Sunday, November 15, 2009

Silver basket for rent

Dear readers,

Silver baskets ni i pakai for my hantaran nikah dan juga tpt letak bunga rampai ditabur2 for the flower girls. i'm opening it for rent. you can use it for:
  • bekas hantaran
  • tpt letak goodie bags/ door gift
  • tpt letak daun pandan/ bunga rampai
  • or anything else you can think of

Ada total 9 biji bakul. interested? Please leave your email below or you can email me at

Oh, and also, please check out my bunga pahar post, added more accessories to it and new 'fake telur'



  1. hi dear..can u plz quote me the price to rent ur silver basket, bunga pahar n also da pomander balls.
    tq ;)

  2. hi ida.. please send your email or you can email me at


  3. opps lupe nk ltk email.
    tq ;)

  4. hye...i'm interested in ur silver basket nie...but wana know how much 1st me at thanks ya :)

  5. i'm interested too.. email to me ehh..

  6. slm..nk sewa la basket n bunga pahar..brapa ye ukuran basket ni?email ke


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