Monday, April 20, 2009

Productive Weekend

Dear readers,
Last weekend we managed to settle a lot of stuff.

Bought my skincare set for hantaran: Mary Kohr. I've been using this for a year plus and it suit my skin, don't think I want to resort to any other product for the sake of hantaran.

Rawatan Catiovita Mary Cohr yang sangat berkesan

Went to Semua House to buy kain nikah for my fiance and also drop by the wedding card store downstairs for a quick quotation of our customized card. No kulit keras or anything fancy. Just a simple card with ribbon, and hopefully can get Rm2.50 max per card.

Went to Habib Jewels Ampang to survey cincin kahwin, now tengah sale up to 70%. Hearts on Fire collection is such a gem.. claimed as the finest cut diamond in the world. But unfortunately it was too expensive and wayyy out of our budget. Ada discount pun 10% jer. So, we just bought the 3 piece stone biasa je, 1.0 carat for very reasonable price.. :)


Brought my parents to see our new house at Bukit Jalil, and also go see the showhouse downstairs. Aduuh. cantik sungguh.. biasalah kan showhouse, mmg kasi buat cantik kaw2. Me and my mom dah start berangan dah nak hias camne rumah ni. My dad pulak excited pasal lain since sebelah je ngn golf course, dah plan nak gi golfing with bakal menantu dia. hehe

We went to HSL electrical USJ to survey brg2 rumah. OKlah,dah dapat roughly how much need to prepare to buy the necessities.

We calculated RM5k for 4 items

Toshiba Regza 32" LCD
Pioneer/Sony home theater set
Samsung waching machine 7.5kg
Toshiba fridge

Terus je hantar baju beli semalam to his taylor kat PKNS, dia nak baju melayu with sulam kat leher and tempat butang baju melayu tu. Trend nowadays buat macam tu for baju nikah.. I ikut kan je.. :)

Tonight, my fiance will be flying off to Kuwait, to settle his stuff over there. Tapi tak lama lah, 2 hari je, but still i hate the fact that he'll be flying on an 8 hour flight. I don't know why but I always feel fidgety, maybe because i worry too much. Biasalah perempuan ni berfikir mcm2.

Camne la ko sopi, acad makes a living out of flying. Aku tak suka long flight!


  1. tak suke gak naik turun flight, hahaha, padahal takde duit nk balik. kui kui kui.. huwahh bestnye kamu ade umah sendiri, daku di sini hanya mampu berangan daa..

  2. hehe..tak sabar nak pindah rumah baru.! pstt.. bila kamu balik ke tanahair. ? sudah ada tarikh belum?

  3. nariko...bukit jalil yg dayu inform tu ke? puncak jalil?? i went to puncak jalil but my fiance refuse..sbb master bedroom sgt kecit..huh...

  4. anil.. it's bukit jalil right smack in front of the stadium putra. seberang jalan jer. hehe. anyway take care ye, saya faham trauma yg sebegitu..

  5. sis...bila langsung persandingan ni??? a lot of thing dh settle ekk...
    best arr...amat teliti for ur wedding...


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