Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Shots - Me in 27 Weeks

Dear readers,

Yay! Finally got my hands on the new gadget! Bought Canon 450D at Digital Mall seksyen 14 and then spent whole last weekend mengkaji function2.

But a silly thing happened.. bleh tak tertinggal kad kredit kat kedai tu? And to make it sillier, baru noticed pagi tadi lepas 3 hari. Itu pun org kedai tu call my credit card company to inform about it. Thank God, there was no illegal transaction made during those 3 days. Nyanyuk sungguh mak buyung ni

Alang-alang cancel kan je lah card tu, so kurang la 1 kad hutang dalam purse. Nyeh nyeh

Pictures taken at Mama's house

With youngest sister Ika yg belum mandi pagi

And this is MM's pushchair/stroller. Courtesy of Tok Mama dia la..hehe thanks to Tok Mama and Tok Ayah. Mummy suka sgt stoller ni! Chis aku yg over

We also bought this cute battery operated fan, untuk Mummy kalau hari tgh panas. Kidding..

Trial shots focusing object yg berjaya.

Dalam bilik baby that will also be bilik berpantang saya.

I will be entering my third trimester next week. Wow! That fast already? A lot of plans waiting to be executed, I have my weekends scheduled for weddings (Tokya's,Akram's,Amy's and Sabby's on the list) checkups, childbirth class, kenduris, photoshoot (Can't wait for this! *wink*) and last minute shoppings. Wah.. this means more chances to practise shots.. hihi ..Bet it will all go by real fast !


  1. azie, your tummyyyy :)time flies kan, dah third trimester, and then pop little MM!

    and u,dont forget MM's present with jot tau.

    u tk care honey!

    much love, dena

  2. Best gambarnya...

    Oh bila available nak shoot ni?

  3. i think even if u used a disposable camera also ur pic will be stunning coz ur one hot pregger..seriously...huhu..cya at the wedds..of coz!hahahah

  4. http://photoinfos.blogspot.com/2009/09/parent-is-born-pregnant-photoshoot.html

  5. dena.. OK! will come and pick up MM nye gift from aunty kak dena when i visit pejot.. thanks so much dear! muah!

    buih.. haa.. tentative nyer by end of this month,nnt kitorg confirm blk.. nnt nak kena makeup perut. hehe.. btw.. cool link. boleh buat bahan rujukan nnt. i pun ada idea sikit2

    diah..aww.. thanks for that! i'll c u at the weddings.. nnt duduk meja sama k. hihi

  6. Azie.. i heart MM's stroller. Cause i'm eying it for Oman too. Hihi. Nice!!! :)

  7. heyya!~

    i shud call u hot pregger!heee.. :)
    sgt comel stroller itu OK!..anyway take care tau..owh..hope to see u kat sab's wed..hehe

  8. hot preggie mommy! mesti xsaba menunggu kelahiran MM kan, n rasa neves! like my sista, due 27jan2010 which is hanya menunggu masa.everyday she will ngadu perasaan nevesnye tu

  9. nuurill.. haa.. belila2 . merah tu striking kan. ada kaler kuning gak, cantek. but i think merah lg outstanding kot. :)

    Ann.. thanks!! I'll c u at sab's wedding.Insya-Allah. slalunyer i smpai around 1 o'clock camtuh.

    lieza.. ouh.. neves gak la..especially baca pengalaman2 org bersalin. ada yg ok ada yg excrutiating. i hope your sister dipermudahkan urusan bersalin... sronok la dpt anak buah baru!

  10. azie, u amek childbirth class kat mane nanti?

  11. Dina, will be at KPJ, sek 20 shah alam this saturday. jom?

  12. Nariko, nice photos of you! Preggy mums mmg hot looking kan?? Haha syok sendiri :) have fun attending wedds and upcoming photoshoot, i ada similar plans too hehe. Tc gal!

  13. comelnyer..tak sangka dah nak masuk 3rd trim! cepat betul kan.
    jumpe di kenduri sab juge! :D

  14. rosey.. takpelah, kalau tak kita sendiri yg puji, saper lagi kan.. haha. wah, awal u plan for your photoshoot. nnt share with us the outputs k! :) take care

    hanie.. mmg pun, sgt pantas. lagi2 kalau weekend kita busy kan. u pun byk dpt job eh? alhamdulillah.. rezeki tahun baru.. happy for u!

  15. Hi nariko, thanks for your comment at my blog. You plan nak have preg photoshoot amek which photographer ye? I tgh nak survey2 lg, ingat nak amek same photographer pfiema photograhy for my wedding dulu sbb their rate mmg reasonable and photos quality ada cuma i rasa their creativity wise nak enhance photos lagi cantik etc xseberapa mcm greenapple yg i hire for bertunang dulu.Also they xde lg kot do job for pregnancy photoshoot plus it's male photographers heh. Fikir2 mcm segan gak posing with baby bump for male photographers even if with hubby ;)

  16. azi...waaa...dah besar ur tummy...so kiutt....

    x lama je lg..kalau i pregnant bunting pelamin maybe lbh 2 weeks je dr u..hakk..

    bgos ada dslr..nnti dpt shoot ur moment byk2 esp bby dah lahir ...wa bess2..

    nnti kite jumpe di wed ye...nk pgang perot u..;D

  17. rosey.. i plan ngn kawan i jer, since dia ada offer 1 slot. Maybe by end of this month.. kalau u nk amek ur wedding photog pun ok kot, try google for some pictures online utk ideas, pastu combine with their idea, maybe leh dpt something fresh. kalau u nk lady photog, sueannajoe from http://theexcitedmom.blogspot.com/ is good. :) good luck k

    anil..yea.. itulah tujuannyer.tak sabar nk gi shoot kat wedding org and other events.. and for sure nnt masa baby dah pop. hihi..ok, cya nnt k. lot of things to catch up!

  18. cepat sgt rasa masa ni bejalan!

    wahhh hot mama beraksi! hehe

    anyway, harap2 semuanya selamat! ada rezeki, we'll meet at Sab's wedding yea..

  19. Hi Nariko! Dah beberapa kali I try to comment in ur blog, asek failed je. My connection here quite sux. btw, im linking u to my blog! take care ok!!

  20. alena.. ok, we meet there ya dear! ur pressie ada with me, dah siap balut sume, i think i will post it to u tomorrow.. sorry for the late delivery. Sungguh nyanyuk saya ini

    Piza.. thanks for linking me. I love your writings. u take care too.. another few weeks to go ;)

  21. whats with the pout? hehee..

    ape ni, not fair, m not in the pic! :X

  22. try nk jadik ikan dlm aquarium depan tu. hehe

    sorry girl, u're at the wrong place and wrong time at that moment. :p


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