Friday, February 27, 2009

Gubahan Hantaranku

Dear readers,

Hey kids! Yoshh...hari ni tersangat lah happy, buah hati saya dah balik! *lompat skipping keliling rumah* Tapi masa mula2 amik kat airport, cam malu2 je dua2.
So today, after picking him up from the airport, bawak balik rumah, jumpa bakal mak mentua dia jap, sembang2 and then amik his stuff for hantaran yang i dah tolong belikan. Then pick up bantal kecik yg dah siap tempah sebagai alas atas dulang hantaran. Then only hantar dia balik umah.
Actually, its not really dulang, it looks like this. Dengan gubahan bunga gim. Ya anak2..bunga gim ni is the latest trend. That's why tak pernah dengar. It's quite complicated to fabricate, tapi overall it looks nice. Love it.

Hantaran from my side

Bantal kecik ni sebagai alas dulang, ganti polysterin.

So, kawan2 total boleh lah contact Sapet untuk sesi JMP. Tapi for this few days, nk contact dia thru me lah, tak amik lagi SIM card dia, lesen dia pun dah mati, sila pick up dia kat rumah. hehe

En Buih, sila claim kasut kamu yang made in kuwait. Dah tengok dah..cantik juga..

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sampin for Hantaran

Dear readers,

I'm going to buy sampin for hantaran tunang this weekend. But, baru je mengenalpasti 2 kedai yg jual sampin yg stylo kat area shah alam. 1 is in Plaza Masalam and 1 is in SACC Mall.
If I were to choose a design, I would choose from songket istana or songket Terengganu. But, I'm afraid my choice nanti akan ada elemen2 feminin.. dari segi colour dan motif design.Hehe.. Takut tak sesuai pulak ngn jiwa raga si pemakai. So, biar la bakal tunang pilih sendiri..

These are the designs which i found interesting.
Can look more di sini dan di sini.

Love this one, gorgeous color and design. Yang belakang tu ye, depan tu kain linen.

This is sampin songket sutera, a bit different but i like it!

Sorry la Mawi, aku bukan lah fan, tapi sampin kau tu mmg buat aku jatuh cinta. i've seen this in SACC mall.

I always love silver sampin, nampak exclusive

OK, this one also gorgeous and ada pastel colours which makes it look soft, tapi harga nya, gulp.. *berpeluh saya*

Yang ni corak sampin cantik and simple, kalau nak tone down a bit, this is perfect already!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chocolate for Hantaran

Dear readers,

Today I intentionally took my own sweet time during lunch hour, pergi test makan chocolate Patchi. (Kena bayar ye..bukan free). Patchi is very famous and the top pick for hantaran, that's what I've heard..

The shop is located at GF Midvalley, next to Starbucks. I managed to scout around the tiny shop and learnt that:-

a) Pricewise of course it is more expensive compared to the conventional choice Ferrero Rocher.
b) Originated from Lebanon
c) They provide gorgeous packaging and with lots of styles. (boxes,glass,silverware) boleh juga if nak beli loose chocolates.

I got these images from their website

Gotta love the packaging...neat!

Ideal for normal gift/birthday present also can.. cough2.. :p

Looks exclusive, no?

Ini boleh kasi makan satu kampung

Also, my favourite choc, Hershey's provide these gift set. But not sure its available in stores, maybe kena order online di sini

Too cute..ada just married tag...awwww

Amik ko..besar gile

I looveee this one too, milk chocolate card .

Ah..everyone got a sweet tooth.. or two...:P

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kursus Kahwin

Dear readers,

So, I have planned and booked kursus kahwin for this weekend, since bakal tunang is in town.. Location: Pusat Bandar Damansara.

You got to choose among the many places for kursus kahwin, yang penting amik sekali je, laku for whole life and dimana2 nak nikah. Harga: RM80 per person for 2 days. Psstt.. ada ura2 yang harga nak naik ke RM120+ pastu after this akan lebih jgn risau..itu cuma gosip sejak tahun lepas, belum lagi implement.

Setelah meneliti guest book di laman mereka di sini gives a good impression. Harap2 indah khabar indah lah rupa.


Sabtu (3 - 5ptg): Prosedur Perkahwinan
Sabtu (5.30 - 7ptg) : Ibadah dan Akhlak
Ahad (8.30 - 10.30pg) : Pengurusan Stres dan Konflik
Ahad (11.00 - 1ptg) : Pengurusan Sumber dan Komunikasi
Ahad (2.00 - 3.30ptg) : Kesihatan
Ahad (4.00 - 6ptg) : Hubungan keluarga dan akidah

Other than that,sementara bakal tunang saya masih bercuti di sini, we'll be going for the HIV test and isi borang nikah pelbagai, hopefully they'll cover that in the kursus. Pening ni, byk sangat prosedur nak buat and borang nak isi before kawen. O_O

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hand Bouquet for the Big Day

Dear readers,
Fresh flowers may be costly but given the correct choice of flowers and in certain amount, it will create a whole different atmosphere to its surrounding. White lillies, Roses, bunga harum sundal malam (jangan igt pontianak je ada nama ni) are some of my favourite dari segi bau dan rupa bentuk..To save cost, DIY is the way to go.. :)
Nah, silakan lihat arrangement hand bouquet from fresh flowers which I think is lovely!

White calla lillies with orchids. Perfect choice for simple ensemble.

For the love of daisies..

This is something unique..Pink French Tulips with globe thistle

I think this is carnation flower. Cool?

