Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Bachelorette Party Plan

Dear readers,

Now I'm in the midst of planning for my bachelorette party, suppose to be on this Sunday starting at 2 pm.
We're gonna have a pole dancing lesson!

With the help of my bff Sophie, all has been taken care of including booking the venue, time and participants. It's gonna be a crash course/workshop learning basic tricks and movement of pole dancing. Dah dapat green light from tunangku, setelah di explain there will be no guys, just us girls and it's not gonna be a wild one, he said ok lah, i anta and amik u nnt. hehe

Lola from vivavertical has agreed to be our tutor for about 2 hours and we're getting about 15+ girls for the workshop. Just in case any of you are interested in joining my bachelorette party, just let me know. Per person is RM40 and details are as below:
Date: 7 June 09 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm (TBC)
Place: Bangsar or Hartamas(TBC)
FAQ about pole dancing which i get from their website:
1- I have never done this kind of dance before, can I still join?

Viva: If you have no medical conditions (health, heart, injuries and surgeries) and are between the age of 16-69, yes of course you can join - regardless of your background. If you are over the age of 69, a consultation with your local GP is advised before embarking on physical activities. Viva Vertical Pole Dancing classes comprises of total body conditioning, meaning it is designed to teach you dance skills and improve fitness levels even if you have not danced or even been to a gym before.

2 - I am not slim, can I still pole dance?

Viva: You dont need to be fit to pole dance, you pole dance to be fit. Short answer: Yes.

3 - What is the difference between FitPole and ExoticPole?

Viva: See Class Descriptions or Click on link.

4 - For fresh new beginners, which (FitPole or ExoticPole) should I join?

Viva: We recommend ExoticPole to first get yourself familiarised with the dance pole.

5 - How do I sign up for this?

Viva: If you reside in Malaysia contact LOLA via SMS +60162096997 to book and confirm your slot. If you call and it reverts to voicemail please leave an SMS with your name and query. We normally are teaching classes, therefore are unable to answer the phone.

6 - What do I wear?

Viva: Short sleeve exercise tops, above the knee exercise shorts. The tighter fitting the material the easier it is to move around the pole with. Please DO NOT use lotion or oils on your skin the night before or day of your class as wheny ou sweat the lotion and oil will interfere with your grip on the pole.

7 - What are the fees like?

Viva: Rates vary depending on city. I will list down KL beginner rates here, for other cities please email info@vivavertical.com and we will give you a more relevant breakdown.

KL BEGINNER RATES: RM50 (per session), RM160 (4week course), RM300 (8week course)

8 - Can pole dancing help me loose weight?

Viva: With a consistent balanced nutrition and exercise program (Viva Vertical Pole Dancing Classes 3-5 sessions per week), yes it is possible to reach your fitness goals.


  1. Pole dancing sounds awesome!nnt blehla share2 ilmu tue.. ;-)
    xkanla tunangmu x bagi,lgpun blajo tue bukan tuk org lain kannn? ;-P
    hv fun at YOUR party..
    and that photo is a HOOT! x_X

  2. azie (if sophie is reading this to you as well)

    i couldn't make it due to last minute request from my boss to work on saturday and sunday!!!!!!! uwaaaaaaaaaa :( even nazwan's wedding pun x dapat pegiii .. sorrryy!! i want to gooooooo huhu but terpaksa kerja :(

  3. hey sis.. tau2 je la pian tu, ketat sikit, byk betul soalan dia.. huhu.. yea, i'm thrilled to attend the class. wish u cud join too if you're around :)

    hajar: awww.. nvm then.. work is more important.. nnt will update u about the class yup?

  4. ahak...

    bes2...nnti upload photo k..

  5. diri ini pun anak dara lagi neh.. agak2 leh join tak. hahaha. azie aku balik bln 10, tak sempat pi wedding ko. nanti balik aku jumpe ko mintak2 mase tu ko ckp kat aku ngan dialog camni.. "che mon, aku dah jadi mak buyung".. hahaha, amin..

  6. anil.. photo pasti akan diupload, tp sure kelakar.. maklum la first attempt..

    murni.. wei wei.. awai sgt kottt..aku family planning, tp kalau dah dpt rezeki awal.. aku redha je.. hehehe

  7. Whoa best2...Tak dpt joinnn :(

  8. Hello, i linked ur blog to mine coz i think ur blog is gooood.

    Nice reading yah.

  9. nor.. takpe.. nnt time ko nye hen nite, ko buat ah hehhe aku nk join lg

    mursapap.. sure can do.. :)

  10. helo there,
    i accidentally surfing your blog tru google,
    nak tanya
    kalau nikah kat masjid s.alam, mmg nikah dalam masjid or dia ada bilik nikah ek?
    kalau ada info kasik ttau ek


  11. hi..

    dia ada bilik nikah sendiri.. but you have to pay upfront untuk booking..RM200, kalau nk sewa dewan makan dia another RM300. Tak salah i only 60 ppl can go inside the bilik nikah..

    bila kenduri ni?

  12. lambat lagi...just planning..btw,i duduk shah alam jugak...
    i think nanti nak buat kat masjid je...thanks yeah for the info..i dah bookmark blog u utk futher reference =)


    btw,yang lampu/lilin kat garden tu u beli kat mana and mahal tak?

  13. hi noni.. yg kaca2 perhiasan tu i beli kat ssf.. but i dpt special price, 50% discount,sbb ada card.. so takde la mahal sgt. :)

    Good luck with the preparation k..


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