Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sudden urge to splurge

Dear readers,

Have you got this sudden urge to go shop aka impulsive buying? This ALWAYS happen to me when it comes to end of year (Read: YES :P ) I got these images of stuff that i want inside my head for quite a while now:

Coach Leopard Print handbag

Mantra sebelum beli bag "I have worked so hard, this is the time to reward myself" Repeat until diri sendiri tersaiko.

Nude Pumps: Every girl must own this, i quote KLS. :) I have one but mine is sky high heels, need one that is a little more at the comfy side so i can carry my baby without killing my legs.

Leather tights/pants

I have always been a tight fan, senang nak matching with my tops, leather tight will be a nice addition to my collection, feeling rock chic sementar deh?

Tomorrow I will be off from work, a good time to shop, no?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mya LOLed So Hard At Daddy Doing Jumping Octopus

Dear Readers,

This has been in my keepsake for quite a while, thought i want to share it with you, little Mya finds that Daddy's jumping octopus so funny. Hehehe.. it put a smile on my face, hope it does to urs. :))

Mya is 8 month old yesterday, now she is at a really active stage, climbing and trying to stand. Must watch her closely, dah dua kali dah jatuh, nasib baik atas play mat but still she cried so hard, terkejut agaknya. And also we are child proofing our home.. with cushions and pillows.. :P very important! safety first yo..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Too long


It's been agesssssssss! Sebenarnya rindu nak check blog kwn2 dan nak berkarya di blog sendiri, tapi apa kan daya, kekangan masa merupakan halangan utama ku. At office, busy with work. At home busy with house chores + melayan anak dan suami. I promise I will continue to blog, thanks to those yang bertanyakan whereabout ku. I'm still here!! *waving hands vigorously*

Well, sempena tahun baru, ada beberapa azam yang nak dilaksanakan

- Spending time/money untuk manjakan diri
* Spa once a month
*Facial twice a month
Can you believe it, since kahwin i never did facial or Spa?? oh God, i really let myself go. This won't happen again, no can do!

-Go for movies/ date night with hubs at least once a month
Sangat ketinggalan dalam arus perfileman. T__T

And before year end, will shop for myself and for suami, on clothes, gadgets, shoes etc.. Yay!!!

So guys, watch out for this space.. :)

P/S: Mya is growing up fast, she is almost 8 month old, sekarang dah pandai duduk, dan bye bye. Almost merangkak..Tapi gigi tak tumbuh lagi!! hahah, dok tunggu2 manalah her pearly whites, malu betul nak kuar!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh NO... I have become such a clean freak!!!

Dear readers,

You know, since we moved back in to our house in Bukit Jalil last weekend, i can't stop my self from mopping the floor. Dekat 5 kali mop, itu pun still rasa tak puas hati. -__-" Am I becoming a clean freak?

By the way, today is Mya's first day with babysitter. Hope that she behaves herself. We met couple of times and so far I'm satisfied with the babysitter. She's a housewife taking care of her own daughter 7 month old and a toddler 1 year +. The house is clean, safe and her sis in law also is around to help take care of Mya. :)

My working hours will be shifted now, 9-5.30 the most. Then will pick up Mya and straight going back home. Have you guys drive around with a baby beside? What's your experience.. kalau sudi share sama saya, ya!

muchas gracias

P/s: Sedih cant attend pejot's and Diah's open house last weekend. If you guys read this, so sorry! Me will make up to you guys soonish OK!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mya first time meniarap at 4 month old

Dear readers,

Mya dah mula meniarap masa umur nya 4 bulan 1 minggu. Masa tgh powder her up after bath time as always I will turn her so that I can reach her back side.But this time she give a little push and then landed on her tummy. Reaksi muka dia masa tu pandang mommy dengan muka blur like "Did I just turn myself?", Mommy terus la tepuk tgn jadi cheerleader kejap. Each time she turned after that mmg bising la rumah ni. Saje bagi encouragement to her so she will do it again. haha.. Now she can toss and turn a few times and also can lift her bum in the air, belum merangkak lagi la..

One of her first attempts to turn

Yay.. berjaya!!

Rambut depan mmg dah pjg, tak syak lagi lepas ni mommy akan bertukar status jd hair stylist.

Mya and Mr Froggie Frog, BFF

P/S: Selamat hari raya! We will be moving back to our house in Bukit Jalil maybe next month. Jadi bermulalah kehidupan baru just the 3 of us. OMG... so nervous!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mya first time demam

Dear readers,

Meh nak kongsi pengalaman anak demam for first time.

