Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review Antenatal Class- KPJ Shah Alam

Dear readers,

Last Sat, we have successfully attended antenatal class held at KPJ. Dengan gigihnya kami berdua bangun awal di hari Sabtu since class starts at 9am. (Kantoi selalu bgn lambat time weekend, hhaha)

A day before that a very friendly nurse/staff called me to remind about the class. Also to remind I haven't make any payment to book the class. Hah.. yg ni makcik tak tau, igtkan bayar on the spot. Tkpelah, she said dtg awal sikit esok Tingkat 4, education dpmt.

Carik parking tak susah, tp jauh sikit la, since yg depan pintu dah penuh. Rupa2 nya KPJ ada plan nk buat renovation nak besarkan hospital. Jadik in a few months time akan ada face lift. Yang bestnya I dapat buggy ride from parking to the entrance, agaknya kesian tgk ibu mengandung kena menapak jauh. (Takdela jauh mana sebenarnya) but still, i took that ride. Good effort nak menyenangkan patient :)

First module starts with Introduction by Puan Faridah, followed by Care during pregnancy. Not much new information for me because I've read about this, but good to refresh my memory. Then we had break, they served us with Milo and kuih muih. Oh..Milo is really my fav right now. I can't live a day without 2 cups of Milo at least.

Mind you its really cold in the room, seb baik nurse dah awal2 warning bawak sweater.

Next is Pain relief during labour. Oh,this one I am really looking forward to, just to know what are my options. Pn Suraya the anaesthetist gave the talk, very pleasant woman :)

So what they offer is this (yang i igt lah)

*Pethidine or Meptazinol (types of drug injected into your body every 2 -4 hours)

*Laughing gas (inhale Nitrous Oxide)

*Epidural (Must be injected at your spine bone before 4cm dilation)

Well, my first choice would be natural birth without any drug aid. The laughing gas maybe nak sikit. hehe..The Anaesthetist said you should know your body well. I know my pain tolerance level is quite high but of course it would not be the same as labour pain. But, I will try my best because i want to feel as natural as it can get giving birth to my baby. Kalau tak tahan sgt, i will opt for epidural. But epidural is best given before 4cm dilation because after that the contraction starts getting more often that it is hard for anaesthetist to aim the needle.

Help me God, may I can get through the labor without much complication. Amiin.

Ready for epidural

And then Puan Faridah conducted the breastfeeding class. In KPJ they fully support breastfeeding. I learned how is the correct technique to latch, how to massage breast for milk production etc.

The important thing i learnt was sometimes your body still does not produce milk for up to 3 days after you gave birth. But its essential to make sure your baby is breastfed during the first 3 hours lepas bersalin tu. That is when the colostrum (susu awal ibu) is produced. Sgt2 penting untuk antibody baby to prepare her for her first journey outside of the womb.

I read somewhere that our body start producing colostrum when you reach 6th months of pregnancy. With correct massage technique, you can actually see it. True enough, balik2 je dari class i tried, and i can see the sticky and thick fluid came out of the nipple, takdelah byk just a few drops.. Perasaan agak touchy feely knowing that my body has started preparing for arrival of my baby. Berair gak mataku.

Sang bapa-to-be mencuba breastfeed with fake tits and fake baby. hehe

Oh, if you are planning to breastfeed, don't forget to buy the C shape pillow. Very useful to avoid backache and also for baby and mommy's comfort. :)

And then we had our lunch break. Lunch ialah lauk kari ayam, sayur kobis ngn ikan masak merah. Standard lah kan, hospital food. Tapi entah kenapa, licin je pinggan ku, mungkin kerana kelaparan dan kesejukan.

Next is process of labour. One of the panel doctor, Doctor Yin gave out the talk. Very exciting and byk information. Yang paling penting yang ku pelajari.. for first time mothers the usual rate for dilation (bukaan servik)

1cm= 1 hour

For full dilation of 10 cm means 10 jam la? What? That long..? But doctor Yin said, it depends on the baby's condition whether mommy needs to be induced (masuk air) so that the process is quicker.

