Monday, July 27, 2009

Gift Wrapping Project for VIP Gift also great as Table deco

How to Do This Project

(I got this from Bellenza)

Bahan-bahan: a sheet of sinamay atau jerami (yang kaler hijau tu), a sheet of wrapping tissue (yang kaler kuning tu.. love the colour contrast!), wooden beads, glue dots or a glue gun, raffia strings (atau ribbon), ruler, and scissors.
Bahan-bahan boleh di tukar ikut selera masing2. Suggestions: organza silk for
classy look. Love the sinamay sheet tho.. ruffled wrapping tissue gave an edgy
look. Sesuai dijadikan VIP gift dan sebagai table deco. 2 in 1. :)
Cara- cara:


1) For a summer wedding theme, we chose apple green sinamay and golden yellow wrapping tissue. But you can select colors to match your own wedding motif.

2) The size of the sinamay and tissue paper will vary depending on the item you plan to wrap. So, be sure to measure each accordingly.
Step 1- Assemble the material

Step 2 – Cut your sinamay sheet at least 4 inches larger all around than your sheet of wrapping tissue. Lay them flat, with the tissue underneath the sinamay. Then, center the gift item on top. If it’s in a box, position it in a diagonal fashion (here, we used a clear acetate box for demo purposes). Take the four corners of the sinamay and tissue paper, and gather them above the gift item to form a “ruffle”.

Step 3 – As you can see, the sinamay extends beyond the tissue, since we purposely cut it larger. This creates a stylish two-toned ruffle for your package. Tie the present shut with the raffia strings, and attach the wooden beads at random around the package using glue dots or a glue gun. For a fun finishing touch, cut out a pretty leaf-shaped tag and personalize it!
Step 4 – Before being presented to your bridal attendants, these lovely
gifts double as part of the party d├ęcor. See how perfectly they complement
table display? How’s that for something fabulous in just four easy steps!


  1. this is cool ..bole juga pakai idea mcm nih ..thanks puan nariko ...

  2. cantek..tapi nk isi apa eh dalm tuuu

  3. cantik dan nk letak apa dalam tu?
    gula2 ke coklat kee..?

  4. sha- hehe.. kalau u buat, post la.. i mula2 nk buat yg ni,mmg suka sgt.. tp tak berkesempatan.. uhuks

    alena- letak candles pun ok, personalized mug pun ok.. or anything that u want to hide.. ;P

    esca- boleh jugak, maybe colourful mints in a smaller package, but don't think it will suit as VIP gift unless u really want it :)

  5. rajin ye u cite psl wedd2 lagi..confuse i..haha

  6. diah : may b puan nariko bakal jadi wedding planner ..who knows hehehehe ...

  7. diah- sebenarnya i masih dlm mood kawen.. hehehe.. layankan je lah selagi ada ni

    sha- oh.. jauh lagi.. setakat bg idea sikit2 tu boleh la :)


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