Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Honeymoon

Dear readers,

Yesterday I spent almost the whole night surfing the web for the best deal for our honeymoon. Very useful tips, google trip advisor before booking. You can read reviews of the hotels and resort first hand, because what you see in the hotel website may not be what you get. Contohnya, customers complaining about mosquitoes, bugs, rude staffs,noises from construction next door, bla bla...(but some are just too whiny it gets annoying to read) these maybe things you don't want to experience on your honeymoon

So, I shortlisted a few resorts which are value in price ( I think), and got a great honeymoon package. We've decided to go Krabi! Since both of us haven't been, its low season right now, the prices are way cheaper.
Aonang Paradise Resort

5Days4nights (min) = RM1800
-10% discount massage
-2 romantic dinners
-2 choices of program tour per person (island hopping, snorkling, kayaking, elephant trekking etc)
-20% discount on F&B
-Daily Breakfast in bed
-Fruit Basket and Bed deco
-Honeymoon Cake
-Transfer to airport
-1 evening cocktail
The only thing about this hotel is its location, Ao Nang beach is consider a hot tourist spot, so beach maybe not as beautiful as you will expect, and the hustle and bustle of their nightlife can become a nuisance.
But they provide variety of tour programs.. Check it out here

Krabi Thai Village located at Phra Nang Bay ( got wireless internet!)

-4D3N= RM2200
-3 Nights Accommodation in Deluxe Honeymoon room
-Daily American breakfast at Greenary Restaurant
-Welcome drink and fresh cool towel upon arrival
-One Romantic Candle light Dinner
-Round- trip transfer from and to Krabi Airport
-Romantic flower bed decoration in room
-Honeymoon cake
-One Adventure island excursion with picnic lunch Enjoy the most popular Islands in Krabi, Koh Poda, Koh Tap, Koh Kai and Raily beach
-Relaxing with 2 hours 30 minutes Te rak Package at Vimala Spa( for couple)
A-Hah.. Macam best je deal yang ni. Love the room and the 4 post bed. Terigt lagu Sugar Ray..

Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort (posh resort as claimed by reviewers)

4D3N= RM1745 light and easy

Don't think they provide package for honeymooners since takde dalam website, but still can ask the front desk upon arrival, maybe can get cheaper maybe not..

Layana Resort and Spa (Recommended by tourists because of more secluded beach)

4D3N= RM1710 light and easy
Good location, gorgeous beach..too bad they don't have honeymoon package :(

Also, I checked the air tickets already and last night it was RM340 return for 2 person.
But better hurry, because the deal ends soon, ayuh... kita book ke Krabi sekarang
to dytia, thanks for the tips, u got a better deal i think ;)


  1. macam2 yang and boleh lakukan dengan 4 post bed itu. hahahahaha!

  2. ur welkam dear. tapi ur package is inclusive of tour, airport transfer etc.. so I still think you got a good deal.

    Go to this thread on Malaysianbrides

    got more tips and reviews there. Ramai ambik aonang, la playa, sri suksanth

    I got the small krabi -- pasal murah, ada pool access room.. ekekeke... bila dekat dengan pool takderlah segan nak lalu depan ramai orang sangat senang la nak terjun selalu.. yippee.. hehehe

  3. beeps: are you thinking what i'm thinking? wo wo.. stop right there .. haha

    dytia: alamak dah baca kat situ pening pulak nak choose.. anyway, I'm booking it soon maybe by this week jugak. :)

  4. wah wah. even layana resort tade honeymoon pakej tp voted top 10 at tripadvisor for best romance kan. hihi.

  5. Fad, i rasa beach dia best kot. ada my fren baru balik from Ao Nang, nnt nak tanya experience dia

  6. rm340 return tix for 2?
    sangat murah, mmg harusla u book ke sane hehe!

  7. ahh...betapa saya rase penasaran krn gagal ke sana last may... Rm1000 x kisah melayang tp d experience...waaa...kmu haros pg..dan saya akan jeles x hengat spls sekembalinya kmu nnti...

  8. make sure its king kong coil!hahaha *kasiox*

  9. WLT: yeah, last time i checked, that was the price..

    anil: chaiyok!

    sopi: weh itu dah ubat nyamuk.. heheh :p

  10. i've been to karabi 4 yearsa go..nice suasah nk carik halal utk my hanimun xmo g xtau nk pi mana


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