Thursday, May 21, 2009

Luxury Fashion & Watch Clearance Sale (21st - 24th May 2009)

Dear readers,

Luxury items up for grab! Me and my fiance went there this
morning and couldn't decide on mana nak serbu dulu.. hehe

Unlike other clearance sale yang agak stuffy, long queue, and
mostly crap yg dijual.. Here's one that is worth going.

Yang paling best, dah dapat beli 1 barang for
him. :) I'm eyeing for Jimmy Choo for kasut nikah tapi apakan daya takde size :(
Other brands: Coach, Charles &Keith, Pedro, (Tissot,
Gucci, Guess) watch and etc


  1. hi!, Ade for men tak? especially shoes and suit?

  2. shoes ada la.. jam banyak.. suit i tak jumpa la pulak

  3. nariko thanks for that info.I'm going there yesterday.window shopping je.cuci-cuci mata.but i really fall in love with jimmy choo's shoes.


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