Sunday, October 11, 2009

What to expect when you're expecting

Dear readers,

I'm going to review a book i bought last week. Per my gynae's recommendation, I pull it out the from the shelves and started what I called the journey into my own womb, getting to know my body and my bundle of joy, before he/she came into the world. Ni kira macam buku pregnancy 101.Sweeetttt...

It will guide you by chapters explaining in detail what your body going through the whole pregnancy and give you hints and tips along the way for a healthy baby insya-Allah. Yang best, it started from before conceiving, preconception preparation, checkups yang perlu to make sure you are at the pinnacle of your health to get you ready for your journey.

Banyak medical terms yang kupelajari, terasa overwhelming with information which is good. Contoh nya, blood test untuk menentukan RH factor darah ibu supaya chances of getting incompability RH factor with the baby boleh di lupuskan with simple steps to protect the little one inside.

Dan juga the best sleeping position for me, which is laying on the side, sambil mengepit bantal di kaki kerana it allows maximum flow of blood and nutrien to the placenta.

Anyway ada juga cons of this book, it gives a whole lot of information sometimes it scares the shit out of you, sbb bila baca pasal speed bumps in pregnancy, you know, chances of getting problems yang tak diingini oleh setiap ibu, rasa cam anxious and debar2 je. Tapi tu lah, that is the fact, the way of handling it is not taking it all in. You know the risk is there tapi kita dah usaha, just tawakkal.
I'm saying goodbye to my first trimester, welcome 2nd trimester. Sekejap je dah nk masuk 3 bulan. Alhamdulillah my morning sickness has go away. Dan boleh masak2 kat dapur, simple dishes ok la. House cleaning masih suami yang buat, I just sapu2 sikit2 je buat syarat. Pastu nak start exercise, at least swimming secara slow motion every week. That is one of the best exercise for pregnant woman. :)

I'm not gaining much weight so far, dlm 1-2 kg je since raya hari tu, slow je progress, takpelah, as long as i eat healthily and the baby is fine, I'm not so worried.

Today nk pergi a few open houses. Can't wait.. Jarang dapat keluar jumpa kawan2, masa ni lah nak catch up with my friends sbb busy day to day with work and jaga rumah..

See ya!


  1. wah dah start masak that's a good thing ..exercise bagus untuk kandungan ..

  2. waaa...dah msok 2nd trismeter..skjp je kan...

    exercise ringan mmg pnting kan...

    take care both of u ye..

  3. bump mesti cute kan.sbb u kecik comel.tgk pic raya u dh pakai tudung ek?

  4. azi
    jmpot ke majlis open house rumah saya ya sabtu ni..invitation dan map dah ada kt blog...kalau nk je ya...thanks

  5. hi! saw this entry from niki's and thought i'd give a bit of a good comment.

    the series of this book is a good one. it's a thorough guide that will keep you sane [and not worry too much when you're not supposed to!]. it's a book that all expectant mothers MUST HAVE! so good for you :)

    p/s: i've got all of them from pregnancy to toddler [they've got 3 books in all]!

  6. azie!!! congrates dah nak jadik mommy!! sorry lambat lak dapat tau this good news.. take care dear.. wish u have smooth pregnancy and hope u enjoy every sec of this because it's so wonderful feeling (experience)

  7. kejap je perut kaknyah besar :P tak sabar nyeh nk jadi makcik amy. no2.. aunty amy sounds nicer. :)

  8. sha.. yea.. sudah memasak, home cook meal mmg the best!

    anil.. thanks dear.. and sorry for not making it to ur open house. I was busy that day but i love your house lah! style!

    diah.. baby bump ku sudah seperti bola tampar skrg.. hehe..

    nadia.. hai! thanks for the comment. love the book too! my guide to go thru this whole pregnancy!

    shu.. thanks! so far mmg amazing experience, especially bila rasa baby bergerak, tak sabar nak jumpa baby dah!

    amy.. makcik amy kena jaga baby bila kaknyah dating/out for vacation. jangan buli dia!


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