Friday, January 30, 2009

Checklist for Tunang and the menu!

Dear readers,

Wow, this week flew by really fast, tetiba je dah hari Jumaat. Maybe because I'm busy with work, my staff sorg cuti, so kena la cover for her part too. Ah, and i think this morning kena speed trap la. $#!t, tak pernah2 lak ada polis duduk tercongok kat bawah jambatan tu teropong org speeding. Untuk sedapkan hati sendiri, aku membuat assumption Kesas highway nye speed limit maybe 140km/h. :p

On a lighter note, it is about 1 month from my engagement day, Yay! Here's an update checklist for my engagement.

Dulang 1: Cincin checked!
Dulang 2: Kek checked! Note: Banked in deposit,cake will be ready on 6/3
Dulang 3: Kain akad nikah checked! Note: Will buy butang baju melayu+sampin when Sapet's home
Dulang 4: Cookies berbentuk fruits not checked
Dulang 5: Wajik not checked Note: Will be made by my Opah
Dulang 6: Sireh Junjung not checked
Dulang 7: Chocolate not checked Note: Considering Patchi
Dulang 8: Potpurri not checked
Dulang 9: Halwa maskat not checked

Baju tunang checked! Note: Will collect from ShanLyn on 15/2
Kasut tunang checked!
Hiasan dulang checked! Note: Will hantar all the barang hantaran to Che Puan's house latest by 5/3
Caterer checked!
Canopy not checked
Mini Pelamin checked! Note: Yus will start to do the pelamin on 5/3 and on 6/3 he will set the fresh flowers
Makeup+accessories+bunga tangan checked! Note: Will do trial makeup in this coming few weeks
Photographer checked!

My mom decided to go with D'Hidang catering because dah selalu hire them for our previous events, and their food is super sedap!

Insya-Allah kalau jadi, this is the menu. :)

Nasi putih
Ayam goreng rempah
Daging salai masak lemak- My favourite!
sambal tumis udang
Kerabu sayur
Ulam+Sambal belacan
Puding sagu gula melaka
air kordial

AH, skarang menyesal tak dinner tadi..aku lapar!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Makeup for hantaran

Dear readers,

I'm excited about choosing my makeup set for hantaran because the hunting part is so much fun! I listed down a few of the brands that i like.

Laura Mercier
Mineral primer- As a base to prime the the skin prior to foundation application

Mineral powder SPF 15- Use this with a blending brush (Can get it from Body Shop) for flawless application. The best part is its totally natural at doesn't clog your pores. After applying, you can dab kapas basah to the face for more dewy look.

Cheek colour

Eye colour trio


Lip gloss pallete

And this is the final look after makeup application.... natural je colour nya. Sgt cantek!

Oh, and they also have their body and bath collection which i realllyy lurrvvee.. sedap sgt bau cam nak makan!

Creme Brule trio souffle body creme, honey bath and a candle

Laura Mercier Crème Brulee Trio arouses memories of a French Patisserie with rich caramel & crème along with subtle nuances of French Vanilla Beans in three 6 oz. glass jars of Soufflé Body Crème, Honey Bath with dipper and a Candle.


This is among the favourite brand and most popular worldwide too. I'm not really a huge fan but admire their eyeshadow collection the most. Since, I'm not familiar with the brand, I'll just pick up some that i like from their official website

Prep + prime eye

A light textured cream to wear on the eyes as an undercoat to eye makeup. Primes the lids.

Dame Edna: Wisteria Eye Trio

A set of three eye shadows in an over-the-top mauve compact featuring holographic stars and Dame Edna’s iconic spectacles in sparkling red glitter.

Fluid line eyeliner

Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish.

Mineralized Satin Finish SPF 15 Foundation

A fluid foundation that blends the natural light-reflecting properties of micro-minerals with a smooth satin finish.

Monogram lipstick

Exclusive to the Monogram collection. Luxuriously smooth to apply a medium buildable finish. Brings an opulent satiny shine to the lip.

The MAC look


I think not many people know this brand, but i read good reviews about it. Not sure if dah ada kat Malaysia, if yes , i will surely buy..

The same longwearing crease resistant formula as NARS single Eyeshadow, in a series of uniquely paired color combinations. Worn together or alone, all duo eyeshadows can be applied sheer or built up for a more dramatic effect. All powder eyeshadows can be used wet or dry.

Note: To make the hantaran looks full, better take sets like this. :) This set includes three dual-ended lip glosses offering six of the most sought-after shades: Boogie Nights/Giza, Rose Birman/Chihuahua and Harlow/Sweet Dreams.

Made with transparent pigments for a soft and sheer look. Imparts a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone and may be worn alone or layered together for more depth and intensity.
Provides a sheer, natural hint of color

Artist pallete

Oh, I love this pallete! Features color-coordinated shades in a stylish compact. Complete with a large mirror the travel-ready palettes are ideal for easy makeup application anytime.

This is NARS look..gorgeous!

