Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review: Apps in Iphone

Dear readers,

First off, congrats to Sabby, WLT and Amy for their weddings, selamat datang ke dunia baru sebagai isteri. Moga kita semua menjadi sang isteri yang disayangi suami dan dirahmati Allah selalu. God bless your marriage! Great time catching up with other bloggers during Sabby's wed. Great walimah. Love all the fresh flowers! As usual semuanya pun gojas belaka :)

Today, berkesempatan attend baby shower yang diorganize oleh Mawar. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya ketemu juga setelah asyik singgah blog je kan. Thanks! Gambar for this week will be uploaded later in a new entry.

Terasa nak buat review Apps yg berguna untuk didownload ke Iphone. (Berguna ke? Not all, some are just for my entertainment purpose.. hehe)

Here are some of the Apps that i simply love

Most of them I install from App Store, some from Rock.. all of them are free tho :)

Words With Friends

This game is officially my hubby's and my favourite. Before tidur mesti stay up main.. its similar to scrabble, good for me as it stimulates my brain and vocab (good for baby inside too, hope she can learn something from mommy! :p) but usually our opponents are from US. So, if you dowloaded this app, please play with me! my username aziriahhazrin. :)

AlQuran v2

Very2 convenient for me and baby inside. Usually before tido I will let baby listen to surah2 sambil i fahamkan translation every sentence. You can choose which surah to download from all 30 juzuk.

Preggers Factoidz

This app is just facts about pregnancy, nothing much but it's all good to know!

Valet hero

Another game I downloaded. My hubby's fav, selalu berebut nak main. You'll need to guide the coloured cars to their parking spot, colour coded. So susah ok.. especially when the interruptions like train, policecar etc is there. Ini memang hand and eye coordination game. Makes you stay alert (and occasional scream tu biasa lah hehe)


To check balance, online transfers and where is the nearest CIMB ATM around you. Hope they will add pay bills menu soon!

Titanic Rescue

This is hand and eye coordination game juga. Need to focus to put the passengers in the boat with same colours. But their voices are funny, tp bila main lama2 rasa cam annoying. Still, its one of my fav.

Rock Band

Same like guitar hero or rock band, but the free version in Iphone only has 1 song. Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters. You can choose whether to play the guitar, bass, vocal or drums and with 3 difficulties. I suka main drums senang sikit. Yang lain2 habis hancur.. hehe

There's a lot of other apps in Iphone, I'm now searching for Baby's.. like Flashcards or Letter Board untuk si kecik ni.

If you have any more interesting Apps I can download, please share with me!


  1. oh I've iquran but it doesn't hv sound.. urs is better.. dloaded it already hihi..tq!! try 1malaysia for live traffic view, camera plus- u can zoom the view when capturing & camera flash for d brighter view of darker pic, love it to d max.. as dun matter how dark it is especially behind d light u can edit it with very easy button heh

  2. hie nariko...we met at sabby's wedding. just dropping by & saying hi 2u :)

  3. hi nariko kalu nak kongsi pengalamn awk leh baca entry nurul yg lepas2. selama nie suka baca blog awk tp jarang komen sbb segan :P

  4. hi nariko, boleh tak i link u?tks :)

  5. heee suke valet hero tu jgk!!
    mmg boleh melalaikan tak buat keje lainkaau da ngadap game tu :D

  6. Hi Nariko :) thanks for coming to my baby shower.Mmg happy and glad dpt meet you in real life for the first time ;) i baru buat entry of my baby shower with the photos taken tapi biasa2 je al maklum using digital camera biasa.looking forward to see yg taken from u!sure cantik!

  7. waahh...inilah kehebatan iphone... saya pon nk cari lah utk bb... ade ke.. kena cuba carik..

    tp alquran dan terjemahan tu mmg best. mahu jgk

  8. Hai azie. firstly this isn't really a comment. just thought of sharing some stuffs with you. diz evening i went to Anakku in SACC mall @ Shah Alam. some of their stuffs were very attractive and I was so tempted to buy them there and then! But the salesgirl adviced me to wait for tomorrow since they're going to hold a sale (26th Feb till 31st March).

    You can find playpens that doubles as changing table and bed which comes with those vibrator and soft music feature, strollers with new-born car seats and others. yes, they're somewhat like what you've demonstrated to us. price wise, i'm not sure whether they're cheaper or not compared to other places, since i've never surveyed before. but what i can say is, most of them are comparatively lower than the ones you displayed. but then again, i'm sure the price is related to the brands, which i'm lacked of knowledge about :) anyways, i think you might want to check it out, so you can compare the prices (for us, your dear readers! ;p). plus i remember u asked me to share if i found out about lower prices stuffs. so here i am :)

  9. zue.. yup..I suka because ada translation tu kan, boleh blajar arab sikit2.. hihih.. yg app 1Malaysia tuh pun best, i dah download. Very useful! thanks for recommending!

    Wawa.. Hi dear! Nice meeting you the other day. Keep in touch ya.!

    Hunny.. for sure.. thanks for dropping by!

    Hanie.. tau takper. boleh ngadap tu and stay up satu mlm tau. sbb nak pecah rekod, lg2 yg lovers lane tu mmg challenging giler kan

    Lieza.. Suh la cik abg tu buat hantaran. ahaks

    Rosey.. thanks for inviting us! I had a great time catching up with all of u. Byk dpt share kan? I will post the pics later!

    Nurul.. ler nape segan. hehe i suka je baca experience u n org lain, very informative for me!

    Anil.. I pun baru je figure out all this Apps. Hasil kajian melalui internet.. hehe BB pun ada i think. Harus carik!

    Nadia.. Ouh.. i've been to that place. Didn't know that ada sale coming! wah thnks for the info. Yes they sell cheaper stuff with their brand and other brands, tapi baju baby nyer design not that interesting for me.. I tak tgk sangat yg lain2.. I nmpk ada Spectra breast pump the price pun quite cheap compared to other place. I bought baby clothes detergent and also cotton wools, all those tiny stuff yg belum beli lagi. Biasalah kalau masuk baby store sure kena beli something skrg ni. ada2 je la. hehe


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