Friday, June 12, 2009

Henna.. Inai.. Mehendi..

Dear readers,

Gambar hiasan inai di atas candle

Dah confirm booking untuk inai. Tapi takde buat kat tpt yg famous2 or fancy2 pun, just dekat indian bridal shop in PJ. Dia dah tunjuk buku design dia, tu diaaa.. rambang mata ceq.. dah tandakan mana yg berkenan, design dia separuh tangan, means not full. Takut nnt nmpk serabut..
I'm gonna share a few tips i got from the aunty on how to make the inai colour stay and how to get a beautiful colour. But she did mention it depends on the blood. Meaning lain2 org2 lain2 colour akan timbul.

1. Make sure to drink a lot of water at least 2 weeks before applying inai. This is to keep the skin moist and easy to apply the inai

2. Make sure to take a bath first before applying inai

3. Get ready with a small water spray containing lime and sugar. After finish applying inai, every 5 mins or when the inai feels dry, spray the water to the inai. Repeat this for 5-6 hours.

4. After 5-6 hours, scrape off the inai dan lumurkan a few drop of minyak cap kapak to the inai. Minyak cap kapak ni ada satu bahan yang buatkan inai ni stay colour dia.
I haven't tried these tips yet dan tak tau camne result nyer. But if you do try it, please let me know how it works. !


  1. wer in PJ?Miracle..brazillian?hehe

  2. fuh .. duk pj pun x tau kat mana ..

  3. hello reading your blog!! helps me a lotttt

  4. diah: kat new town PJ, dekat2 ngn sri karak restoren tu. i think the name is millenium... hehe canggih tul nama

    farhanna:welcome dear

    hajar:haa.. i pernah dok pj 4 thn, so agak mahir dengan ceruk2 pj tu. ehehe

    pop junkie: wow love the name.. thanks for reading!

  5. hey dear..great tip!! i will do this as well for my wedding day oso.. now, have to worry about my engagement first..which will be this weekend.. huwaaa!!

  6. the minyak kapak mmg really works...
    The lady yg buat my inai put minyak kapak before putting the inai...
    and the colour turn out very nice..:)

  7. quiyah. oh.. good luck with the preparation, and selamat bertunang

    shazreen: ok.. glad ada testimoni u, now i lebih confident nak pakai minyak kapak. hehe

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