Alhamdulillah, sepanjang dekat 5 bulan ni, jarang Mya sakit, only masa dia gi cucuk 4 bulan tu ada demam sikit. Right after coming back home from KPJ, I already can feel her body started feeling warm. I fed her medicine the doctor gave, hoping that she'll be OK soon. Pakai yang cam inject tu, she's not liking it at first but paksa jugak la masuk tekak dia.

Malam tu makin panas badan dia, kepala pun sama. So I pakai tuala kecik soak in cold water lap2 kan badan and kepala dia. She's really clingy at this time, asyik nak kena dukung kalau baring nak mommy peluk dia sambil nenen. Malam tu mmg tak tidor gilir2 lap2 badan dia and kepala, so worried tau la kan babies at this age cannot have fever yang terok. Every 3 hours we took her temperature using digital thermometer, paling tinggi is 39 deg, kelam kabut masa tu.. cuba turun kan temp dia.

Then only I figured out, after reading "Baby Care Day By Day" by Miriam Stoppard that one shouldnt use cold water untuk lapkan badan dia, instead use warm water. Laa. salah kaedah kaa..

The next day i got a tip from my friend Hazel

"Cuba tuamkan peha yg kena inject tu dengan botol susu letak air panas, slow2, maybe boleh tolong kasi hilang itu bengkak"

Bila try, alhamdulillah, nampak bengkak kat peha tu dah kurang sikit..

Mya.. cranky and not in a good mood lepas balik hospital, ohh.. her onesies courtesy of aunty ana. Thanks aunty!

Even her fav ball cannot make her smile.. she just wants to be lifted and then lentok je kat bahu

Malam tu sesi lap2 kepala, she is not as playful as usual. Kalau tak mulut dia bising jerit2 panggil mommy and daddy dia.

Lepas 2 hari, dah kebah demam dia. Terus jadi normal Mya si anak mommy. Gelak2 dan buat bising kat rumah tu.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mya's first solid food

Dear readers

*Dalam beberapa series akan datang, semuanya pasal anakku Mya, nak qada' byk entry yg i dah tertinggal.. tee hee*

Ok I know, I know.. mesti ada yang terkejut kenapa Mya start solid food awal? She is just 4 month old when i introduce solid to her.

During her 4 month check up, her Paed said she is ready for solid, based on a few criteria
1) Her current weight has doubled her birth weight
2) She can hold her head when being held
3) She shows interest when mommy is eating. mulut dia dok terkecip2
4) Her normal feeding 7 times daily doesnt seem enough, masih lapar.

SO I start with.... Rice cereal! Cerelac Rice+Soya cereal 1 teaspoon perday
Mya loooovveeeessss this. Masa first suapkan dia, she just taste it at the tip of her tounge and stares at me. Eventually she learn how to swallow and enjoy the cereal.

Her meals now is something like this

- Breakfast: BM
- Brunch: BM
- Lunch: 2 teaspoon of rice cereal + BM
-Tea: BM
-Dinner: BM/FM
-Late Dinner: BM
-Supper: BM

After 2 weeks of rice cereal, I'm thinking of giving her fruits like papaya or pear next week. I'm so excited! Doctor said needs to introduce 1 type at a time so if there is any allergy we can quickly identify what type of food she's allergic to.

"Sit me up" that i bought during Parenthood Expo. It's good for her to have a different view, asyik2 tgk ceiling je, mama bosan la
Next entry is Nia's birthday party and also.. Mya dah boleh meniarap!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bila Anakku Mula Menyanyi (Practice her vocal chords :) )

Dear readers,

Mya dah mula menunjukkan sifat kebecokan nya. If she demands attention, she will start to 'sing' like this. If she wants to sleep she will also 'sing' but with different tone. Camni ... AaaaAAAAaaaaAAAAaaaAAA.. repeat until sleep. heheeh

Video recorded by Aunty Amy

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mya's first trip to Genting!

Dear readers,

Omigosh.. blog ni sangatlah terabai. Rindu lak time update blog 2 kali seminggu, itu zaman kegemilangan la, time takde baby and takde suami. Now, usah harap nak dapat waktu2 senggang sebegitu. T_T

Anyway, few weeks ago, my little baby went up to Genting for the first time. She had her first merry go round ride too, on a pony! Haha but of course she is too small to enjoy it, mak dia yg seronok lebih. :p Also bawak dia first time tgk wayang citer Salt lagi tau.. tapi mmg tak dapek tgk smpai habis pun, baru sejam dia dah restless, maybe the sound effect and the fact that she needs her beauty sleep makes her cranky in the cinema. OK fine you little diva, next time mommy bawak tgk citer Toy Story 4 ok?