Ini only 3 brands, if rajin nanti i add more. BTW, dah beli a few Laura Mercier products, and tak menghampakan, :) nak try NARS and MAC eye shadow after this.. hmm..kalau campur2 adukkan for hantaran bleh ke? :p

Good night people!

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Location For Akad Nikah + Hantaran Update

Dear readers,

Just got back yesterday from my SP+Penang trip. Marvelous! I almost forgot how tasty the food is at our northern side of the country plus way cheaper there. :) It has been a great weekend, stuffed my tummy with good food and also bincang2 pasal my engagement with the rest of the clan.

Today i went out with my parents, out and about Shah Alam. We visited che puan to see the hantaran and then bincang2 sikit throw in some ideas before she starts to do our hantaran. I drove my Swift with mom in front and ayah kat belakang. Cute je my dad yg big size tuh duduk belakang with seat belt. Nasib baik tak amik gambar, kalau tak sure dah post sini..hehe

So here is the contoh of hantaran that is ready for other customer, mine use the same only that it will be with silver based colour and turqoise flowers.

And look at this cutie, che puan's cat. Reminds me of Eric, our kitty yg died of a freak accident 12 years ago. RIP Eric :(

In the car, we also discussed about the location of nikah. Dalam dilema ni nak pilih masjid ke rumah. Personally, i prefer masjid sebab:-

1) Nikah ni tuntutan agama, lebih afdal jika lokasi nya di rumah Allah, lebih diberkati hendaknya.
2) Nama pun 'mendirikan masjid'
3) I always love senibina masjid yang indah

But then, my bakal tunang has his own opinion. He listed out pros and cons nikah di masjid. Takpelah, we discuss more about this later k sayang. I had Masjid Shah Alam on my mind kalau nak nikah kat masjid. Simply because it is one of the most amazing mosque in Malaysia and dekat dgn our house.

Here is some snap shots of the mosque and a ceremony held there.

Okay, that's it for now. bye!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chicago Bulls *Not related to the infamous basketball team*

Dear readers,

In the spirit of this festive season, our office has organized a workstation decoration competition. My department was not really that excited to do all this, only last minute baru sibuk2 nak hias. (Itu pun sebab takut dapat last place, which is menyahsoikan) Look at this ox i created..made from angpao only, creative kan? haha.. kena puji lagi ngn judges, i call it "the chicago bulls" ala2 kena tema ngn Obama nyer inauguration. ;P The chinese wordings suppose to carry meaning of "spring" or "prosperous" but saya buat salah daa.. ada one line no meaning dah..takpela, i renamed it as "the marching ants". Baik punye cover..

This mercun papan also made from angpao, we gulung2 the angpao and then stick it with benang. We didn't spend a cent for the decoration, biasa lah..malas nak beli, lagipun nak save budget. But we scored points for being creative and use recycle things.

This is from SCS department, They really put an effort to decorate, mungkin target mereka nak menang competition. I love how they do origami to the angpao and then stick it together. Makes it looks like tang lung. Nice...

Well, This weekend, I'll heading to my uncle's house in sungai petani. We will have a family reunion + bincang2 +mesyuarat tergempar +gosip2 sambil melawat penang. The sad part is, I have to work on CNY, :( Since we are "global shared service", someone has to stay back and work. Means I don't have a long holiday this time. Takpa, hari lain gua pulak amek cuti berbondong2.

Updates on my baju nikah, I decided to buy new material for my baju nikah, the one yang i just got from bandung will be for the bersanding. Sebab agak sexy sikit and mengikut nasihat orang2 tua tak sesuai untuk bernikah, dan saya pun rasa macam terover kat situ, pastu takut bakal husband saya terkelu lidah masa salam ngn tok kadi haha..

Happy holidays everybody!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sari Yanti's Nikah + Wedding

Dear Readers,

I got these pictures from Lopz, of Sari Yanti's wedding in Pilah last weekend. She's a gorgeous bride, aspiring actress and happened to be.. Yo's (Farah's bf's) cousin. Thought of sharing it here.. enjoy these pictures!

p/s: I'm not sure of certain things, I'll just highlight on the stuff that caught my eyes ;)

This would be the nikah part. Notice the head accessory, cantik kan? reminds me of Alana " Girl from tomorrow" Not sure anyone remembered the show, but it was certainly my favourite! Didn't missed a single episode. And the kurung is something like Lynda Rahim's collection, can't confirm that, but it is similar to the style.

Wah, siap berpurdah..

This must be the bersanding part. Love her dress and her hand bouquet!

Makeup pun cantik. Au naturel..

Ahah! Caught you, Farah. Yang memegang peranan bagi bunga, ke bagi bunga telur..sila jelaskan.

Not sure what this is for, tempat duduk2 sementara menunggu pengantin lelaki tiba?

Pelamin for bersanding

This is cool..something new..tak tau apa fungsi nya, nak kata pelamin, mcm kot..2nd pelamin perhaps.. but still i like it!

Meriah kan? All in all, i think the bride looks sgt cantik.

Love the deco and flowers!

Nicely done :)

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