100 cheaper if I'm not mistaken.

The playpen is located bawah mattress tu. If you remove the mattress, you can use this cot as a playpen. Oh, kelambu tu beli asing yer. Ada jugak jenis kelambu macam tudung saji tu. That will work fine too. The best part is this cot is mobile and can fold it boleh bawak travel balik kampung.

Yang ni my baby's bedding set. Ada cot bumper ( I dunno why i bought it, tak perlu pun, tp sbb masa tu 70% off so i just grabbed it. haha) Dimple pillow, mini bolsters and thermal blanket.
If you look closely, bawah tu is the mattress(comes together with the cot), china silk (bought by Tok Mama while she was in Beijing, the comfiest and softest fabric ever. I dah test dulu.. hehe) And also lapisan atas sekali waterproof bedsheet, in case 'accident' happens it will not ruin the silk. (I hope)

Oh stroller is from Vesta by Mothercare- Sponsored by my lovely Mom and Dad
Baby Cot from Graco- Sponsored by my Sis in Law and Mom in law
Thanks bunches!! I love them to bits

So there you are my review yg tak seberapa. Hopefully can help the parents-to-be to make their choice before buying. If you don't like it, there's always other options to choose. So choose wisely.



  1. hihih..dah siap pasang and set out everything dah ehh..hehe..mine is still in the store room..and haiyo..need to get all the baju/booties/cloth diapers/blankets/bedsheets/etc washed before i set them up! malas nak set awal2 nnt berhabuk which means i'll have to wash them all over again..sigh..

    maternity bag dah prepare?this is always my problem..i dunno what to pack for the hospital!

  2. uh-oh..i'm prolly getting a different changing table from ikea. i have the same one as yours that came together with the cot. but my mom dah's too low for her (and me too actually).nnt dia sakit pinggang!unless i want the baby to be changed on the dining table!hehehe!

    ikea punya baby changing table is about rm137 or rm324(kot!forgive my forgetfulness!)..ada 2 it can be used as a shelving unit after so i think its a practical buy.

  3. Azi : stroller tu RM brp?? agak2 ada harga sebiji motor tak?? hehe
    dah jatuh hati la.....ishh xbole jadi ni-nak kena start menabung nihh...

    barney tu mmg wajib, kalau ada lagu, baby lagi nephew dgr je lagu barney..mula la goyang2 kepala...mmg comel..:)

    info yg bgus..t kasihh..!!

  4. azie, i went to the warehse sale on friday..ingat nak buy the FP rocker tapi baru kol 11.30am dah abes. dat was on the 1st day itself huhu.

  5. dear, i tetibe excited nak baby cepat! hahaha

    anyway, dh dpt ur gift! thanks..pas ni harus isi body sampoo bnyk2,...hehehe

  6. Gee..thanks hun. Really informative. Now that you've mention where they're from I can start eyeing one ;)

  7. sha.. itu dah dekat2 nnt semua kena basuh.. hehe.. nasib baik bibik ada. :p kena set 1 day to do all the washing stuff. maternity bag aku beli siap2 mothercare nye time dia sale, tapi macam nak pack lagi byk brg je. huhu.. jgn sampai jd beg pulang bermalam dah. Kena prepare checklist, kalo ko ada share le ngn aku. Yg changing table tu bagus gak, kalau ada drawers sume leh letak barang2 baby terus kan? aku masalahnye space takder. so redha je la pakai yg attach/detach to cot tuh.

    nad.. harga nyer RM1290 after discount. ada 2 kaler one more is yellow. happy hunting dear! tunggu sale lagi, midyear ni..
    Barney tu i tgk cam comel je, hopefully my baby will like it. kalau dia tak suka, mak dia suka. haha

    Dida.. yes.. i pun perasan ramai org pegang tu masa i br smpai, carik2 tgk dah habes. chet.. yg toys lain yg i suka yg cam soft book tu. tp tak beli pun, nxt time la kalau ada sale lagik :)

    alena.. hehe.. shopping for baby stuff mmg best, kita yg over. lagi2 first baby.. u plan la ngn hubby, dpt cepat pun best!

