Friday, April 10, 2009

Si Hidung mancung dan Si Hidung kemek

Dear readers,

Akis, Uya and Ijan

Meet Akis and Uya, my favourite lil cousins. They were my flower gals on my engagement day. Sangat rapat dua org ni, always been mistaken as twins. How arwah atok distinguished them is one hidung mancung and one hidung kemek.

They've so got used to that..among the normal everyday conversation:

Uya: " hidung mancung ni, nak cakap ngn hidung kemek ke?"


Whenever they came to my house, they always sleep in with me, and before going to bed selalu la main girlie games together, like Sally's Salon or Jojo's Fashion Show on my laptop. They love that a lot. (me too.. hihi) That day, i showed them pictures of our new house.. pastu cerita la pasal bedrooms, the swimming pool downstairs, the sofa set.

Then, the truly unexpected came out from Akis.

Akis: Kak Nyah, cantik rumah ni, bilik untuk anak-anak ada tak? Yang mana? Nak letak apa?

I was stunned, aku pun tak terpikir lagi sampai situ.. hehe.. When they say kids say the darnest things, I believe that.. that's why i love honest and innocent



  1. hik...cdgn bilik tu sgt menepati masa...hehehe

  2. oh yes, i dh tak tau nk buat muka apa dah time tu.. Haha.

  3. hye.
    bloghopping di petang ari..
    owh that's soo true..
    kids always say the darnest thing..
    same goes with my 12-yr old bro..
    he said to my mom..
    kak lynn got 2years lg tp ni da nak kawen..
    kalau ade anak camne?..
    terkedu my mom kejap..wakaka..

  4. haa kak nyah.. dah pikir bilik anak-anak ke belom? kakakakak... cute la


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