And there is 3 stages of labour

*Dilation of cervic from 1cm- 10 cm (cuba amik pembaris pastu tgk size 10 cm.. takutnyeeee)
*Baby delivery
*Placcenta (uri) delivery

Pastu doctor akan jahit, which is called episiotomy.. OK for my information lagi, the most painful ordeal is contraction, this happens in the first stage of labour. The pain is very overwhelming, this is when women screaming for epidural even when they're not planning for it. Uhhh... *seram*

Ada jugak dia tunjuk slide show with very visual graphic during labour. The girl sits next to me even cried silently, either terharu dengan proses childbirth ataupun seriau nak melaluinya. Baby MM inside my tummy masa slot ni mmg tak dok diam, agaknya dia pun nervous time ni. Baby, don't worry.. we'll make it together ok, mommy will be there for you.. mommy promise.

Then, there is exercise during pregnancy, how to get up from bed/go to bed without straining the back. Tgk gambar je lah.. nak explain pjg2 dah malas, entry ni pun dah berjela2.

I'm a bit dissapointed they didn't go in detail about breathing techniques. I think that is very important. Hmm... maybe I can just read in the internet ataupun suh kwn2 yg experience ajar. :)

And then before we go back, Pn Faridah taught us how to bathe a baby, dan juga how to massage baby. They even give a DVD about baby massage. Its really helpful to calm the baby, make her at ease, senang tidor, buang angin.. and overall make her a happy baby.

This is puan faridah demo on how to bathe baby

I didn't cover about diet in pregnancy and care for newborn slots. Nanti lah kalau rajin boleh buat satu lagi entry.

Lastly, we did a tour of the labour room and also ward before we go back at 7pm.

I met a few mom to be's, sempat sembang2.. ada yg dah 9 bulan pregnant, tunggu masa je.. Interesting to share their experience..

Overall i think the class was conducted well.. I can't do a comparison since this is my first time attending such class. But if you want in details, boleh je email me, I'll be happy to share.

Till then, ciao..


  1. oooo..epidural procedure sgt scary!!i hope i don't have to resort to that. I didn't with the first pregnancy.they just gave me morphine or sthing like that. masa tu i was 7cm the OT. But i threw up!hahahaha!!tgh sakit2 contraction (every 3minutes or less i think..)tetibe rasa nak muntah..:)

    But my dilation was pretty fast. From 1cm to 3cm lama la.almost overnight. but bila masuk 3cm, they broke my waterbag and then i jumped to 7cm within an hour then terus 10cm dlm half hour or so. was pretty fast.contractions 3cm and above yang sakit sangat..after that..pain was to intense to even remember anything. i didn't ask for epidural but i wanted to be cut opened!hahaha!

    I think the air selusuh I took helped my dilation to be very quick..wallahualam..apart from the breathing exercise, maybe that will help.the worst is waiting to be fully dilated. to'll be in another world (maybe this is what ppl meant with sakit tak ingat dunia!haha!)that you won't really remember after the whole ordeal.the contraction boleh menduga iman jugak la.

    hahah!i don't mean to scare you with all this but hey..ingat mcm ni jela.i went through it and alhamdulillah ok.and i am going to do it AGAIN SOON!hahahaha!so it must not be that bad kan??hahah!

    we need to meet up soon la wey!dari mule preggers sampai sekarang tak jumpe2...hahaha!

  2. seronoknya dpt belajar perkara2 diatas tu, pengalaman yg tidak akan dpt dilupekan...

  3. Breathing techniques very very important, I was stucked in the jam, 20 cents coins dilated, with the contraction come and go... Gosh my hubby memainkan peranan yg sangat baik reminded me about those techniques. So, cuba2 la check from internet, your hubby must know also. :)
    Nanti kalau kita jumpa i try to recall how and show u k. hehe. Ntah2 Armi lagi ingat. hehe.

    Well, different preggers difference experience. I was fully dilated and successfully delivered Oman in 4 hours time. Dun worry about it honey. Relax, breath and Insya Allah, everything will be smooth.
    Aamin :)

  4. Azie, i dunno if u remember tapi i penah nak sewa ur bunga pahar tapi clash ngan someone's date on August 2009 lepas huhu anyway bleh tak u share fees kat smc bape? i plan nak gi sane je 4 antenatal class.