    Nadia.. OK.. glad i could help.. kalau u dpt yg lagi best let me know, mana tau time u survey dah kuar yg latest ker.

  8. u know baru semalam i notice that graco baby cot tu pastu mcm tertarik la plak..lagi baby frenly daripada kayu punya baby cot..pastu skang tgh contemplating whether nak still proceed suh my colleague usya or we buy ourselves graco punya baby cot tu..lagi murah kan huhu.

  9. azie, just wanted to give my opinion as well..hehe sibuk sikit, i'm not a mum yes, but alhamdulillah I've been a full time nanny for 2 years now to my 2 nephews...

    I've used a few strollers and yes, i agree yg baby chair + strollers is the easiest, save money..esp +car seat yg got padding that can take my experience i find pegperego light the best to use, because its ringan and the menuverity is very good, and very easy to fold..but i can only compare with bugaboo...bugaboo mahal je lebih, but its very bulky and susah nak move around...

    oh the best stroller is the ones yg boleh lie flat, because trust me it makes mums life easier if the anak can sleep comfortably in there...

    as for baby cot, i love play pan instead of wooden baby cot esp the ones with the baby changing place + belt as well...tapi play pan cot as a cot tak tahan lama, once the baby can stand then you have to take out the mattress already so it becomes a real play pan, after that somehow, it was easier for me to use the wooden cot...sbb wooden cot can adjust 3 different height

    The changing place on the play pan is the best, its lower comparing to the changing table, but its safer and it comes with a belt, so its safe for the anak and kalau terlupa belt they fall in the playpan..because once they start turning changing babies can be rather challenging to change, esp the boys..

  10. wahhh..sangat comel kasut crocs tu..tak sabar nak tengok baby girl azie pakai..
    Azie..according to my experience pack maternity bag, Mira suggest benda2 penting yang mesti bawak dan pasti akan gune:
    Untuk Mommy:
    1)Kain Batik - Kalo boleh bwk extra
    2)Maternity Pad - Bawak jer satu pack yang ade 10 or lebih tu
    3)Breast pad.
    5)Socks Tebal
    7)Baju butang depan (senang nak breastfeed lepas tukar baju hospital)

    Untuk Baby:
    Selalu lepas bersalin baby pakai baju hospital sampai la nak discharge from hospital baru la tukar ngan baju yang kita bwak (my experience bersalin dekat pusrawi). So Azie bwk la baju baby dalam 2 persalinan (Baju, Blanket, Pampers 2-3 keping, Mittens & Booties).

    Rase nyer tu jer kot..Kalau rase perlu bwk magazine sementare nak tunggu contraction datang tu boleh bace..hehe

  11. Suka tgk pics brg2 baby u da hv ready for ur baby's arrival ;) esp the playpen! Tc nariko, keep us updated!brg2 me n mr m beli for baby still kept in storeroom, after test display hari tu kena simpan dulu takut berhabuk ;)

  12. PS:bleh email me ur email add? Jmpt dtg to my baby shower on 21st feb ni, will email you the invitation card :-)

  13. waaa..jeles ni...byk gile dah preparation..terujanyaaa

  14. newlife..yes, i prefer yg ada playpen tu. but some ppl suka yg wooden sbb more sturdy and tahan lama kan.. either way, i think i'll go for wooden tu bila baby dah besar sikit.. :)

    sab.. thanks for all your tips.. love it! at least i get the picture when the baby arrives. wah,, u dah expert ni, about time u have your own bundle of joy! can't wait for that to happen.. :) oh btw all the best for your wedding this saturday

    rosey.. i baru je basuh2 baju baby - part 1. ehhe.. still ada 2nd round dah dekat2 nnt. but its so cute to see all these mini clothes hanging kat jemuran.. makes me feel tak sabar for my lil one to arrive!

    anil.. i prepare sikit demi sikit je.. beli secara schedule. hahah.. baru la tak terasa duit mengalir sekali gus. ;)

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