Friday, January 29, 2010

Food entry

Dear readers,

Anda pernah makan lobster? Secara ikhlasnya minggu lepas baru first time daku merasa makan lobster.And first time for baby in tummy too :) So agak teruja disitu.. hehe. Ayah belanja makan kat Victoria Station PJ. His favourite diner.. selalunya kalau ada special occasion je we'll go there, like birthdays.. tapi mungkin Ayah mengidam time tu, kami semua menuruti saja tanpa byk soal jawab.

These are my sisters. Sorang belajar lg, nak jadi chef, sorg lagi baru habis degree, tgh training kat UniKL. Dua dua masih single(Apa kena mengena?)Hujung sekali my brother tgh sibuk menelek menu.

This is what Along ordered, t's chicken something something. Lupa lah

This is well done black pepper steak, hub's portion of the night.. nowadays I'm not really into meats. More to fish and chicken for the soul(s)

Ini lah mangsa santapanku. Alive and kicking and looks yummy

Dan 20 min kemudian... Lobster grilled to perfection topped with cheese and served with chicken,jacket potato,corn and vegies. They served it in 2 plates since it has to be cut to half. I swear i could ate both plates tp takdelah tamak camtu kan. hehe

Ini pulak gambar bunga burung. Saja je letak, sebab first time tengok species ni. It's the in thing now to have it. Since my mom is really into gardening, she has quite a number of beautiful flowers around the house. Nantilah hobi berkebun tu akan kusemai juga, hopefully rumah baru nnt ada space for my mini garden.


  1. azie, lobster is yummy kan..i had mine at Eden before :) owh ya btw

    but i dunno if it's worth goin or not..saje nak share :) ok u take care!

  2. ooooh my the lobster looks soooooooooooo interestingly delicious hehe ;) My first time mkn lobster was on a night cruise boat trip in Abu Dhabi UAE with my family.Mmg unforgettable moment la selain tgk scenery sana tapi menikmati keenakan lobster hehe. Hmm Victoria Station must have serve really nice lobster dish judging from your pic. Tapi i da lama tak gi Vic St,family xapprove atmosphere sana with the bottles of liquer/alcohol on display at the dining tables?That was ages ago,last time gi for my 16th birthday kot.Any good changes since suasana sana?
    Take care Nariko :)

  3. Dida..oh noo.. i baru je checkout the link.. terlepas la pulak.. :( tp mmg i busy last weekend.. anyway, if there is more let me know k :)

    Rosey.. the alcohol bottles they put it in the bar corner. not at the dining tables. I tgk ramai je org melayu dine in, so quite comfortable with that hehe.Besides their steak is one of the best!

  4. Murni.. best! rasa nk mkn hari2 .. wah over..

    Lieza.. yes. so yummy!

  5. If mcm tu the atmosphere sana must have changed since i last went for my birthday (1999). that time on dining tables ada botol alcoholic drinks for display. At least nowdays they are more sensitive to the muslim customers,thats good!the one i went to yg near sri hartamas area,apa ntah nama area tu.facing main road heading towards bangsar and bukit damansara if tak salah.
    tmpt fav steak pilihan family skrg Chilis je...
    sampai rasa bosan gak asyik gi Chilis.tapi oso favourite place for dating for me and hubby ;) take care!

  6. how to eat d lobster tu? besar gedabak hehe..i taknah mkn lobster..mkn udang kecik2 tu pun nak kupas kulit pun dah buat i hilang half of my lapar haha

  7. rosey.. your entry pasal fajitas at chillis tu tempting betul.. ni yg nak ajak suamiku dinner di sana.. hehehe

    newlife.. dia cut to half so takyah kopek2.. :) itu yg terbaek..


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