  5. yay dah pegi antenatal class. :)

    teringat masa i dulu. full of anxiety & excitement waiting for the baby to pop. insyaAllah, everything will go well for u.

  6. Sha.. aku pun dgr mcm2 ceghita pasal epidural. Tp most women kalau tak nak rasa kesakitan bersalin ni awal2 lagi mintak epidural kan. hehe.. Wah dilation ko laju giler, maybe sebab air selusuh tu kot, byk gk org advise aku minum tu.. lagi satu air akar siti fatimah. Insya-Allah dipermudahkan urusan. Wey.. mmg kena jumpa la kita ni. dok sembang dlm ni ja. haha.. aku nk laga2 perut ngn ko

    zahra.. yes.. itu sume persediaan sebelum mengalami sendiri proses2 tu. At least i ada ilmu skit2 i rasa lega la.. sikit je. hihi

    nuurill.. saya setuju dgn kepentingan breathing teknik! hari tu masa minum2 ngn armi ada gak dia citer pasal u masa bersalin kan oman.. cam tak caya dah dekat sethn kan berlalu.

    dida.. owh.. i think i remember u alright :) fees dia RM80 for couple. Include meals 3 times and goodie bag. Class from 9am to 6pm.. :)

  7. Azi, Armi citer x yang sepanjang he drove me to DSH, dia bukak radio channel tamil? i x tau dia mimpi apa or dapat petua dari sapa. Tapi dia kata mungkin boleh buat i gelak dan hilang sakit. I memang gelak tapi sakit x ilang pon!!! Hahahhaa

  8. lea.. thanks for the words of encouragement. Tak sabar rasanyer nk tgk and pegang my lil bundle of joy!

    nuurill.. takde la pulak dia citer tu. hahhaha! dia pun nervous la tu, smpai tertekan chanel tamil.. that's funny!

  9. uih sempat amik gambar tu pn faridah and all heheh..tu la yg masa exercising part tu mcm rasa singkat sgt kan...should concentrate more ye tak? tp overall d antenatal class kat KPJ was informative kan..lelebih laie dgn mulut pn faridah tu hehe..

  10. Hi Nariko,this is very informative.Helps me to remember sebaiknye register for antenatal class with my hub.just tak survey lagi di mana nak attend.keep us posted..
    (baca2 what you learned from the class mmg ada part scary ie preparing for labour).But tough women have got to go through it kan.Thats why anak2 kena sentiasa bersyukur dengan pengorbanan ibu2 mereka :)

  11. sukanye bc entry nie..dah kena prepare eventho x pregnant lg.. heee.. :) take care nariko!

  12. Thank you very much for sharing. I tak register pon for antenatal class. I just ask around experienced mommies. So this info helps!

    I plan to take epidural. I pon high pain tolerence, tapi ntah, I just feel that I should. I doubt it totally takes the pain away, but I believe it'll help kurangkan sakit contractions tu. Which would be good in my opinion for me to save my energy time nak push, I pon kecik orangnya, so I would need all the strength! Less than a month away for me. Yikes!

  13. Puan Azi, bukan TER tekan yer. dia mmg sengaja. Hahahah

  14. newlife.. Yes.. Hubby i je yg sibuk2 amik gmbar, org lain concentrate je class.. Hahha.. Informative but yet too much info to absorb in a day.. Seb baik dia bg handout. Hihi

    Rosey.. Uhuh.. Good to be prepared kan, at least boleh terbayang2 situasi di labour room nnt. Nnt u dah gi u share jugak la wht u learned k :)

    Hanim.. Hehe.. Proses conceiving is fun. :p pastu dah cnfirm preggie lg la excited kan.. Wish u good luck with that!

