Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tamarind Spring @ Taman TAR Ampang

Dear readers,
Last night, we had our fine dining at Tamarind Springs, Ampang. Never knew that dalam hutan camtu there is a gem hiding waiting to be discovered. Maybe dah byk org tau pun this place, because it has won many awards. (Credits to my fiance, pandai awak pilih tempat)
It's like a dining in a rainforest experience for me, cool!
Well, this place got 3 restaurants to choose from..Japanese, Italian and Burmese/Vietnam cuisine. Plenty of choices my friends.. We go for the Burmese/Vietnam restaurant.
As for the food, we ordered Deep Fried Fish ( I think it is Kerapu) with special Burmese Sauce. Yummy.. That's their specialty.. we also ordered mix vege with mushroom and chicken with eggplant something (can't remember). The other dishes was so so lah.. But still makan smpai perut buncit.

Pictures taken from their blog.

Boleh la nak makan berdua lagi kat sini, suasana romantik, nyamuk pun takde..


  1. u...bagi clue sket range harga mknan dia..

  2. kool! never know the existence though. nk pegi jugak hihi :D

  3. anil..2 org mkn with 3 dishes is RM150+, skali2 mkn oklah, suka environment dia.

    Fizz..boleh le gi, i tau ada 1 lg branch br bukak kat jln sultan ismail, dekat sikit la.


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