Monday, February 15, 2010

Azieria and Emilia- SOS slot @ mix fm

Dear readers,

Early this month, my lil sister Amy decided to get me involved in her obsession with mix fm SOS. She listened to the slot every morning while I'm still fast asleep.

That morning around 8, I got a call from their producer, asking me to freshen up and will call me later for the real recording. Jadik sempat la mak buyung ni gosok gigi basuh muka sementara menunggu the 2nd call.. hehe

Here's the podcast of the song they created just by mixing up all the details Amy had sent them earlier by email. They're quite good, making me giggle the whole conversation with their spontaneous words. Check out the song, by clicking picture below.. xoxo


  1. Wow cool! Must have been very thrilled for Nariko, so sweetla ur sis ;) i da lama x active with mixfm games and competition but mmg seronok participating in their competitions etc :)

  2. hohohoho... sangat best! how sweet is amy to do this for her sister! :-)

  3. azie, u have a cute voice! tp mmg sweet la ur sis.

  4. rosey, hehe.. i ni case kena gotcha.. haha nasib baik bukan prank.

    hajar.. itu la pasal, nasib baik ada podcast ni kan, leh save and simpan :)

    dida.. that's my get-out-of-bed voice. cuba mengontrol suara sebaik mungkin. hehe

  5. lalalalala~~~lovers lane,marathon


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