Eskimo roses, white are just classic!

Love this one too..Red roses with diamond studs.

Blue hydrangeas and gardenia. Love the colour choices..

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mari berangan epy 2: Bed Ensemble

Dear readers,

Let's venture our soulful mind to the place where *magical things* happen. ;) I've talked to my Mom about this and pretty sure we're gonna get a set of new bedsheet for the engagement. Not too fancy, I prefer just simple design but stylish enough. I've been a fan of Aussino and can't really think of other places to shop.

Yes, i've browse through the more "conventional" bed sheet style by googling "cadar pengantin" and such. Tapi resultnya rata2 not my type. I mean..come on..the ropol2, manik2 thingy, sangat tak praktikal pada hemat saya. At least yang ni boleh terus digunapakai. :)

I've found these images from Aussino's website. and also Bed,Bath and Beyond (Don't think they have an outlet here, but they are big in the States..or at least in the movie 'Click' hehe)

This is how i imagine my bed ensemble looks like for the engagement. Simple saja tapi kemas design nya. Thumbs up!

Yang ni pun cantik but a bit different la, dan saya juga tertarik dengan curtain dia. Sungguh Stylo..

This one looks sophisticated. Nampak matured..And the material looks so comfortable tambahan lagi kalernya cream natural, senang nak fit with curtains yang sedia ada.

This one ada touch of girlie side. Sesuai juga la, boleh match with my room colour. Macam ada element silk yang selesa.

I like this one. Polyester comforter always been my favourite. Simple je, but the colour is very rich.

Ini cumalah angan2 saya, tp kalau dapat yang exactly like this, alhamdulillah. :)

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Nariko's Concern: Guest List

Dear Readers,

Yesterday, we managed to sort out our guest list for the engagement and send the invitation via Facebook and also SMS. It was a big relief since we've been planning and discussing on who to invite and screen the names to fit the numbers. To those who didn't get the invites, I'm truly sorry. But, don't worry, you'll get the invites to our kenduri kahwin. :) I sit down and discussed with my parents and it seems that they have quite a big number on their list too. Oh, Well.. this is one of the dillema you'll face to plan majlis bertunang..

Me: Mama..please..don't invite too many of your friends..remember..this is not the actual wedding, baru bertunang je..
Mama: Takpelah Jay, uncle L mmg kena jemput nanti dia merajuk. Auntie S, Auntie T, Makcik M wajib, sbb nanti diaorg nak tolong masa kenduri, bla bla..
Me: *Straight face*

And there you have it..panjang betul list. I can't say much since as I said, this is the first ceremony in the family and also I want them to be happy too..So kenalah give and take kat sini.

Today, is my off day and I'm waiting for my Mom to be home. Meanwhile, enjoy this clip of a boy who just had his first dentist visit experience.Hillarious! Must watch!

Have a nice day everyone!

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fantasia Bulan Madu

Dear readers,

I'm sorry I had to take down my trial makeup entry because my bakal tunang said better don't post it here sbb nak mengekalkan elemen kezutan. No worries my friends, my engagement is just around the corner, I'll post it then, definitely. About the makeup, I'm really satisfied by the result. Wajahku nampak joreng, bak kata my mom. *bahasa Perak bermaksud panjang. She used soft colours and MAC products, emphasizing my eyes. Sangat clean and then not too thick nor nipis sgt. Love love it!

Updates: my baju tunang will be ready this week! Yeay! Thanks to my Mak Andak who managed to pujuk the taylor, Aunty June supaya baju boleh siap awal sikit. *Big sigh* :D

Oh Yeah, these few days, I've been playing this song over and over again on my laptop. I think this is the best love song of its era. Lirik simple but sangat meaningful.Terasa cam kat atas awan, atas pelangi.. Memang la terasa cam seronoknya dilamun cinta ni. Haha.. Please syg, nnt nyanyi for me OK, sekali ngn gitar. Love you!

Enjoy the song. Ignore the corny videoclip tho.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mari berangan epy 1: Perfect Eyebrow

Dear readers,

Sekarang ni nak start series berangan kat blog. Haa..jomlah berangan2 best tau.. haha..
Bila tengok Sari Yanti nyer kening on her wedding day, I'm quite positive (maaf kalau salah ya) she did what we called a brownaissance atau sulaman kening. Kaedah ini makin popular, pantas and also more natural. Boleh baca lebih lanjut di sini

But I'm quite doubtful to apply this on my eyebrow, yelah dari segi hukum hakam agama tu saya kurang pasti. What I can say is, kalau kita kemaskan bentuk kening, ia akan merubah seluruh wajah to look brighter and different. Tapi yang pasti saya berangan mempunyai bentuk kening seperti mereka ini.

Bentuk ni perfect bagi saya. It creates a softer look..Nampak natural dan kemas. Mungkin juga boleh groom my eyebrow to look like this on my big day.

Ah..Yang ini pun cantik. Slightly thicker on the inner side closer to the nose and gradually thinner going to the outside. Memang shape ini is the in thing sekarang. Tapi hati2 ya..perlu disesuai kan dengan bentuk muka.

Angie's brows sgt stylo, tp pada saya membuatkan wajah nya menjadi lebih strong, dominant dan kelihatan agak berusia. But it suits her well.

Lihat pula pada si cantik Keira. Her brows are perfectly shaped and makes the whole look goddess like. Tilted shape at the outer eyes memang menjadi pilihan kebanyakan wanita. Sexy!

Have a good weekend everybody!

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