    Anna.. Its good you plan that..:) I pun maybe nk amik epi if the pain is really unbearable. Wah less than a month!! Means anytime now.. Byk2 kn minum air selusuh and air siti fatimah k.. As advised by others :)

    Nuurill.. Wahhhaha.. Mmg kartun betul armi ni.. Hehh

  15. bestnye pi class yg leh faham. aku ni dulu pegi tapi satu haram pun tak paham. nasib baik en suami sgt excited nk terangkan balik apa yg diajar..
    btw nanti bersalin kat situ ke. best jek spital tu. mahal tak.

  16. nuurill..i think our husbands should share their experiences time kita nak go into labor jugak kan?it could help them to help us!hahah!

    one thing i remember suami said and nasihat to his friends yang daddy-to-be..bila wife nak bersalin tu, jgn concerntrate on the smell of the blood.boleh bikin mau muntah/pengsan.

    kita mmg tak tak pedulik dah darah ke hape ke..yang tau "Get the baby OUT!!!"hahaha! tapi kalau suami pengsan time kita tgh nak push tu..tak ke haru?hahaha!

    that's a tip for sapet, cik azie..

  17. murni.. takpelah ko ada translator bayeekkk punya. hehe aah.. nnt bersalin kat situ, hospital biasa jer tp looks comfortable, ada 5 labour room. harga dia aku rasa on the average side, not too expensive.. aik.. dah plan no 3 ker? :P

    sha.. good advise! aku lak cam tak konfiden je sapet bleh go thru sama2 ngn aku, since dia takut darah. tp dia kata nak try la.. kalau dia pass out dlm labour room, siap aaa.. aku ngamuk. haha

  18. i also went to my first antenatal class last 2 Putra MC..FOC hehe saje2 follow my fren..but nxt month ader lg satu yg mmg i register kt prince court..i rase info yg dorg share kt PMC ok laa..cume xder laa cover detail, since start kol 2 smpi 5 je its FOC kan..die ader ajar jugak psl breathing technique and all..cume bab2 massage baby n babycare tu xder laa..really looking fwd for d next class..hehe..btw, my baby pon sgt x duduk diam mase gi class tu..excited and tahu kot org citer psl nk deliver die..heheh..take care :)

  19. yup, breathing techniques tu bagi saya pun sgt penting untuk kita tahu kan. at least tau cara2 yang betul. haven't register mana2 class antenatal yet. tapi rasa nak pergi. cuma tak tau lagi kat mana. thanx for sharing the info nariko.


  20. alahai, i yg sayu bace entri ni! pasni kalau dah ade rezki i, nak kutip info byk2 dari u yer azie hehe :)

  21. alahai, i yg sayu bace entri ni! pasni kalau dah ade rezki i, nak kutip info byk2 dari u yer azie hehe :)

  22. zue.. putra MC tu kat mana beb? i pun terasa nak amek another class untuk breathing technique saje,, itu pun kalau ada masa la. hehe

    wardah.. u're wc.. :) i heard kat pantai is free.. maybe u can check them out.

    hanie.. awww.. i'll be happy to share all the info. kalau dah ada apa2, let me know k.. i nk tumpang excited hehe

  23. putra medical centre kt rahman putra, sg buloh :)

  24. Ouh...pasni I nak langgan all ur entri secara langsong..hahahaha...sgt excited sampai baca mcm mengeja..x nk trtggl satu pon..

    I'm so excited nk pg klas bilakah...ready sgt to be a mommy..but bilakah juga..hahhaha..

    Azie..air selusuh n siti fatimah tu apakah kebaikan2nya..mahu tahu..

  25. zue.. ok thnks for that info!

    anil.. ahhaha.. i takde la expert mana, just kongsi experience, insya-Allah kalau beneficial to you, i'm happy enough.
    I pun menunggu bila seru u nk smpai. i nk excited2 gak.. tak sabar!
    air selusuh and akar siti fatimah tu org tua2 kata senangkan bersalin, maybe tlg proses dilation tu bg laju2. I skrg ada akar siti fatimah tu kwn i bg, just rendam dlm air pastu minum. next time nk minum rendam lagi.

  26. Thanks for the good write out dear.I was just browsing thru to see if my name is on line as I was told that my guest have written alot on me. Finally I found it.

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