Friday, January 15, 2010

Maternity ward kat Saudi yang super lavish

Dear readers,

I got this email from Zairul a while back, with pictures of maternity ward kat Saudi. Tak tau la kalau hospital yg provide all this or the family make an effort to decorate the room. Either way, looking at these pictures really get me all excited.

Takdelah nak mengharap hospital ward nnt jd camni kan. Tipu.. berangan ada la sikit. hehe. But anyways, the decorations are good for those who are planning to do baby shower or birthday. *wink*

Mata ku bersinar-sinar tgk bende2 pink.

The botol susu container looks fun.. what's in there? candy for mommy?

Love the hanging mini baby clothes!

More candies, i always heart personalized stuff

Baloons at the entrance

Treats for guests. Saya nmpak cupcakes!

Ruang menunggu agaknyer ni.

Out of topic sikit..I never been to Prince Court, but i heard its mighty expensive to deliver there. Wonder what's the experience like staying in a 5 star hospital?


  1. Umang aiiii..
    Ni ward ke? I rasa harga 1 ward ni semalam cost you mcm sewa rumah sebulan. hehe.

    Owh.. i have a friend who delivered her baby boy at Prince Court. Masa tu PC baru sangat open. So, masa melawat her, i x perasan sgt lagi kelevishannya. hehe. Cuma, once you stepped in the lobby, pergh..mmg macam hotel. I terkonpius jap. :). There you don't have to worry about securing 1 bedded room like at any other Specialist. Cause semua bilik 1 katil je. About the price, erm..nanti i check ngan my friend k. :)

  2. wow bestnya maternity ward tu! everything in pink for baby girl. so cute! :)

    hmmm tu la. org2 yg keja petronas would be really lucky cos bole deliver for free at prince court. and their wives too!

  3. cik nariko, sooo cantek maternity ward tue, heheheh, nak beranak pon rasa sgt cosy and lavish dgn deco2 mcm nie,pinkish, i like! hehe

  4. nuurill.. tu lah! nmpk so cosy and pleasant.. about PC tu I heard rumours jer. Kalau ada kwn2 petronas yg deliver sana boleh la menjenguk.Nk amek kat sana den tak mampu.. Cam best kan?

    Lea.. Yup! I love pink.. rasa tenang je kan. :)

    Ms Abby.. Agak2 nyer kalau kita deco sendiri maternity ward kita diorg kasi tak? hehehe

  5. nariko, agak-agak govt hospital bagi tak saya buat macam ni. barulah rasa tenang nak bersalin tanpa pressure gitu. haha.

  6. hahahha kalau mcm ni la azi...tengah nak meneran tu amy leh ketawa kesukaan okehh..wakkaka giler bestt...tak balik rumah pun tak pelahh ward lagi cantik kot!

  7. Wahhh chomelnye, bleh bg idea gak for baby shower deco kn? I rasa if private warm yg 1 bedded shouldn't b a problem kan nak hias2 sikit make preg mum feel at ease nk deliver n nurse baby lps tu? Hehe..

  8. cantiknya hospital ni! mesti rasa taknak discharge hehe.

    btw i pernah kena warded kat Prince Court for 3 days masa miscarriage last year. im working with PETRONAS, mintak hospital situ sbb my sis yg suruh and dekat dengan office husband, senang dia nak jenguk.

    btw hospital tu tak mcm hospital, mmg comfy gila. bilik air pun mcm hotel. even my friends yang jenguk i pun cakap bukan nak datang tengok i sakit, sebab nak tengok hospital. haha.

  9. Hi Azi,
    I blog hopped from nuurill's blog.. btw kwn yg nuurill mentioned above, i think it's me kot (ye ke awak nuurill?).. i gave birth to my boy on 31st dec 2008 at prince court.. b4 that nak bersalin kat DSH,but since they can't guarantee ada single room masa i bersalin so i opt for another option.. i hv this major fear about being hospitalized, so since nak beranak mmg kena masuk hospital la kan..
    We chosed PCMC 1 week before i delivered..nasib doc die still terima heheh.. the enviroment really helped me to overcome my fear.. rasa sgt homely sampai stay at the hospital for 5 nights.. hehhe.. the nurses are very helpful as well, docs takyah ckp la, mmg baik hati.. once warded there, you don't have to worry about the facilities & service.. u name it, they have it.. oh btw, the hospital menu pun best! BUT takde la se best hospital at saudi as in ur entry :p
    Price wise, sorry i tak tahu sbb my husband org petronas, so petronas cover kan..

  10. waaaaa nampak mmg luxurioussssssss gile .ni mesti mahal gile niii..

  11. haaa?
    kalau mcm ni la wad nyer...bak kate amy, mmg nak duduk lame2 kat situ ajerrrr...hwhe. heavennya!!

  12. wardah.. heheh.. u try la, tp i takut nnt u kena jerit ngn nurse2 hhihihi..

    amy.. ketawa sambil meneran? hahha.. i cannot imagine that!

    rosey.. yup.. at least kurang sikit la perasaan saspen nak bersalin tuh kan.. maybe 1% decrease for me, hhihi

    dell.. owh.. u pernah miscarriage ke? i'm so sorry to hear that.. very nice hospital to stay, kan. if the outlook doesnt look like a hospital :)

    ruzanna.. for 5 nights? wow.. kalau i pun nak stay lama2.. hahaha.. with that kind of service and fascilities.. and also the fact that its free!!

    Teacher nunu.. i bet u mahal.. unless u petronas staff kan. ;)

  13. OMG!!besh nye klu dpt ward cm mau bersalin smpi berpantang kt ward hu hu

  14. ouh...gila bessnyee... utk baby shower pon gile comell..

    untungnya org petronas.. erk..x de spe ke bleh provide price kt prince court tu??hehe...sesape tahu...bleh lah share info... sgt2 kepingin tahu..

  15. rasanya dinas (eh btul ke eja nama dia?) pun bakal melahirkan anak die kat situ :)

  16. hi azie..

    best gila tgk ward tu. kalo mcm ni beranak selalu pon xpe kan. ahahaha.

    btw, i pnah gi visit org kat prince court. mmg best hospital dia. sanitizer is like everywhere. n nurse dia majoriti org luar. tp sume lembut2. i x diservis so x dpt bg feedback. but my fren tu really recommend i beranak kat situ.

    n i plan nk beranak kat situ. tp nk start consultation sume bila masuk 7 bln onwards.. skang ni baru lg n kecik lg pon.. so gi gynae yg dkt2 je ngan umah la..

  17. hanie.. owh.. pastu pasang aircond sambil bawak video game. pasti suami pun tak pergi keje. hhehe

    farhana.. hehe.. pantang kat ward yg cantik mmg heavenly..

    anil.. wah.. mau ke PC ke? nnt la kalau i ada info boleh share..

    dell.. kalau i ada peruntukan boleh jugak jd cam dynas.. hiihihih

    ashikin.. wow.. ok let me know later what is your findings. i'm sure service sume tip top.. :)


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