Thursday, December 10, 2009

Growing up too fast?

Dear readers,

I have always adore this kid.. she's a spitting image of her mom, katie holmes. Cam fotokopi sebijik k. Soo cute.. But looking at these pictures, it puzzles me.. she's only 3 years old and is wearing heels already?

I have nothing against small girls with heels.. no offences. I myself had been thru that stage before, ransacking my mama's wardrobe for lipstick, heel and pearls. OK, thats a whole different story. :p Are kids nowadays growing up too fast?

But if it's my own, I want them to stay babies longer, I don't want to do anything to speed up that process. I just love baby smell.. not their poops la of courseee..And tolong la pakai romper tu smpai dah ketat. They are so adorable in it!

Anyway, that's only my 2 cents worth.

Lastly.. Wearing heels is definitely not a crime. Now I miss my heels yang dah berkulapok agaknya dlm shoerack T__T

Heels and coffee? Screams adult to me.. but her pink outfit is cute tho!


  1. omg.poor little thing.why is she wearing heels already? i think kids look better in cute ballerinas or maybe a funky sneakers.huhu.

    she is a hearthrob nevertheless.heheh.

  2. Hi. I'm your silent reader but just can't resist to comment on this entry as it so happens I had the same issue for my blog entry the same day as yours! What are the odds!!! Anyway, kesian Suri altho' the heels look cute on her!

  3. comei n cutenya suri bila dah besar her pink outfit...tapi napa kecik2 dh pakai heels keciannya...rasanya kasut ala2 ballerina lagi sesuai ngan suri...n i also love if them stay babies longer sebabnya time tu lah banyak kerenah....walaupun letih tp bila mlayan baby ni...hilang habis letih penat tu semua....

  4. yuna.. i agree.. i mmg peminat ballerina shoes! heheh

    pinkgremlin.. wow.. talk about coincidence! i ada beli magazine tu yg tau citer ni. terus carik gambar dia..

    noorjan.. i pun suka. tp tak patut la dia dah diexpose kan ke adulthood too soon.. nnt matured cepat ni.. ehhee..

    amy.. cute as a button!

  5. horror lah pakaikan bdak kecit kasut tnggi..siyes..hak..spon die kiut

  6. azie, once u have ur baby, every single thing of her will smell good even the bontot.. hahahah..

    a couple of weeks ago i said to joned that i want another baby. he said "elyas kan baby?", then i replied 'elyas dah besar, nak baby yang masih baby".. hehehe... if i have time machine, i want elyas to stay be a baby.. sbb geram sgt tgk gambar dia masa 4-6 bulan.. next friday is elyas' 1st bday! how quickly time goes by...

  7. anil.. nnt anak i pun harap ikut muka i gak.. nnt leh jd azi jr.. hehehhe

    shu.. ahahhah... ye laa.. azi pun rasa camtu, itu pasal nk beli camera baru kalau boleh nk capture every single moment masa dia baby(alasan)kalau ada machine yg leh save bau baby lg bagus. boleh cium2 selalu. :)


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