Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stomach Cramp

Dear readers,

Nah, sekeping dua gambar raya yang tak seberapa.. :p first raya lepas sembahyang raya baru balik Ipoh, my hometown. First time beraya sebagai isteri, pagi2 dah bangun kejut suami, dan siap2kan baju dia (tapi sebenarnya bibik yg gosok.. kikiki)

Syahdunya mintak maaf dengan suami, boleh dia gelak2 pulak tgk kita emo, chait!

Ni gambar kat rumah my cousin, raya ketiga, kena paksa karok. ok la, nk menghiburkan hati sedara mara, kami pasrah..namun.. masakan hari tu mmg terbaik. Ikan keli masak merah, daging kicap, sambal belacan, rebung. Makan bertambah2 la kami berdua.

Malam semalam, first time kena stomach cramp. Memang la gelisah betul satu malam, nak pusing sana sakit, pusing sini pun sakit. Keras je rasa perut. Soo worried about the baby inside, apa yang tak kena ni? Dah dekat subuh baru boleh nak tido lena. Pagi2 terus check internet before calling the doctor.

Stomach cramp during pregnancy

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Should I be worried?

-While they are undoubtedly one of the more 'scary' symptoms of pregnancy, it may reassure you to know that stomach cramps aren't usually a cause for concern. Your body goes through such huge changes while you're growing a baby that cramping is often just an all-too-common side effect.

Occasionally, however, stomach cramps are a sign of a more serious problem so it's important to listen to your body and see your doctor when something doesn't feel right.

What causes stomach cramps in pregnancy? -More often than not, cramping during pregnancy is nothing more than your body adjusting to the weight of your developing baby. It's important to remember this, to stay calm and to try not to worry unduly. Remember, only occasionally do tummy cramps signify a more serious condition.

Common causes of stomach cramps:

Implantation -Cramping in very early pregnancy can be caused by the embryo implanting in the wall of your womb and the subsequent changes that need to occur to prepare your body to carry a child.

Stretching -As your pregnancy progresses, your body needs to find space for your developing baby. Stomach cramps are often just a side effect of your muscles and ligaments stretching to make room. The extra weight that carrying a baby places on your body can also cause cramping but again this is usually nothing to worry about.

Indigestion -Indigestion, wind and constipation are all common causes of abdominal cramping during pregnancy.

Orgasm -While you have no need to worry that having sex while you're pregnant is going to hurt your baby in any way, orgasms can sometimes bring on cramping in the lower back and abdomen. This will usually subside after a couple of minutes though, particularly if you get your partner to give you a back rub!!!

Stress -Stress and tension can sometimes bring on uncomfortable stomach cramps with or without back ache. This is because feeling stressed can cause muscles all over your body to tighten, and this can be most noticeable in areas already under strain.

More serious causes of pregnancy stomach cramps:

Ectopic pregnancy - A pregnancy is said to be ectopic if a fertilised embryo implants outside of the womb (usually in the fallopian tubes). Symptoms can include severe pain to one side of the abdomen, dizziness and bleeding.

Miscarriage - Symptoms of a miscarriage can include severe abdominal cramping with spotting or heavy bleeding.

Pre-eclampsia - Stomach cramps can sometimes be a symptom of the high blood pressure related condition pre-eclampsia, particularly if they are accompanied by a sudden swelling of the hands, feet and face.

Premature labour - Persistent stomach cramps that occur between week 24 and 36 of pregnancy could be a sign of premature labour, particularly if they are accompanied by regular contractions, back pain, diarrhoea and ruptured membranes (waters breaking).

When should I call the doctor? -It is a good idea to contact your midwife or doctor if you experience cramping with any of the following symptoms:
  • Spotting
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Heavy discharge with/without clots
  • Tenderness in your lower abdomen
  • Sharp pain, particularly on one side
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Severe cramps that don't subside
That said, you know your body best and if you're worried about what might be causing cramps regardless of whether you have any other symptoms it's always worth calling your doctor for reassurance.

How to soothe pregnancy stomach cramps?To relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy stomach cramps you could try:
  • Sitting down, putting your feet up and taking some time out
  • Taking a warm bath or shower
  • Placing a warm compress or hot water bottle on your lower back
  • Getting a back rub
  • Taking a short walk
  • Simply changing how you're sitting or standing
  • Gently rubbing your tummy

After reading this, baru la lega sikit.. I didn't bleed last night, and i'm starting to feel normal again this morning. but still nnt nk call the doctor for some advise.

Wow, this one is the first real pregnancy scare for me..


  1. Insya Allah xde pape tu you.
    The little inside nak suspen mommy dia kot :)
    By the way, i suka gilerrrrrr theme putih di pagi raya.. Nampak suci dan berseri-seri si bakal ibu. cewah! :)

  2. alahai comel nyer cik kak kite ni menyanyi.. nak tengok gambar muke yg pakai baju putih tu. mesti ayu sangat2. muka ibu2 gitu. :)

  3. ouh...saspen jgk bace entri ni azie. Alhamdulillah u takde pape. take k ok

  4. ::chomel tgok awak nyanyi..btw..selamat ari raya::

  5. last time i have cramp for 3 days...jumpa doc siap scan..pstu doc kata ur baby position long x bleeding masih dikira normal...nothing to worry katanya..(pdhal dlm kepala dh mcm2 takut..smbil cramp baca selawat, ayat yg tau..perg)

    last2 dia kata maybe this is ur very 1st time pregnant.. tu 1st time nk streching

    after that Alhamdulillah xde cramp..

  6. hi azie
    ingat lg x kt aku?
    ezza,KMM & UM?
    congrats ya, bakal jd ibu nmpknye...
    anyway,hope 2 hear from u soon..

  7. selamat hari raya puan azie aka pn nariko ..sebelum terlambat.well thanks for the info psl pragnency coz my fren juga ..tgh mom to be jugak ...semoga semua beroleh yg baik2 saja yah ..insyaAllah ..take care tau

  8. wah..berbaju putih mcm pengantin baru lg.hehe..will keep ur info for future use..thanx.hehe

  9. Mama Nariko..u look innocent sangat in whites..and mase u berkaraoke tu, mcm comel naive jek..hehe..

  10. nuurill.. mula2 takut gak i, nangis2 sbb sakit. tp nasib baik that one time je.. now ok :) baju tu buat masa kawen, nasib baik la still fit, kecuali kain kena pakai pin.. hehe

    nad.. haha.. i macam nyanyi lagu negaraku time tu. :p

    Sya.. thanks!

    hanie.. thanks, babe! I Ok, dun worry

    ms tepung.. yup true, kita tak pernah experience tu yg mcm2 dok fikir. u take care

    ezza.. of course la it, and congrats for the great news! :)

    sha.. thanks! u're such a sweetheart ..

    diah.. yup, sila kan untuk reference anytime jer. hehe

    nad nazira.. hehhe pakai je baju yg ada, malas nk buat baru. yg karaoke tu i skema je, chet tak rockstar langsung,,hehehe.. thanks!


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