Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cosleeper, moses or bassinet?

Dear readers,

I have been reading a lot of books lately, my favourite right now is the one Bibah sent me as my wedding present. "The Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood" by Jane Buckingham.It even has a chapter called "The mother of all shopping spree". Siap highlight what you need, what you should avoid buying, and useful tips. Memang tgh study la ni.. cam nak amek exam pun ada. haha

Also, I learn a lot of baby stuff I haven't heard of before. Contohnya cosleeper, moses and bassinet. These actually falls under the category "Nice to have" not "Need to have" before the baby arrive. Yea I know, it is not necessary a must have... but.... THEY-ARE-DARN-CUTE-I-JUST-CAN'T-RESIST!

OK, basically what they are is just a place to put the baby while you are on the go or just to make the baby close to you, kira mcm tempat tido dia pun OK, other than baby cot/ crib.


Cosleeper will be something like a mini bed for baby, if you or your husband tido lasak, very dangerous to put the baby in between you. Tak pasal2 je baby kena katok time tido.

Very good for breastfeeding mother. Baby nangis, tarik je within armreach.

Contoh modern style.. also multi purpose, boleh detached and bawak ke mana2 without waking the baby. Cool!


Moses is like a baby basket. i love how its mobile and you can keep the baby close. Very practical

This one looks so stylish, no? Cam rasa carry handbag.

Yang ni called the Irish baby moses. One of the most exclusive in the market. Looks so crisp and clean.

Yang ni pulak so frilly, no doubt it looks very comfortable tapi kalau baby berak terkena kain mahal2 ni, memang nangis aa.. maknya.

This is what i would probably buy, I saw one in Mothercare.. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
Bassinet is something like moses cuma ada stand.. i guess..
This one 2-in-1, leh jadi basket/moses leh jadi rocking basket untuk menidurkan baby.

I would probably buy this one kalau tau mana nak beli. Boleh jadik changing table, moses dan juga ada tempat penyimpanan barang. Who wouldn't love a multi purpose baby stuff like this?

And this one pulak reminds me of cerita kartun the Aristrocats.. my fav masa kecik, Duchess dan anak2 nya tidor kat dalam mende alah ni la. Kelesss kucing2 itu.. Its cute.. but not so practical to me

OK, since its Year End Sale, I guess its the best time to shop for baby stuff. Yea, I know its early for me, but.. if its the best time, why not?
Mari berabis duit....


  1. Huhuhu.. chomel gila ah mende-mende nie.. Rasa macam best jer yang Cosleeper yang mini bed tuh. If it's my time, confirm yang tu dibeli! :-)

    Mana la nak carik yang cute-cute macam nie eh? huhuh.. That day masa Helena & Zacc tgh cari-cari barang baby, tak jumpa pun yang secomel macam tu..

  2. Sasha leceh nk log in coz i'm mobile..December 3, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    The part where they said its 'nice to have' and not 'need to have' is true.sbb babies will outgrow it really fast.abis kuat sebulan dua je u risk the baby not wanting to sleep in it.i had wanted to get it jugak but suami being a practical shopper didnt think it was worth to invest in a good baby cot.

    But that's just my 2cents worth.maybe other mommies out there wld think otherwise.

    But if ur still interested to get a bassinet or a for the 2nd hand ones.most are pretty brand new coz like i said,u dont get to use it for long.there's a website 4 it tapi aku lupa mana.will search 4 it again n let u knw k?

    So do u when is the baby shower?or do u want to hv a joined baby shower wit me?hehe..kidding..u shld bask in the experience all u can..aku dah 2nd xp.x perlu baby shower dah..heh!catch up wit u soon k babe?

  3. hajar- semuanya mmg comellll.. geram je, tp tak sure la mana nak beli, kalau ada jumpa2 tu nnt i bgtau :)

    sasha- omg.. sha, mmg sama je cam sapet ckp, a bit skeptical bila aku utarakan hajat ku ini. tp biasalah first time mothers like us, excited lebih. but make sure beli benda2 yg penting dulu la kan, ada duit lebih go jer..

    baby shower tuh cam best je, aku tgk kourtney kardashian buat giler lavish.. tp tak tau la.. parents aku kureng sikit bab2 baby shower b4 the baby arrive.. but we'll see.. nk join baby shower ngn ko pun ok gak. double the fun!

  4. agree with Sasha.:)
    Oman had Baby Co-Sleeper before.
    Di sebabkan dia cepat tol memanjang, that thing only digunakan for like 2 months je.
    hehehe.. walaubagaimanapun..bila dah excited tu.. go saja!! haha :)

    Spend dekat baby cot best best :)
    Tapi kalau Oman, pukul 3, 4 pagi dia dah join us atas katil sebab cari tuttt :)

  5. hehehe, tgk bende2 comel mcm ni, daripada tak perlu sgt, sure lah tergugat jgk nak beli! huhu :D thanks for sharing and buku yg u bace tu nampak menarik ;)

  6. ouh wowww....besnyee....buat i pon x saba..sgt berguna all d images n info...bru lah tau fungsi2 nya

    btw...soping je....bknnya ade Y.E.S lagi masa bb nak kluar nnti kan...dis is d right time..

  7. wow..
    that book macam sangat interesting kan..
    n all the picture pon sangat cute..
    can i read now coz tak kawin lagi..hahah..
    incoming wedding, chrismas nih tapi macam excited tengok semua gambar2 tuh..

  8. nuurill- itu cot skrg pun byk yg comel2. nnt la dah tau boy/girl. will start to look for one. :)

    hanie- mmg tergugat.. tp maybe tak byk choice la kat sini, i pun masih lagi survey what's best to buy. Anyway, that book got a lot of info and tips for first time mothers. But untuk buku pregnancy you better buy something like "What to expect" books. Sangat berguna untuk melalui pregnancy.. chaiyok hanie!

    anil- yea, i nk start buying sikit2.. now dah takde selera nk beli brg utk diri sendiri.. more to barang2 baby.tunggu la time you nnt, mcm i gak la gamaknye ni..hiks

    mariam- of course you can read dear.. no time is too early :)

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  10. Hi babe,

    For mosses basket tue kan, from my experience, mmg tak berbaloi kalau nak beli.. believe it or not.. ur baby will stay there for 2 mths jer.. pastu, jgn haraplah.. sbb baby cepat besar... just my 2 cents..


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