Friday, August 7, 2009

Tanda mata untuk tetamu

Dear readers,
Agak terkejut juga, bila one of my customer, zarina (selamat pengantin
baru, zaren!) mentioned that my tetris glass was in kugee's website.

oh yea.. one of the gifts was the cute tetris glass, tp nama ku di eja
salah di entri itu.. chet.. hehe

dan kami juga try relive the cartoon, only the final one, should have pose
for more.. tak sempat la pulak

Ok kedudukan pun salah.. uhuhu..

And these cute candles are for the VIPS and sedara mara yang banyak tolong

Rose candle

Carriage candle

For the kids was this lollipop,

Anyway kat hubby's side, ada cotton candy for the kids.. isy, cam best je, nyesal tak rembat satu

Uyah menikmati cotton candy nya
And i know a lot of gifts now available for choose... my favs are in ole ole manis. They got pretty cool stuff!


  1. ye..saya dpt bnda comel ituuu..mmg kiutt...


  2. aku pon nk rembat cotton candy tuh...

  3. nak jugak cotton candy tu. mane dapat? boleh bagi info?

  4. bestnyer sourvenior. nice blog nie laaa :) salam perkenalan :)

  5. Thanks for your previous order Azi. ;) Btw, alina (ButterflyInFrame)is looking for those cute round candles. How much u get for the candle eh? email me bile u free. Kalau i can't give her my best price, maybe she can get from ur supplier kan. :)

  6. anil.. simpan tau and remember us ;)

    sopi.. itu ah, cam sedap huhu..

    elly.. i'll get back to u with the number, need to make a few calls

    nurul.. hi salam kenal!

    nad.. owh.. she already msg me.. and i think ur price is more cheaper. i tak tau pulak u ada this item time tu.. ;)


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