Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tune Hotel

Dear readers,

Just got back from a fabulous impromptu holiday in Langkawi-Penang-Kuala Sepetang-Kuala Kangsar with besties Sophie and Acad. Langkawi tu our main destination, yang lain2 JJCM menambahkan lemak tepu di badan.

Nantilah review about the whole holiday,(We did some hiking up the hills to the jambatan tergantung Gunung Mat Chinchang, swim with the sharks, naik air terjun) but on our stop in Penang, we put over a night in Tune Hotel. Maybe ramai org dah pernah pergi, tapi sebab me n hubby's first time, and so impressed with the whole concept, I'm thrilled to share the experience.

Same concept as Air Asia, the earlier you book, the cheaper you can get. As low as RM9 (as advertised) Tapi kitorg walk in je, we got RM71 per night. The interesting part is for this price you only got a basic room. Now, you have to pay for the add ons like air cond (RM13), Towel ngn sabun+shampu (RM5 per person) and hair dryer berapa tah tak igt.

If you are not looking for luxury room ,only to sleep and to shower mmg sesuai la book this type of room, TV pun takdak.. fridge pun takdak. The best part is the hotel is new, so the room is still in good shape, well maintained and very clean. I love the modern concept and the power shower. The bed sangat comfy, but kesian Acad dia kena bed bug. But the rest of us tak kena pun. Tidoq mmg tak igt dunia punya la.

OK the bad part is parking dia ada lebih kurng 20 je. Itu pun per entry kena RM5. Kalau nak kuar malam, blk kena bayar lagi RM5 and also parking space pun dah penuh.How could you not provide more parking spaces versus the number of rooms? This part maybe boleh improve lagi la. I dont know, probably they are targetting backpackers and tourists.

Kat KK pun ada Tune Hotel, our next holiday destination. And also Bali! Yay! Tapi not sure in 5 years time the room still in good shape.. hopefully they maintain this kind of cleanliness lah.


  1. dah balik? any souvenirs fer me? :D

  2. ada chocolates yg sedap, mkn sampai gemuk

  3. nariko...u hiking and etc?? x worried kandungan u ke...i cuak ok...jgn lasak2 sgt ye....

    btw..lame x de ur new update kinda miss u...

  4. lol..basically if u want everything- kene bayar la eh? hm..tune hotel hanya tpt utk tidur shj nampaknye.. but thanks for the info babe

  5. kena bayar seringgit for hair dryer... pastu layan la lagu

  6. anil.. dun worry, sebenarnya baby ni yg influence i pergi buat all this.. hhaha.. as long as tak terlalu extreme, shud be ok :) thanks for asking.

    bits.. correct. first time i gi tune hotel, so jakun sikit la.. wahaha..

    sox.. takyah a hairdryer, gi saloon je seploh hengget.. go!

  7. mse pg penang i stay kt PP island hotel. very cheap RM79/night kot for double bed tu pon sb standard room dh abis.

    ade astro, wi-fi, heater, peti ais xde kot.

    tp sangat bersih.

    but hv the same prob like tune. the parking space. but its free. 1st come 1 serve basis.

  8. i penah pegi tune hotel kat jln TAR tu, takdo la lawa mcm niiii! huehe. ke i pilih bilik lain waktu tu? :D

  9. yeah..i heard d tune hotel in penang is nice n n hubby went to penang also last weekend..tak nampak korg pun!hahah.kitorg singgah kuala sepetang on friday otw to penang...mak aiiii mee udang diaaaa..ramai betol udangnyeeee...huuhhuhu

  10. ieja, thanks for the tip. leh consider for next trip!

    hanie, itulah.. sbb hotel baru kan. dah lama nnt tak tau la leh mantain camni ke tak ;)

    diah, best kan? mee udang tu.. mmg rabun mata nak pilih kedai mana, tgk mana yg ramai org jer. huhu..


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