Dah lama tak naik rides, so forgive our over acting- ness.

She needs her sleep every few hours, so kena pitstop, susukan dia and kejap je dia dah tido. Seronok sejuk2 tu kot.

Told you she's a sleepy head. Abaikan adik2 ku yang perasan rawkstar.

Mommy-daughter moment as per Pejot. hehe

I made this as my profile pic in FB since Nuurill claimed i dh kurus. Tee-Hee. The fact is... hanya suamiku yang tahu. mueheehe

Mya ni dia kalau time gelap or kena flash camera, automatic matanya membulat. haha.. mmg selalu gelakkan dia. Selalu experimen tutup bukak lampu dalam bilik. Tak caya tgk gambar2 kat bawah ni.

Si konfius. Jacket from my Sis in law marissa, beli kat Melbourne, finally she can wear it. Dulu besar giler.

Merry go round- yippie!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adzryl's 1st birthday bash

Dear readers,

Opss.. sorryla Nits, i baru nak post gambar2 ni.. itu pun tak banyak. hehe.

This is the first time Mya attend a birthday party, nasib baik dia tak meragam pun, tido je all the way. Thanks Nits for inviting us, a lot of faces i didn't recognize, maklum la baru je nak berjinak2 dengan mommy blogs ni, hiks.

I love the theme colour blue+green, nampak aman je.. actually i totally forgot about the theme colour, luckily we wore blue on that day, hubs je yg terpakai kuning, cis spoiler betul. :p

The proud parents Anita+Fazril

The marvelous cake. Suka!

Cuppies made by the mom..sodap tau uish gigih sungguh mu. kalau nak order pun boleh silakan contact Anita

With some of the mommies, Mya sleeping soundly in my arms.. good girl, mommy leh makan dengan gembiranya. The food was superb! pulut kuning, roti jala, ayam .. yummy!!

Mommies and 1 mom to be.. Fad+Kazim, Nita+Azryl. Diah, Sue+Hariz, and Amie+Qaira

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kek Lapis Sarawak For Sale

Dear readers,

Yuhuuu.. sempena puasa and raya yang mendatang ni, I nak promote kek lapis sarawak.
Silakan lihat gambar2 di bawah

3 sizes available:
1) Roll
2) 500 gram
3) 1.5 Kilogram

We have 50++ types in store.Will upload from time to time. Interested, please leave your comments or email to aziriahhazrin@yahoo.com


Code:KLS01- 1.5kg
Also available in Roll and 500g

Code: KLS02- 15.kg
Also available in roll and 500g

Code: KLS03- Roll
Also available in 500g and 1.5kg

Code: KLS04- Roll
Also available in 500g and 1.5kg

Code: KLS05- Roll
Also available in 500g and 1.5kg

Code: KLS06- Roll
Also available in 500g and 1.5kg

Code: KLS07- Roll
Also available in 500g and 1.5kg

7 types in slices

Thanks dan selamat memilih!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mya Myiesha's Aqiqah

Dear readers,

Seronoknya dah selesai pun majlis qeqah my lil princess, walaupun penat tapi seronok sgt buat preparation dan melayan tetamu. Macam kenduri kawen gak la rasanya, masa tgh sibuk2 isi doorgift, saje je kacau abg i yg belum kawen lg tu " Sebenarnya..... kita ni nak buat kenduri Along, Mama dah matchmade kan.. surprise!!" Haa.. cuak..

Pengantin kecik, with zebra suit. Mommy like!

Takeout box and tag from Marryme. Thanks Dell, everybody loved it!

My aqiqah invi card, hubs said mcm game bola dulu2. I smell jealousy..

The gorgeous buai from Merisik Gallery. Amy, semua org suka tau.. thanks so much!

Love the balloons!

Marhaban group, nasib baik budak kecik ni tak meragam sangat, sikit2 je ekk ekk.. pastu tido the whole time. Lega mak..

Moyang Mya, still strong.. Moyang punya mak pun ada lagi tau, dah nak dekat 100 thn.. pangkat nye apa eh to Mya?

Daddy doing last minute touch up to Mya's pictures..

Gerai aiskrim goreng yang menjadi tumpuan. Nyums!

With friends and family, thank you so much for coming and be part of the ceremony! Will upload more pix in FB.