Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glass balls and lanterns for rent

Dear readers,

I have these hanging decos up for rent.

You can put small candles inside to get shimmery colours from the glass balls. (Lantern also can put candle inside)

You can use it for hiasan pelamin, hiasan tangga ataupun hiasan bilik pengantin. As for my wedding last time, I used it in my garden, together with the hanging orchids, and also put it along the stairways. Play with your creativity!

A= 3 pieces

B= 3 pieces

C= 6 pieces

D= 19 pieces

Email me for price..
Please include when and where is your kenduri. Thanks :)


  1. Nariko,
    Can i rent all of em?my wedding will be sumwer in PJ on the...shooott!!im married!!dangggg

  2. bilalah saya nk buat mcm awak jgk...sob.

  3. diah babe, bila nak jumpa ni? kalau i buat baby shower, can u come?

    anil babe, boleh je if u want, u pun byk followers and ppl admiring your work. go for it, i say!

  4. can you send me the renting price? also the pomander balls.

  5. hyee.. need the price for all ur lattern and pomander rental?? tqvm..

  6. hi sha.. i cudnt email u la. seems like your email not valid..

  7. so sorry.. prob with my mail.. u try this email.. .thx!!!

  8. hai..
    can u send me the price for A, B and c

  9. heyya nariko... da lama follow ur blog nie.. and thanks for following me in twitter! hehe.. tetiber rase nak bukak balik tgk ur blog.. n found dis! are items A,B,C available for rent? email me ya ->


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