Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding Cake Haute Couture

Dear readers,

I'm close to find my wedding cake design. Sangat suka okeh browse thru gambar2 cake.. it's like having imaginary orgasm in your head, because all of them looks so yummy and tantalizing. Plus the design is the bomb!

Look at this.. how could one resist from adoring this cake.. Not too much of a design, but it looks clean.

How cool is this ? Combining diferent shapes and patterns, it really stands out. And don't you love the colour? :)

One of my favourite. It screams couture.. Very sleek and sophisticated.

This one more to the fun side, for brides who dare to be different. Funky cake, and the fillings inside also different. Bet it's yummy as it looks!

Love this looks stunning especially the pink blossom flower details. Gojas!!

My most favouritest cake. Love the shape combination, love the colour, love the theme.. nak carik baker yang boleh buat macam ni, or other cakes atas ni at least..hhihihii.. yg penting harus enak. Any recommendation dear friends?
P/S: Expecting the unexpected to happen tapi hanya boleh confirm by next week. It's driving me crazy!


  1. Yes, I pun almost stay up just browse gamba cake. Tempting je tgk. We seem to have same taste. Hehe. Tp tuh lah my wedding cake sponsor sgt cerewet ttg rase cake tu more than how it look like. Kalo tgk online payah skit nak tau rase die cane kn.

  2. wah, fad.. at least awak ada org sponsor. saya sdn bhd je. hihi...yea.. i love cakes.. hopefully leh dapat mcm apa yg i nak. and reasonable price.. :)

  3. very nice kalau canteekkk sgt syg nak potong....huhuhu

  4. oh oh! i love the one with pink blossom flower tuh .. sukaa sukaaa! but, nak suka buat apa.. bukan nya hajar nak kawen.. uhuh

  5. diyanashukor.. yea, i dah experience that masa tunang, sayang mk potong kek my fiance bagi, sbb cantik sgt, tp last2 potong jugak kalau tak lagi rugi.. hehe

    hajar.. yea babe..that one cantik kann...i pun geram je tgk. takpe, at least ada idea boleh kumpul for your wedding nnt. hehe

  6. cnthek...tgk je rase syg mao mkn...hak..

  7. try this aunty : she never failed to make me n my friends happy with her cakes / cookies..

    thumbs up just give her ur design n insyaAllah she will deliver.


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